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  1. Ookpic

    Air Conditioning stops working at idle

    Hey all I know I'll likely have to take this in for further testing and pressure reading but wondering if anyone had a similar issue so I have an idea what possibly to expect. I'm definitely not an AC guy but I can troubleshoot electrical gremlins if need be. I've browsed through similar posts...
  2. Ookpic

    2015 Passat Highline, thinking about buying but have questions

    So while at the family cottage on Monday, I just happened to notice a Night Blue Metallic 2015 Passat TDI 6spd manual for sale at a local small town garage. I've been on this forum for years now and feel I have a decent knowledge of the MK4 platform with the ALH engine but this is a whole new...
  3. Ookpic

    Question about Cluster Swap

    Been awhile since posting anything. I purchased a sport gauge cluster from a VW used parts place. He was able to plug into my car and retrieve my SKC from the original cluster. It's a 2002 Golf TDI so Immo III. He also gave me the SKC from the new/used cluster. Since I have both, and VCDS he...
  4. Ookpic

    FS: BBS RXII Tire and Rim Package

    I'm selling my pristine BBS RXII 2-piece wheels with custom paint. I'm asking $1800 for the entire package or best offer. I have no idea what this package is worth. This is how I worked out the rough price... $600CAD for the tires purchased in Canada. $700USD for the wheels purchased years ago...
  5. Ookpic

    Vented block. Looking for ideas

    Unfortunately I vented my ALH block a couple of weekends ago. Was having near the best pull I've ever had with it and BOOM! Connecting rod clamp came right through the block and part of the oil pan fully intact! Not entirely sure what caused this to happen. I was likely around 4500-5000rpm when...
  6. Ookpic

    Another DIY Trailer Hitch Project

    I'll start by saying that I'll never be towing anything that weighs even close to what this trailer hitch would be "good" for. I will have exact measurements and a complete parts list including prices I paid in CAD. Please be careful if you decide to use this design. I have a Draw-Tite hitch on...
  7. Ookpic

    Towing Question

    My wife and I are planning a trip from southwestern Ontario to Halifax this summer. We are planning on driving down through the states to Boston and then up along the coast to Halifax. We have to move our son back from university and I'm trying to do it as economically as possible. Once we are...
  8. Ookpic

    Flashing Oil Light

    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about this... When it started to get cold, I started getting the flashing oil light with a beep about 20 seconds after startup. The first time it happened, I shut if off right away and checked for leaks and level. All was fine. I looked in the oil fill cap...
  9. Ookpic

    Inner Tie-rod squeaking creaking after new steering rack installed

    2002 Golf TDI 2door. The original steering rack finally started leaking too much to keep in service so I purchased a used rack from wrecker for $90. $200 installing it in the car only to find out it was NFG! Went to my local parts dealer and picked up a Cardone reman for $400 and another $200...
  10. Ookpic

    Tough Start after sitting

    I'm hoping someone can chime in and give me some ideas... I have a 2002 Golf 2Dr with 298k kms. I picked up this from a family member last spring. Did a bunch of overdue maintenance like brakes, suspension, exhaust. Here's the problem. It's tough to start after it's been sitting for a while...
  11. Ookpic

    FS: 5x100 Steelies $150 - ON, CAN

    SOLD!! Pulled these off the project car I bought. I have alloy winters already so these are up for grabs. They came off of a 2002 Golf TDI and will come with hubcaps and tires that are worn out. They will make excellent winter wheels. Here's a pic of 1 but they all pretty much look the same.
  12. Ookpic

    Clunking after suspension work

    So I ordered a complete suspension kit from Blauparts for front struts and rear shocks. The kit comes complete with everything you need to replace the front struts and rear shocks. After complete I now have some clunking from what appears to be both front sides and possibly the back. Very hard...
  13. Ookpic

    FS: Eagle F1 GS D3 runflats less than 5000kms!

    SOLD I have a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 run flat tires for sale. I haven't got pics yet but will post soon. Just throwing them on here now. These tires have less than 5000kms on them. They came with the rims I purchased but I'm installing different tires. These tires were made in Germany...
  14. Ookpic

    WTB: 108mm axle flanges

    I'm looking to upgrade my axles to raxles. I've searched on vortex and will post there as well but wondering if anyone may have them on here? If anyone has the OEM part number for these pieces please post it in case I just decide to buy new. Thanks in advance!
  15. Ookpic

    FS: Stock MkIV Premium radio with cage

    I don't want to double post so here is the link in the classified section.
  16. Ookpic

    FS: Stock MkIV Premium radio with cage

    BOTH Radio and Radio Cage are GONE. I have both the stock radio and a radio cage both in excellent shape. These are free for any club member. Just pay for the shipping and they are yours. The radio was working great when it was removed.
  17. Ookpic

    Upgrad Time... Turbo, Intercooler, PD150 Parts

    Upgrade Time... Turbo, Intercooler, PD150 Parts For the last year and a half or so, I've been slowly accumulating parts here and there. The big purchases were more recent such as the turbo and WaveTrac LSD. I booked Matt a couple of months ahead of time and this past week I drove down to...
  18. Ookpic

    FS: Phatbox

    I have a used Phatbox for sale. It will come with two 20Gb cartridges, docking station, wiring harness to plug and play into rear CD changer port in MKIV's. I believe I have all the documentation as well. This unit was working when I pulled it but it has been sitting on the shelf now for...
  19. Ookpic

    FS: Cadence 6.5" Component speakers

    I'm selling 2 pair of Cadence 6.5" Component Speakers. That's 2 Complete kits. Four woofers, four tweeters and four crossovers. These are brand new with the exception of one speaker/tweeter for less than an hour of testing. These speakers will require an amp as the factory audio system...
  20. Ookpic

    FS: Q-Loader

    SOLD!! I have a Q-Loader for sale. It will come fresh and ready for your first tune from KermaTDI. I have only used this to put on 2 tunes and take them off. I have spoken with Paul Malony and he said there will be a $125 transfer of ownership fee if it is for an ALH. If it is for a PD, the...