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  1. PRY4SNO

    T3 Touareg plastic fender flares

    Long shot, but I'm looking for two front fender flares for my 2013 Touareg. I'd rather not have to buy whole fenders from the local auto recycler. Let me know what you have!! Pretty sure this is the PN: 7P0071680A
  2. PRY4SNO

    Backup camera retrofit possibility

    Anyone know if it would be possible to retrofit the backup camera that's hidden behind the VW emblem like on 2015+ Golfs?
  3. PRY4SNO

    Trailer brake cable required?

    Went to plug in standard 7 pin trailer brake cable and found the wiring that was sealed behind four screws and the plug was not what I'd expected. Cover plate is PN 7L5971885 but can't seem to find the PN of the wiring plug in behind. Do I need a dongle/cheater cord to get between the Touareg...
  4. PRY4SNO

    Display shows imperial and metric at the same time

    Why would the cluster show KM elapsed, and expected to empty, but MPG current/elapsed? UK base region settings, maybe? Would like it to show L/100 km.
  5. PRY4SNO

    2Micron on T3?

    Anyone ever installed a 2Micron fuel filter on their Touareg? Is it worth the hassle adapting it, or are these HPFPs fairly robust?
  6. PRY4SNO

    OEM+ Interior Upgrades

    Seeing some cool stuff on Instagram with OEM clusters being mixed and matched to use a GTD tach, colour display and (I think) GTI needles. Also, it looks like there are kits available to install the mk7 radio into a mk6. Who has more info on these, and any other interesting retrofit upgrades...
  7. PRY4SNO

    WTB: MK6 Sportwagen tow hitch

    Let me know what you have. Preference given to local and most complete kit, would like to only have to ship one package if possible. And price, obviously ;)
  8. PRY4SNO

    Passat or CC aluminum steering knuckles and LCA to save weight

    Read an article the other day that suggests we can bolt on aluminum steering knuckles and LCAs from a CC or Passat. This would benefit our cars by reducing mass, lowering centre of gravity and increasing rigidity. Asking around a bit it would seem the only potential problem could be...
  9. PRY4SNO

    Diagnosing seat heaters

    Hello all, Just in time for winter, the heated seats decided to quit. The lights still work on the on/off buttons and both seats quit at the same time. I'm fairly confident it's a wiring, switch or fuse, etc. type of issue. Can anyone suggest likely places to start looking around for a...
  10. PRY4SNO

    Setting the Turbo Actuator

    Recently replaced the turbo actuator. The original diaphragm let go after 380k km, so I'm not too disappointed. Had two instances where I go to take off briskly from an intersection and get limp mode due to overboost. Clear the code and all is well. Code is P0234. Question is: if I had...
  11. PRY4SNO

    Repurposing CP3 pumps

    Did a search here and couldn't find much in the way of information or an answer. Haven't gone through the entire CP3 conversion thread, but that's a lot of reading for a simple question so forgive me if it's been covered before. Perhaps this will better index the topic for future searches...
  12. PRY4SNO

    WTB: side mirror glass 2010 sportwagen

    Looking for a pair of mirrors, prefer the convex kind. This is for the early mk6, so I think it's more of a mk5 shape.
  13. PRY4SNO

    Does a Touareg

    Anyone know if a 2006 Touareg nav unit will fit in a 2010 GSW? 7L6035191S Looking to replace the OEM headunit which died a while back.
  14. PRY4SNO

    UOA Reports, multiple brands of 507 oil

    Finally got around to uploading my used oil analysis reports. Would appreciate some feedback from the community. Looks like it's trending in the wrong direction? But not sure if that's just picking up the sacrificial layers that are a part of the 507 oils. I believe these are in order...
  15. PRY4SNO

    Coolant on timing belt?

    How concerned should I be if coolant is slowly leaking from the water pump onto the timing belt? Was noticed by the stealer in the winter when I had the intercooler upgraded on warranty, told the shop foreman it was no more than a litre/quart per 3-4 months. He said don't worry about it. Car...
  16. PRY4SNO

    Best Way to Unplug the MAP Sensor (G31)??

    Last thing left to do before I can install a new alternator wiring harness is unplug the MAP sensor (G31) - PN 03G906051 - which is kicking my ass. Can't get enough hands in there to unplug it... wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that have worked for them in the past? I've got the...
  17. PRY4SNO

    WTB: MetalNerd mk6 strut tools

    Looking for a gently used strut spreader tool / strut sockets. MN3424 - Strut Spreader Tool (A4)(A5) MN2122 - Specialty Double 21 & 22 mm Strut Nut Sockets Let me know what you have!!
  18. PRY4SNO

    UOA results, two different oil brands.

    Anyone here well versed in deciphering results from used oil analyses? I have some results over about the last year that I'd like to dig into if anyone is able to offer any insight. Been running 15k-16k km intervals (new OEM filter each time) using: Total Ineo MC3 5w30 Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200...
  19. PRY4SNO

    Fuel filler door plunger part number request

    The plunger that pops open/closed the fuel door on the car is sticking. Tried to lube it with graphite or moly based sprays after cleaning with degreaser/brake clean but nothing seems to work. It will work fine some times, and not most others. Have been looking for a PN but can't find one...
  20. PRY4SNO

    New day, new codes. Underboost and MAP by the looks of things...

    Driving home today (steady, on cruise control) and out of nowhere lost power, with the Workshop light on with the GP light flashing. Thought it was odd, so used my OBDeleven to check codes: P20D8 - Exhaust aftertreatment fuel supply control P0299 - Turbocharger underboost (upper limit...