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  1. DieselDavid

    WTB: 2015 Golf trim ring surrounding center console DSG gear selector

    If anyone is parting out their Golf VII, I'm looking for a decent dull chrome trim ring that surrounds the center console DSG gear selector for my 2015 Golf SEL TDI. My trim piece is cracked. The dealer wants way too much for this thing. I see them at AliExpress but don't really want to...
  2. DieselDavid

    Article discussing the VW diesel scandal

    This very long article discusses the Volkswagen diesel scandal in great detail.
  3. DieselDavid

    Replacement battery info and advice

    The correct battery size for the 2005.5 Jetta TDI with engine code BRM is 48H6, same as the 2006 Jetta TDI. A few online databases incorrectly show the battery size for the 2005.5 Jetta TDI with engine code BRM as 94R. This one is about 1.5 inches longer than the 48H6 battery and does not fit...
  4. DieselDavid

    No more LSD fuel in my area

    Bummer for me but good news for those with 2007 and newer diesels. According to the sticker on the pump, between my last two fill-ups on 15 Mar 2011 and 3 Apr 2011 the last gas station in my area that sold LSD (low sulfur diesel) switched over to ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel). In the past...
  5. DieselDavid

    Locking fuel cap

    I am curious if anybody has a locking fuel cap on their A5 Jetta TDI cars. Does Volkswagen sell one as an accessory? I am slightly nervous that somebody might pry open the little door on the side of the car that hides the fuel cap, open the fuel cap, and then either take out diesel out of the...
  6. DieselDavid

    Bad time with large diesel pump nozzle

    Well, I finally made a mistake at the gas station the last time I filled up my TDI with diesel. It was a name brand station. I've bought diesel at other stations with the same brand name, and this was my first - and last time - at this specific station with the same brand name. After pouring...
  7. DieselDavid

    VW info for removal/installation of Aero Wipers

    This is from a pamphlet I found at a Volkswagen dealership promoting OEM wiper blades called Aero Wipers. This is the last page which has tips for removing and installing the Aero Wipers. Click the hyperlink for a larger version of the image below...
  8. DieselDavid

    Low oil pressure(?), engine won't start

    My 2005.5 NewJetta has 31,000 miles. It does have the correct oil dipstick. It is still covered by the original warranty. Suddenly it has a low oil pressure text warning message and the engine won't start. I changed the oil and oil filter 1,000 miles ago, and added new oil until the dipstick...
  9. DieselDavid

    CLICK & CLACK : Diesel Do Ya

    This syndicated Q & A appears in the Click & Clack column at... ...and we could see an edited version of it in the Washington Post newspaper, Sunday September 16, 2007 page G02...
  10. DieselDavid

    A polite gasser at the fuel station!

    This morning I went to fill up and something nice happened. The station has about 12 "islands" each with a gasoline pump that dispenses gasoline on either side of the "island." The last "island" has a pump for either gasoline or diesel. At this last "island" the pump has two hoses/handles to...