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  1. LLL

    Why is it smoking...

    Why is my car smoking always when it is parked downhill?! Starting the engine after some time, the smoke makes such a horror... It smokes like somebody burned a tire (but smoke is white)! I need some good accel. pedal flooring and some 10 miles drive to rid off of the smoke. Drivers behind me...
  2. LLL

    Seat heater

    Repairing passenger seat foam and I want to repair heating wires also. What cloth should I use to cover exposed wires? Should it be some specific material? Thank you.
  3. LLL

    Sudenly higher RPM at idle

    Suddenly higher RPM at idle Hello everyone. A day ago, while I was driving I felt like something happened with the engine, I did not depress the throttle pedal more than I needed at that moment, but car slightly accelerated. I put the engine on idle and tacho shows 1000/1100 rpm instead of...
  4. LLL

    What's wrong?

    When I pull up or step on the acceleration pedal during the drive, in any gear, car goes to the right... what's wrong? :confused:
  5. LLL

    Intake manifold gasket

    May I apply a small amount of silicone (gasket maker) on the metal intake manifold gasket?
  6. LLL


    Strange thing - I have changed front struts and bearings, wheel hubs and bearings, inner CV joints, dust sleeves... now, when I brake slowly, on low speeds (5 - 15mph), before vehicle stops, ABS is engaging! No wheels sliding, dry road. Sometimes it turns on like I'm on the ice, but mostly...
  7. LLL

    Driveshaft balancing weight

    Can anybody tell me the right place/position of the balancing weight (balancing donut) on the passenger's side driveshaft? (The long driveshaft). If possible, please post pictures. Thanks :)
  8. LLL

    Rear bushings

    Bought Audi TT rear bushings and noticed that there won't fit the metal sleeve... install them only with the bolt? Thanks.
  9. LLL


    Does the B3 windshield fit B4? Thanks.
  10. LLL

    CV grease

    Can I re-use the old CV joint grease? Lot of it is in the boot, no dust, no water, etc. (I'm going to install an used, good, CV joint and boot. All is OEM).
  11. LLL

    Inner CV joints

    Is it possible to take off the inner CV joints w/o taking off the lower ball joints or outer CV j's? Thank you.
  12. LLL

    Clunking or knocking, whatever.

    Today morning, suddenly I heard that clunking or knocking sound from, I think, front drivers wheel... the sound is the same as the bad CV joint makes it turning left or right, but now it happens while I'm driving straight! It is not that frequently noise like the CV joint turns, it is more like...
  13. LLL

    Radiator Fan Belt

    Searched for it and I found lot of threads about it, but not I was strictly looking for... Anybody tell me, can I change/install the tinny belt with minimum removed parts? Advises? Pictures?
  14. LLL

    Clutch pedal on the floor (retainer)

    I had this experience yesterday, not pleasant at all! Today I bought used retainer (it was broken) and going to install these days. Question: is there should be that metal cap in front of the retainer (red arrow)? I see no such a thing on my pedal nor a piece of that (broken?) metal on the...
  15. LLL


    Valve cover gasket successfully changed a few days ago... but, look what I have discovered under the v. cover... I don't know when it happened or I bought the car like that, but I have searched all the camshaft "pan" for metal pieces with a strong magnet and found nothing. I have no problem with...
  16. LLL

    Working on new illumination

    A few months ago I bought a second hand (like a new!) HVAC control unit and decided to put a new LED illumination on it. Here is the result, but it's not done yet! I need to adjust the brightness among the knobs and after the installation in the car (waiting for warmer days :D), I need to adjust...
  17. LLL

    Warning lights and gauges no work

    Today suddenly, without warning, happened this: in the morning I parked the car in "everything works" condition. Tonight, when I was about to go home, I noticed on the cluster: fuel and temperature gauges and tacho don't work. With the key turned in "on" position, all the led warning lights...
  18. LLL

    It's summer, help!

    Why heater/AC blower motor is working even when the knob is on zero position?! (with the key turned on "ready to run" position and when engine is running). It blows on highest speed, 4. It happened without any warning or sign... what's wrong? Now I have no ventilation because I pulled out the...
  19. LLL

    Warped(?) rotors... again

    Even new brake rotors, after 1000 - 1500 miles makes me a problem, can't brake normally, the steering wheel is vibrating awful, I feel the brake pedal is vibrating, too! It happens above 50km/h speed. Last year I bought Brembo rotors (and TRW brake pads, caliper pins greased w/silicone...
  20. LLL

    Is this possible?

    Last week I had a problem with lack of power. Replacing the MAF solved this. Car now pulls well. But, interesting, with the "new" MAF I noticed some more power, car pulls 20 - 30% better than before (with the old MAF before it broke down). Is it possible that the old sensor was limiting...