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    Sprinter Buyer's Guide?

    I sold my Cummins last week and will be in the market for a new (to me) truck in a few months. Rather than follow my past mistakes, I'm going to try to make a more informed decision this time. My Cummins replaced a Ford conversion van that I really missed after buying the truck. Yes, the...
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    Clutch Rattle - but different?

    A search didn't turn up much... A little while ago, my wagon started doing a funny rattle that at first sounded like a failing DMF. However, the symptoms don't follow what others have described: Roll to a stop at idle; foot off clutch, trans in neutral. Wierd rattle from the engine bay...
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    WTB: 2003/ALH intake manifold

    I know... it's a long shot, but I'm getting tired of my car sitting in the garage... anyone out there have a used one to sell? Thanks, Ian
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    Frist autocross in the TDI

    I ran my first event last w/e with my '03 wagon. Had a great time and did much better than my last two events driving my '78 Spitfire "Spit 6". The TDI is stock except for the 16" BBS WE wheels and mostly worn out Dunlop SP8000 tires. Currently has 194K miles, Bilstien TC's... and a bit of a...
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    Biodiesel bit on "Dirty Jobs"

    Happens to be on... right NOW (Tues 10/23 @ 8:00 PM). :) Not a VW, but an old Datsun... edit: he does have a TDI Wagon as well. :D
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    Front brakes: How long will they last?

    I just did the 140K mile service on my car and rotated the tires as well. As a matter of regular inspection, I check the brakes as well. And to my continued amazement, the fronts still have plenty of life left - 50% at least. And the rotors look fine. I know these cars seem to have a bit of a...
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    Smoking rear brakes

    I just replaced the rear pads and rotors last night. Seemed to go normal enough (I've replaced brakes many times before although this was my first time on the VW), except for having to drill out the driver's side rotor screw. Anyway, I put everything back together and drive home (32 miles)...
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    Speedtuning USA Powerbox 1-pot

    I bought this used from a friend shortly after I purchased my car in 2003... I finally got around to installing it last weekend and used it for about... 35 miles. Makes the car go like a bat outta hell.. :eek: This thing will get me into trouble... :o So... I'm only looking to get what...
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner Damper

    Not sure about this... There doesn't seem to be any mention this part in Bentley at all and nothing turned up after some digging through the Search function. The damper it leaking (or has completely leaked out...) hydraulic fluid. There is some discoloration of the belt, so that'll need to be...
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    Passat TDI "Veggie" in PA - Rt 1

    I was travelling South on Rt1 heading towards the PA Turnpike this morning and passed a B5 Passat wagon with a "Powered by Vegetable Oil" decal on the back window. Traffic and general darkness didn't really let me get a good look at him.
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    100K service... wow, what a weekend...

    I did the 100K service on my '03 wagon this past w/e. I've been planning this for months... collecting parts... tools... how-to's... courage... :o So finally, with the service 1500 miles past due, the stars aligned and I was able to spend the weekend working on the car. Started Saturday...
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    V6 Ford diesel in 2007?

    Autoweek: (08:19 May 10, 2004) Ford revives V6 diesel plan for light-duty pickups, SUVs By RICHARD TRUETT AND AMY WILSON Automotive News DETROIT - Ford Motor Co.'s on-again, off-again plan to install a V6 diesel engine in its...
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    New car questions.

    I just got my new TDI wagon on Friday (May 30) and I'm curious about a couple of things. 1. What kind of milage can I expect during break-in period. For that matter, is there a break-in period? I still have the original fuel from the dealer and I have about 275 miles with about 5/8's of a tank...
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    I want a used TDi - what to look for?

    I'm considering a '96 Passat TDi wagon w/ 5spd. The car I've been watching has high miles, but appears in good condition. Are there any obvious things to look for when test driving a used TDi? Also, I know VW offers the current Passat with TDi engines in Europe, but not in the US. Is there any...