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  1. Jettawolfs98

    FS: MKVI Golf/ JSW OEM Bi-Xenon Headlights with bulbs, ballast and Euroswitch

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  2. Jettawolfs98

    FS: Jetta Sportwagen Halogen Headlights MINT COND!

    Hi I got for sale the Halogen headlights for my 2013 Jetta Sportwagen. Mint condition, bulbs included. I will post the pictures later today. Asking for $200 plus shipping. Thank You.
  3. Jettawolfs98

    What's your MPG Avg on the City with DSG.?

    I have a 09 Jetta with DSG and 58.5k miles. This past month the average mpg in the city is in the Low 30's, before my notes showing mid 30's close to 37-38 (mpg are calculate manually). Our daily driving is mostly City with 25 miles HWY but we try to do a 40-50 miles HWY trip every weekend...
  4. Jettawolfs98

    For Sale MKIV Wood Trim New

    Never used, mkiv wood trim I have it for more than one year and now I dont have a mkiv anymore. Look at the pictures. Send me a message if you have any quetions. Price $50 obo plus shipping Usps Thanks for looking
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    WTB: TMPS Sensors

    I need a set of TPMS sensors for my 09 TDI. I'm buying a new set of Wheels/Tires next moth. Anybody have one? Thanks
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    FS: 15" OEM Steel Wheels and Hubcaps 5x112 - set of 4 - $200 Shipped

    FS: 15" OEM Steel Wheels and Hubcaps 5x112 - set of 4 - $200 Plus Shipping FS: 15" OEM Steel Wheels and Hubcaps 5x112 - set of 4 - $100 plus shipping. I'm putting back for sale a set of wheels. Set of 4 original VW steel wheels with hubcaps from a 07 Jetta. size 15" bolt 5x112...
  7. Jettawolfs98

    FS: 16" OEM Steel Wheels and Hubcaps 5x112 - set of 4 - $260 Shipped

    FS: 16" OEM Steel Wheels and Hubcaps 5x112 - set of 4 - $260 Shipped Set of 4 original VW steel wheels with hubcaps from an 07 Jetta. 5x112. Excellent condition. Located in Omaha Nebraska. Rims and hubcaps NO tires! $200 locally, or $260 shipped. I would like to sell the whole package rims and...
  8. Jettawolfs98

    For sale mk4 jetta wagon rear mud flaps.

    FOR SALE MK4 JETTA WAGON REAR MUD FLAPS. BRAND NEW, Rear ones only. I will post a picture later today. 50 dls shipped. Thank You. :D
  9. Jettawolfs98

    FOR SALE MK5 2009 JETTA RED Tail Lights

    ONly 5k miles from my 2009 JETTA. These ones are the dark red. Price 100 dls shipped obo. Let me know and I will send you a picture (I will post a picture later). :D
  10. Jettawolfs98

    Better Oil Dipstick

    I check my oil every other week (5 minutes after shutdown the engine) and gotta tell you this new design dipstick is horrible. Sometimes is correct,sometimes is higher or the oil on one side is ok and the other side is all over the stick. ONly 26k miles on it, dealer did the first 2 services...
  11. Jettawolfs98

    2010 TDI CUP TV schedule ?

    Anybody knows the TV schedule for the 2010 TDI CUP? I can't find any information about it, the season is over but I want to see it.
  12. Jettawolfs98

    FS: USED MK5 Grill and lower side vents

    I have a used mk5 front grill with a small crack under the VW emblem. I have the right/left lower grills in perfect condition. 100 dollars plus shipping OBO I can split the grill from the lower grills but i will not split the lower grills. Photos on request. Thanks
  13. Jettawolfs98

    FS: USED Bentely Manual for MK4

    SOLD Volkswagen Jetta,
  14. Jettawolfs98

    Mexico NEW GOLF Sportwagen

    I was in Mexico for a few days visiting my family and we went to check the Sportwagen. They called it Golf Sportwagen and I was very surprise to see options that we won't have here. No TDI''s Sportwagens there yet not sure why but only 2.5 I did not have my phone with me that day and I...
  15. Jettawolfs98

    After a bottle of Stanadyne my 09 mileage drops

    Quick Question: After using a bottle of Stanadyne on a full tank of diesel on my 09 jetta with 7k miles the mileage is really crappy only 150 miles pn the half tank mark and the engine sounds like running high but i have to say that i put the whole 16 oz bottles by mistake. So not sure if...
  16. Jettawolfs98

    Another oil pan post, Sorry Quick quesiton.

    My oil pan hole is stripped (by Me). Changed the oil last saturday but at the moment of replacing the oil plug, I went to far , now the oil pan hole is stripped and its leaking oil. I went for a ride after changing the oil (2 miles aprox), went home check the level was fine, leave the car...
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    Here is my wife 09 Jetta TDI DSG. So far so good, our 02 Jetta is much happer with another TDI inside the garage. We have to replace our 09 JSW 2.5 (Hit and run). We couldn't get a 09JSW red/beige with Pano at the local dealer. But we got a fair price for the 09.
  18. Jettawolfs98

    MK4 SALE HELLA DE MICRO, REAR MUD FLAPS and other things

    MK4 JETTA WAGON REAR MUD FLAPS MK5 FRONT GRILL & other things I have some things for sale: - REAR MUD FLAPS for a mk4 Wagon (rear only) Brand New 45 shipped - 02 Tailights great condition. 40 shipped OBO - 04 HELLA WAGON Taillights. 50 shipped OBO MUD FLAPS PART NUMBER 1J9-075-101-A Email...