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  1. jokila

    No 5th gear

    I took off the side cover and everything looks good. No wear. Gears are good. The selector can go in gear and out when it's detached from the fork. The selector fork pawls are not worn either. However, I cannot manually make the trans move into gear. When I manipulate the golf club to the...
  2. jokila

    VW emissions scandal, again?
  3. jokila

    WTB - ALH head

    want it in working condition.
  4. jokila

    WTB: ALH Oil filter housing

    Feel free to PM me if you have one. thanks. EDIT: I have purchased one.
  5. jokila

    FS: High mileage Timing belt kit BRM

    From IDparts. High mileage kits comes with the standard parts plus these extras: 1) Thermostat 2) Thermostat housing 3) Serpentine belt tensioner 4) Crankshaft bolt 5) Crankshaft seal 6) Intake manifold gasket 7) Intake Manifold Bolts 8) Harmonic Balancer Bolts 9) Tensioner and Roller Studs...
  6. jokila

    FS: ALH Camshaft pulley

    Great condition. $28 shipped.
  7. jokila

    FS: ALH Injector hard lines

    I have all 4 in very good condition. $50 shipped for all four. $20 shipped for each. I think they are $90+ for one line at the dealer.
  8. jokila

    Groaning when turning left

    I don't have any leaks in the power steering system. I've noticed that when turn the wheel to left it groans some, going to the right nothing. Original rack and pump. 452k miles. Obviously, something is going out, but I would think if it were the pump it would happen in both directions.
  9. jokila

    Repair wire

    Can someone help me with the part number for a thick repair wire? I need the wire size for the AC compressor clutch wiring. My current repair wires are thin and one finally broke. I want to replace it with something beefier but it's hard to tell wire gauge from the part numbers.
  10. jokila

    Pic of power steering hose routing ALH Jetta

    Can some one post a pic of the routing of the high pressure line from the pump as it makes its way from the passenger side to the manual trans? I did an engine swap and cannot recall the routing. THanks!
  11. jokila

    1999 Beetle part out

    Houston area. I am parting out a 1999 VW TDI Beetle with about 200K miles. Here is what I have for sale and price. Shipping extra. Please PM with requests if you can. 1) Manual transmission (O2J code) - ($250) - local pickup 2) Manual transmission axles - ($60 /pair) 3) Turbo - ($100) 4)...
  12. jokila

    VW Diesel helicopter

    Saw this ad today for a "helicopter" car. Seems slightly dangerous to be near it.
  13. jokila

    FS: VW brand Mk4 roof rack bars

    OEM base carrier bars - Genuine Volkswagen. These bars have a lock on each part of the rack and attach on the factory mounts under the rubber moulding along the top of the roof line. Comes with a key and tool. They attach to the built-in posts of the Jetta sedan or Golf 4 door models. Located...
  14. jokila

    Humpty Dumpty is no more

    That's what my son called my car since I would put her back together again and again. :D Last week I was driving about 85 mph down I-10 and started to hear some noises from the engine and felt odd vibrations enough to feel it in the steering wheel and shifter so I pulled over. Check the oil...
  15. jokila

    WTB: Mk4 Jetta hood in gray

    I know this would be hard to deliver but I am willing to drive a bit to get one.
  16. jokila

    WTG: MK4 Jetta hood in platinum gray

    WTB: MK4 Jetta hood in platinum gray Also need a front grill. Let me know what you have. thanks.
  17. jokila

    Resetting number of remote FOBs

    2011 Tiguan ---------------------------- I thought the proper way to reset the number of paired remotes is to go to 46-Cent Conv. Adaptation-10 Channel 00 Save. This process does not reset the number of remotes. It will be at 6 or 7 at times. I even tried to set the module to 0 remotes on...
  18. jokila

    FS: LH MK4 Jetta White Mirror

    In like new shape. Power mirror. Paint is glossy. Driver side. $30 shipped
  19. jokila

    Bentley manual for 1998-2010 Beetle.

    FS: Bentley manual for 1998-2008 Beetle. In great condition. $75 OBO shipped.
  20. jokila

    Can you still buy a new TDI?

    Saw this on my way to work today. Golf TDI Wagon.