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    Malone Tune 1.5 for 97 Passat B4 TDI

    I have decided to return my vehicle to the stock tune prior to selling. Chips were purchased and installed last fall. This tune will put a big grin on your face. Asking $150 shipped within the US. I don't know what other TDIs, if any, these chips will work in.
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    torn b4 leather seats

    Is there a source for recovering these? Love the seats, wish they didn't look so raggedy. Is my best bet an upholstery shop or worse yet vortex?
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    front end issues

    I have developed a loose front suspension on our 97 B4V GLX conversion. I noticed that sitting at a light you can turn the wheel 10-15 degrees left or right of center with no feedback. Going down the road the wheel vibrates a little if you let go - but not like a wheel balance issue. I jacked...
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    Cluster resets on cold starts

    I think I may need a new battery. On really cold mornings, the vehicle will crank slow but lights off fairly quickly. The glow plugs seem to be functioning, but the battery does not seem to be able to handle all tasks. The vehicle is kept in an unheated garage, so temps are probably in the...
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    Limp mode fixed, new problem

    For the past six months I have battled an intermittent limp mode issue that became permanent in September. This morning I believe I fixed it. I have new N-75, and have had new mcmaster carr hoses since day one with this vehicle. The wastegate moved easily and I knew the N-75 was working with a...
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    slow coolant loss, suddenly all gone

    Hello, 97 AHU in a B4v conversion here. I have been having a slow coolant loss usually spotted at the bottle or the clamps around the topside of the engine. Very slow, able to keep an eye on it and add a tiny bit now and then. I have driven it about 15-20 thousand miles like that, didn't seem...
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    intermittent limp mode

    Car is a 97B4V. It has started going into limp mode. Some days it limps frequently, other days you can't get it to limp even on the longest hills. I've driven an A# with a stuck wastegate, and was able to feather in and out of the throttle to keep it from dropping into limp mode (not keeping...
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    Need glass headlight lense - B4 ecode

    I posted this in the classified section as well, but it might have better visibility here? I ordered a pair of Ecodes off vortex from the guy in Germany. Unfortunately one arrived with a broken lense. I have waited about 3 months now for a new lense, but the seller can't seem to get one. I...
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    WTB B4 headlight glass lense

    I ordered a pair of Ecodes off vortex from the guy in Germany. Unfortunately one arrived with a broken lense. I have waited about 3 months now for a new lense, but the seller can't seem to get one. I think somebody on here had a set of glass lenses for sale a year or two back. Or maybe...
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    evacuate AC - replace PAG oil?

    When the ac is pulled under vacuum to evacuate the system, does the PAG oil have to be replaced? I am not sure if the oil gets sucked out as well? The car is a 97 B4V conversion. Just getting around to trying to get the AC to work.
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    97 B4V conversion AC question

    I completed a B4V tdi conversion in the winter of 09. Last summer I tried to get the AC charged and the tech was able to draw a vacuum, but a leak in the low end of the condenser developed as he charged it. I got a junk yard condenser, but never got around to getting it charged again until...
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    WTB B4V passenger doors

    Would prefer black and rust free - rust is the problem on mine.
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    Driver window won't go down

    Replaced the window regulator last fall, it had a broken tooth. It worked great for a while. The window will go down with the key in the door trick, but will not go down with the switch. In fact the passenger window won't go down with the driver's switch either. I can make both passenger and...
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    B4 5x100 wheel fitment

    I have snow tires mounted on my B4V VR6 to tdi conversion. I'd like to get a second set of rims to run summer tires on. Will 5x100 rims from other VWs fit this car? The A4 rims seem to be everywhere, but they are 16". I can figure out the tire size easy enough to keep the speedo close, but am...
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    HELP! B4 ignition sticks

    My 97 B4V has an odd problem that I did not find with a search on the site here. When I go to start the car, half the time the key won't turn in the ignition. It acts like the when you turn the wheel too far and have to move the wheel to release the ignition, but that isn't the problem. I...
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    Shifter weight fell/broke off

    I was driving today and heard something fall out of the engine bay (saw it rolling in the rearview mirror). It wound up being that weight that is on the shifter on the transmission. The nut that holds everything together must have fallen off. The weight might still work, I haven't had a...
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    4x100 steel rims w/snow tires

    4x100 steel rims w/snow tires SOLD!! I have used these snow tires for two seasons (January thru mid March about 5000 miles). They are studded, but the studs are worn and would need to be replaced if you chose to do that. You would understand why they are worn if you saw my steep driveway...
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    wtb - passenger side b4 headlight

    The up down adjustment on mine is broken, need a new/used one.
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    B4 headlight adjust & lug nut q

    I have revived a B4V vr6 wagon by changing it over to a tdi. 1) Last weekend I finally polished the headlights and discovered that it has leveling and right left adjustment indicators within. Well, the passenger side is pointed at the ground, and the adjusting gear is missing. The plastic...
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    ahu to 1z swap(A3 to B4)

    I did a B4VR6 to tdi swap this spring. Its been a disaster. So far I have had to replace the transmission in the donor car, replaced the head, and a whole slew of other odds and ends. Ultimatley, I cannot rely on this motor, its making a racket from somwhere in the vicinity of the oil pan. I...