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    BRM Intake Manifold Clogged with Gunk

    Before you come in here to say "BRM engines NEVER get clogged with gunk", stop. I've read all the other threads that a search could find and they were filled with "because of ULSD, gunk doesn't exist" or things like that. That's why I'm here.... because I haven't found the solution to my...
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    What Evry mod resistance do you use?

    I just got around to installing the Evry mod on my otherwise stock B4. I got a 1K ohm potentiometer, an assortment of resistors, and a switch. I wired the pot in and started the car with the pot all the way up to 1000, then dialed it down till it started idling rough, which ended up being about...
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    Turn signal, running light not working.

    I ran the wiring for my newly installed trailer hitch today following TDIDaveNH's guide here, Once finishing that, I hooked it up to the trailer and tested the lights. The rear left tail light bulb on my car had burnt out. The left tail...
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    Timing check after belt change

    When I put a new timing belt on last year, I made sure everything was set perfectly. Now, obviously, the timing is not perfect because of belt stretch. My question is, do I need to get timing belt tools again and reset the camshaft? Or is a simple pump adjustment all that's necessary? I rented...
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    Brake Problems

    Hello everyone. First off, sorry for the long post. I just want to let you all know the history of my problem and what I've tried. First, one of my hard lines burst while sitting still (lucky) when I was 8 hours from home (not so lucky). It was the rear right hard line on the body just before...
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    Glow plug diagnosis.

    Hello everyone, Last winter, my 1Z started having a CEL come on after startup. The glow plugs seemed to take a lot longer to get up to temperature than they did the winter before. Then the CEL would come on about 30 seconds after startup. I think the CEL code was P0380 or something like that. I...
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    Replace one glow plug or replace all?

    Hello everyone, My GF has a (07) Jetta BRM that had a CEL come on late last winter for a glow plug problem. I don't recall the exact code, but planned on getting it taken care of before this winter comes around. Her car has just over 150,000 miles on it. At this point, does it make sense to...
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    WTB: MKV BRM Fuel Filter Housing

    I'm looking for the metal fuel filter housing for a "late" 1.9 BRM TDI. Let me know if you have one and what you would like for it shipped to 62448. PM or text, 618-367-0171. Thank you!
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    Made some tweaks with VCDS, now getting worse fuel economy.

    Hey everybody, It's been a while since I've been active on here. Been busy with other projects lately and my car's kinda been on the back-burner for about a year now. I changed my timing belt around this time last year and set the timing and IQ to the best range. It was really close to the...
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    WTB: MK5 - horns, fuel filter housing

    I need both front horns and the housing (or whatever you call it) that the fuel filter sits in. The threads stripped on mine and I don't like the method I used to fix it, at least not for a permanent fix. If you have either of these things, let me know what you'd want for them shipped to 62448...
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    Uneven braking causes.

    I'll try to keep it simple. Some of you may recognize this from the last time I asked, but after having thought I figured out the problem, I'm back with more details. Back-story: I replaced the front pads and rotors a few months ago. Hawk HPS pads, Napa Premium rotors. New Ate Typ 200 brake...
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    Weird braking problem. (B4)

    I replaced my front brakes less than 4,000 miles ago. I used Hawk HPS pads on a pair of Napa Premium rotors. I've noticed that the front right wheel brakes harder than the front left wheel. When I brake firm and sudden (like stopping for a light that just went red), the car dives to the right...
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    Urgent WTB: Left Rear Seat Belt for B4 Passat Sedan

    Let me know how much you need for one shipped to 62448. Thanks!
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    Does this VCDS log look normal?

    Hey everybody. As some of you may already know, I haven't had a TDI for very long and I've been plagued with one issue after the next. After my turbo failure last fall, I've noticed a surge under full throttle acceleration. I haven't done much with it since, focusing on other things. I just...
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    How to R&R the rubber strip running along either side of the roof?

    The rubber strip has been sticking up at the back here ever since getting my car last year. I've been struggling with maintenance upkeep and repairs needed since then, but am starting to get into the little things now. What can be done about this? How do I tell if it's broken (i.e...
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    Got my hands on an 02J shifter setup for super cheap, will it fit?

    So I've been doing my research on how to swap an 02J shift box over to an 02A gearbox, but I have not found anywhere that explicitly states whether or it will fit in the B4 tunnel. There are plenty of Corrado guys doing the swap, some cutting the tunnel, some buying the Polo shift box that bolts...
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    WTB: 1Z Lower Timing Belt Cover

    Pm me if you've got one. Let me know how much you'd like with shipping to 62448. Thanks!
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    Harmonic balancer spins smoothly, PS/WP pulley wobbles.

    Looking down from above, the pulley on the crankshaft that drives the power steering and water pumps wobbles a bit. The harmonic balancer does not wobble though. One of the four bolts' threads was flattened on the tip (not completely). The old bolts were hard to remove and the crank sprocket...
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    Lower timing belt cover rubbing serpentine belt.

    I just finished a timing belt change recently where I noticed when putting the serpentine belt back on that the lower T.B. cover sticks out a little past the inner lip of the harmonic balancer. The serpentine belt will go on fine, but the cover touches the inner side of the belt. The cover seems...
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    Whoops. Didn't get a washer back in when doing my timing belt. Plus another question.

    This was my first timing belt job so I'm learning along the way. I ended up with a hiccup mid way through and didn't get to finish it the same day I started it. I could have sworn this washer belonged on the camshaft sprocket bolt. Only upon reassembling did I realize that the camshaft's bolt...