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  1. TDIkev

    Liquid Muscle Diesel Fuel Conditioner

    Anybody use this diesel fuel conditioner? Liquid Muscle Company
  2. TDIkev

    FS: 2002 Golf GL TDI (Toronto, Canada)

    2002 Golf GL, 73,000 KM. Blue/w dark interior. Excellent condition. Asking $18,500. Call John at 905 420 3120.
  3. TDIkev

    VW Gear Oil....Synthetic????

    Is it synthetic....doesn't say anywhere on the bottle......
  4. TDIkev

    Powered by Biodiesel

    Coming back from Peterborough, Ontario this afternoon I saw this truck with a Biodiesel Driven logo on the back and drivers door. The driver gave us a funny look as we snapped a pic of his truck.
  5. TDIkev

    1996 TD for sale (Toronto)

    Car has 260,000 km. The cylinderhead, injectors, waterpump, radiator, timing belt and a new TDI crank replaced at 240,000 km. The AC works and the vehicle is emissions tested. The battery is one year old. no rust. Asking $6800.00 (OBO). Call Jovica @ 416 694 5928.
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    Labrador Road Trip

    Over the holidays I went back to Labrador to visit family. Here are a few photos I took along the way. This is the road just east of Quebec City.. Gas (Diesel) stop. I was travelling with a Rav 4. Waterfall outside Quebec City. Bridge across from waterfall. The first day was a...
  7. TDIkev

    Howes Lubricator/Anti-gel SALE

    Howes is on sale till January 15th at the Petro Pass truck stop on the South West corner of Brock Road in Pickering. 6 x 1.9 Liter jugs for $75.00, tax in. Regular price is $14.99 plus tax. Merry X-mas, Happy New Year TDIkev
  8. TDIkev

    All of this happened at once....

    Went to visit a friend today, car was run for about 30 mins and then stopped. Went to start my car and it would start and then immediately die, first thing that came to mind was relay 109. Checked the dash and the check engine and glow plug light were on so I figured that the relay was ok. Also...
  9. TDIkev

    Car sits 1 week- now won't start

    Car sits 1 week- now won\'t start A friend of mine has a 99.5 jetta that sat for 1 week and now it won't start. Ran fine before he stopped it. A little history, had a CEL come on a few weeks back, dealer diagnosed it as a bad glow plug harness, replaced harness, everything fine. When he tried...
  10. TDIkev

    injection quantity vs fuel mileage??

    injection quantity vs fuel mileage?? Dec 2002 I had my car Upsoluted and the injection quantity changed to stop the slowdown shudder(Thanks Gofaster). Since then my fuel milage has dropped from a rock solid 1100 km per tank (vented to the light) to about 1000 km per tank (75% city/25% hwy). I...
  11. TDIkev

    Door lock's "clunk" when locking door...

    Door lock\'s "clunk" when locking door... I have a 01 Jetta and the door lock's "clunk" when the doors lock. I just drove my friends 02 jetta and the door locks go down very quiet. Anybody find a way to make them quiet?
  12. TDIkev

    Howes Diesel Fuel Conditioner & Cleaner

    Everyone seems to be using Powerservice or Amsoil products. Anyone using Howes diesel fuel products?
  13. TDIkev

    Are you using your euro fogs as brake lights??

    I am using my euro fogs as extra brake lights.....Are other fourm members doing the same?
  14. TDIkev

    Where do I find headlight covers?

    Hey TDIclub..... This form rules. I bought my tdi in dec 2000 and the love affair continues. I love the torque and the fuel economy just keeps getting better at every fill up. Last tank 53 MPG,5.6 l/100km 60/40 city hwy. The fourm has a lot of great info, keep up the great work. I was wondering...