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  1. Toronto_Vento

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI

    Darren, it was a great car to me, and I didn't do a heck of a lot of changes to the car beyond how I got it. Age started to simply catch up to it, and it was time for something new. Miss the old car from time to time, but bought myself something else to put a lot of smiles on my face. More...
  2. Toronto_Vento

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI

    Thank you everyone for looking. Car was sold. Surprised at the level of interest from people on kijiji (and to be honest the market price of the car). Sold for nearly double what I was asking for on here. Learned a lesson, as I started out this process assuming I'd be getting salvage value for a...
  3. Toronto_Vento

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI

    Thank you for all the PMs and interest thus far. Car still available, so has been posted on Kijiji. Kijiji has pics. Rust areas are behind the front mudflaps and for some reason behind the handle on the drivers side rear...
  4. Toronto_Vento

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI

    Hello everyone. I know I have fallen off the face of the earth for a few years and that was more life related than car related. I'm still driving my 01 TDI and have enjoyed my time with it. I recently switched jobs and am full time on the GO Train now, so the diesel engine isn't really needed...
  5. Toronto_Vento

    Why is Esso so $$$

    Depends on area and location. There's an Esso near me which is consistently cheaper for gas and diesel than anyone else in the area. Sometimes to the tune of 4-5c/L. A Petro Canada has started to match the price (good alternative to avoid the crazy lines which form at this Esso location), but...
  6. Toronto_Vento

    US Recall

    Just started getting news reports that VW Canada is ceasing sales of diesel vehicles. Noticed it mentioned here already that the TDI information has been pulled from the website. Crazy! Such a hit for a company which was pushing to be #1 car maker in the world. Maybe my '01 will be worth more...
  7. Toronto_Vento

    Clutch fried, car dead

    My '01 still keeps going, but it's definitely getting long in the tooth. Just strange things popping up that don't affect the driveability of the car, just annoyances. As long as repairs are reasonable, I'll try my best to keep her going, but come any major repairs needed and I'll definitely be...
  8. Toronto_Vento

    Need Help - AUDI A6 2.5 TDI OBD

    I had an issue with my tuned MKIV where the tune was blocking the rediness code which the emissions computer was looking for. Ended up buying a stock ECM and swapping it out to get the test done. Not sure if there's a way for the ministry to issue some kind of notification to bypass due to it...
  9. Toronto_Vento

    What's with diesel price now?

    Agreed that the diesel price just doesn't seem to get any relief. Never came down as hard as gas when oil price crashed, and has always stayed higher than gas (or at best in line) in the area around Richmond Hill (at least the ones I've noticed). Weirdest thing I remember was a trip a few years...
  10. Toronto_Vento

    Cost of a Jetta windshield in canada?

    I have a large crack on my windshield and did not affect my emissions test. Chip did, but grabbing a stock ECM helped me pass.
  11. Toronto_Vento

    Recommendations for alignment shop in north GTA?

    If you are ever in the area (not really close to you), Woodbridge alignment is a great shop. Maybe someone can chime in with a place closer to Newmarket.
  12. Toronto_Vento

    Euro import insurance

    Any issues with the European cars and emissions testing? It's OBDII in Ontario now rather than visual. Doubt that the stock European programming would mess with the emissions computer, though (just needs to check EGR, idle, VIN etc).
  13. Toronto_Vento

    High Beams only

    Bulb! Common for bulbs to go in this manner.
  14. Toronto_Vento

    Quick question about Codes and ECU...

    To get the ECU out, it's easier to take off the windshield wipers and pull off the plastic cowl at the base of the windshield. In terms of switching over, it depends on which immobilizer version you have. Immobilizer 2 instructions:
  15. Toronto_Vento

    Need help with ECM swap

    So, an update after all this work. I went back to Mike at the source and got a replacement ECM, no questions asked. Put it in and while the car still runs "lumpy", it was not nearly as bad as with the previous computer and didn't throw a check engine light. Ended up getting the car hooked up...
  16. Toronto_Vento

    Need help with ECM swap

    Jeff, thanks for the offer, but with all the cross border stuff, I'd rather just try and swap a stock ECM in, pass emissions and then swap back to my RC. And yes, I'm fully aware of my tune being the issue now, hence the reason that I'm trying to swap a stock computer in and get this car...
  17. Toronto_Vento

    Need help with ECM swap

    Quick update. Tried all kinds of settings to no avail. The thing starts to idle like a tractor and throws an indicator light. I swapped my RocketChip ecm back in, and everything is fine again. Think I might visit Mike (the source) and see if I can exchange for another ecm. Might just be...
  18. Toronto_Vento

    Need help with ECM swap

    It actually idles fine, so for the test period might be okay. But it shows the transmission indicator, so was hoping to get rid of that. Thanks for the response. Went momentary car shopping today, but if I can get this thing passed and maybe replace a driveshaft, might get another two years out...
  19. Toronto_Vento

    Need help with ECM swap

    So, here's the deal. My '01 Jetta is up for plate sticker renewal, and needs to do the emissions test. Totally forgot that it's no longer a visual check. Go to the shop, and machine can't communicate....cigarette lighter fuse. Okay. Run the scan and fails...turns out my Rocketchip tune (from...
  20. Toronto_Vento

    A couple of issues(inside lights and flashers).

    Labour can be a bugger...and you have to buy the triple square tool if you don't have it. I fixed mine about 6 years ago and has not been an issue. Honestly, the stock microswitch is a bad design...replaced it with a switch from the local electronics shop with something much more robust.