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  1. crdouger

    Looking to buy Toyota Tacoma or Jeep or similar SUV with TDI swapped into it.

    Live in West Michigan and I'm willing to travel a fair distance for the right vehicle. Please message me if you are aware of any for sale. Love the TDI engines, ideally want a small truck and don't have the time to do a swap myself. Thanks.
  2. crdouger

    blue tooth phone problems

    Recently bought a 2012 passat and on the drive home hookedup my phone via bluetooth to play music and take calls. It synced easily without any problems. A few days later I decided that I didn't want it connected, so I disconnected it. Now I want to hook it up again, but I'm having trouble...
  3. crdouger

    rear hum after shutoff

    I have a 2012 passat and everytime I drive it more than just a few feet, I hear a noise coming from the rear of the car. I think its the passenger side where the DEF tank is. When I shut off the car, it is quiet for a few seconds and then there is a quiet whirring sound or quiet hum that...
  4. crdouger

    06 Jetta TDI Manual - needs help; Grand Rapids, MI

    2006 VW Jetta TDI for sale This car has been my daily driver for quite a few years. I’ve done a lot of work to keep it on the road and I’ve been looking forward to the day when it crossed the 400,000 mile mark. Think about it. That’s amazing. That’s 16 times around the earth! Way to go VW...
  5. crdouger

    Dead Throttle problem (accelerator pedal? Cam sensor?)

    I am very perplexed and frustrated. My 06 Jetta TDI with the BRM engine has served me well overall and is just 5k from passing 400,000 miles. Financially I really hope to get a few more miles out of her and in the last year or two I've put a new cam, timing belt, clutch and other things. I was...
  6. crdouger

    mirror turn signal replacement

    The blinker stopped working in my drivers side mirror on my 2013 passat. I ordered a replacement but haven't been able to find instructions or a video on how to take the mirror apart to replaced the lighting element. Anybody know how these mirror housings come apart? I'm afraid of cracking...
  7. crdouger

    2013 Passat TDI Torque Specs needed

    I'm the proud new owner of a Passat that needs a new DSG flywheel and Timing Belt. I haven't been able to find a list of all of the torque specs for the car. I assumed I'd be able to find a chart online somewhere. Can anybody help me find this info? Thanks! Crdouger
  8. crdouger

    06 accelerator replacement - same in gasser as TDI?

    I'm having accelerator issues in my 06 TDI. A couple times when driving the engine suddenly seemed like it stalled, but came back when I pushed in the clutch. Then today it would idle fine, but when I pushed the accelerator it would rev up and then cut out and drop right back down to idle and...
  9. crdouger

    5th gear problems - advice needed

    My brother's 02 mkiv with 260k miles broke it's 5th gear recently. It still drives great in the other gears, but 5th just spins and grinds and goes nowhere. In a month he plans to drive the car 3 hours up to my house in 4th gear and then we plan to spend the weekend fixing it together. I'm...
  10. crdouger

    Replacement rear coil spring suggestions please

    I have an 06 jetta sedan with 400,000 miles. The rear springs on mine are sagging and riding low. I often ride with a car full of people or I am pulling a trailer. My trailer hitch also hits the bottom of my driveway when i pull in. I'd like to affordably replace the coil springs with springs...
  11. crdouger

    Electrical window & locking problem

    I have a 2001 Passat wagon that I'm having trouble diagnosing a problem. My drivers window goes up and down when I push the button. But the other three window buttons on the drivers door don't cause the other windows to go up and down. The front passenger window and the rear passenger window...
  12. crdouger

    Wanted: Toyota Pickup TDI conversion

    I'd really like to have a Toyota pickup TDI conversion and don't have the time for a complete custom swap, but love tinkering and improving and modifying vehicles. I'd love to find somebody who did a good conversion and is ready to sell. If anybody knows of one for sale, please let me know...
  13. crdouger

    2001 Black Jetta gasser part-out - Grand Rapids, MI

    2001 Black Jetta manual sedan part-out This is a father-son project. He bought the car and is parting it out as a first job. It is not a TDI, hopefully that is ok to still post here, but there are lots of common parts. 161,000 miles. The exterior is black, the interior is tan leather heated...
  14. crdouger

    Need source for Aux Heater replacement

    I need to replace the auxiliary heater on my wife's 06 Jetta. It's part number 1K0 963 235 E, but I'm having a hard time finding a reasonably priced replacement one. If anybody has a working used one, I'd be interested. I've heard of aftermarket ones for sale online for about $150, but I...
  15. crdouger

    Need help understanding my VCDS faults

    I've been working on fixing up my "new to me" 06 Jetta TDI with 330,000mi on the clock. I don't need the old girl to be perfect, but I do like having things fixed. I have fixed about a dozen things and I'm able to clear all of the fault codes except the ones below. I bought my first Vag-com...
  16. crdouger

    Heater fan works intermittenly

    I have an 06 Jetta TDI with the package II Climatronic controls (automatic, separate driver/passenger side, digital temperature control, etc.) and the blower fan sometime comes on immediately and sometime it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it comes on after 30 minutes and occasionally it never comes...
  17. crdouger

    WTB: MkV Climatronic heater blower

    My heater blower sometimes comes on immediately, and sometimes it takes 1/2 hour. I'd like to try to replace it and see if the problem goes away or if it's a bad wire or switch somewhere. It's the package II climatronic versions with the variable speed dial. It is NOT the more common one with...
  18. crdouger

    2006 Jetta TDI part-out - Grand Rapids, MI

    2006 dk blue with gray interior Jetta TDI part-out: Grand Rapids, MI All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. BRM Engine with new stage 2 cam - $1200 plus shipping Transmission auto to manual swap kit - SOLD Gray leather heated seats - $150 local pickup Dark gray carpet - $50 plus...
  19. crdouger

    Steering Angle Sensor Replacement Help

    My 06 Jetta steering wheel light is on yellow on my dash. The steering works fine. The local mechanic scanned it for me and said it's the steering angle sensor. I have the same model that I'm parting out and I hope to steel the part from that car. I've been unable to find clear directions...
  20. crdouger

    2006 Jetta gray heated leather seats - $150 Grand Rapids, MI

    I have a full set of seats out of a 2006 Jetta MKV for sale. Seats are in good condition, heated, adjustable, working airbags and adjustments. Set includes both front and all rear pieces including head rests. These are the package I leatherette material. Color is medium gray. Located just north...