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  1. honda_vtec2

    Anyone have mk4 timing belt and clutch counter tools?

    Picked up an mk4 and looking to borrow timing belt tools, clutch counter hold tool. Thanks in advance. I am located in Scarborough currently.
  2. honda_vtec2

    GPS recommendations?

    Looking to buy a GPS, what do you guys recommend. I'm seeking to spend 50-100 (new or used). I see quite a few units on kijiji, but have never purchased one before. So i don't know the pros and cons with certain units. I missed the last sale at CTC. They had ones for 100 with lifetime maps and...
  3. honda_vtec2

    WTB: mk4 maf in good working condition

    A friend of mine in Stratford ON, just picked up a 2000 mk4 and is looking for a good working maf. Anyone selling one within the area?. Please send me a msg. thanks in advance.
  4. honda_vtec2

    Where to buy Synchromesh locally for a good price?

    I'm looking for GM Sychromesh or Penzoil, maybe Amsoil for the gear lube on my tranny. I've tried MTL, liked it. Mixed it with Mt90, not bad. Now i'd like to try and lower vis oil. Anyone know of a place locally i can get a deal on 2L of this stuff? TIA
  5. honda_vtec2

    Head bolts...Is this possible to do?

    Since i've replaced the head gasket on my mk3 tdi. I've driven roughly 2500km. I have noticed a slight external seepage between cyl 3/4. It is losing coolant, roughtly around 10 to 20 ml per day. I replaced the stretch bolts with new ones and torqued to spec with a calibrated wrench. Is it...
  6. honda_vtec2

    EGR weep hole, just an idea....

    I'm loosing boost through my egr weep hole. There seems to be more oil pouring out of there these days. Is it a bad idea to seal that hole up with high temp silicone?. Why is that weep hole needed?. TIA
  7. honda_vtec2

    Any Sources for generic boost hoses?

    I've used Carquest part # 21405. After a year it's oil soaked and heat bulged. Any good sources on a better generic, thicker rubber hose?. Maybe someone locally has silicone ones, similiar to the tubing you get when you purchase cold air intakes..... TIA
  8. honda_vtec2

    Leaky vac pump question

    Would a leaky vac pump that is covered in oil affect the following: rough idle loss of brake pressure lower turbo boost slightly lower fuel economy I've noticed a leak for a while on my tdi. I'm going to take it apart and see how it seals and find out where exactly it is leaking from...
  9. honda_vtec2

    Puzzling question--Anyone know why this might happen?

    A short while ago i was driving/cruising doing 80kph. I felt a slip in the power band and started hearing lifter clatter. I pulled over to the side of the road and checked my timing belt. It was slack, still in good condition. After getting the car towed home. I then inspected the tensioner...
  10. honda_vtec2

    Turbo pressure line questions.

    I was working on my car and lost daylight. I had to remove the turbo pressure line from my turbo and didn't notice any oring or gasket coming off with the end of the line. The line came off via the union fitting. The flange was rusted to it. I prob didn't notice anything cause it's really tight...
  11. honda_vtec2

    Machine Shop in North York

    Anyone know of a decent machine shop to do some minor head work locally in North York.
  12. honda_vtec2

    What is the best way to remove valve guides with home tools?

    I think i'm going to get stuck trying to find (1) 8mm exhaust valve. Is there any place that still sells them?. I have another thread in the Ontario section seeking some local that might have a spare. What is the best way to remove the valve guides with home tools if i can't source another...
  13. honda_vtec2

    WTB 8mm exhaust valve

    Hey guys, I've been reading that these valves are off the market, not sure if i'll be able to source a new one. I will have to talk to my parts vendor. So i decided to ask around to see if anyone has a spare 8mm exhaust valve kicking around that they want to sell. I will need it to be in...
  14. honda_vtec2

    WTB: 1/2''Drive Triple Square Bit Socket 12MM

    Anyone around North York or GTA interested in loaning, renting, selling me this tool? I've searched Parts Source, CTC, Princess, Sears, no luck. Next stop will be Napa, Carquest. Please let me know, thanks.
  15. honda_vtec2

    WTB: 1Z or AHU rebuilt cylinder head locally

    Hi everyone, looking to buy a 1z or Ahu cylinder head in reconditioned state or good condition. If anyone locally has one sitting around, please contact me via im or email. TIA Steve
  16. honda_vtec2

    Hey Guys, any keyboard players out there?

    Hi, back in Nova Scotia for a while. Decided to leave the I.T scene and try out music for a while. I'm currently in Digby and seeking a keyboardist/vocalist that is willing to come and jam in Digby. We have the rehearsal space and some old Tascam recording equipment, soon to be upgraded. We also...
  17. honda_vtec2

    Are the mk3 alternators swappable with the mk4?

    Hi, i have limited time on the net these days to study stuff. So my question is: Are the mk3 120amp alternators swappable with the mk4. I have the Bosch 120amp on the car with the clutch style pulley. Thanks
  18. honda_vtec2

    Need to borrow or rent Alt pulley tool

    Hi guys, if anyone wants to rent or let me borrow the alt tool, please contact me via email or msg me on the club. I have a diode issue with my current alt and would like to swap it out before i go for a long trip. Thanks in advance ps: if anyone has an old alternator that is either...
  19. honda_vtec2

    Need a bearing pressed-referral

    I had to get a bearing pressed in/out. I highly recommend these guys if you are in the area. I took off the spindle and brought it in. Sinclair Auto Service 15 sinclair st. Etobicoke,ON M8Z 1M7 416 201 0758 Owners name is Ted Gadzala. Very nice guy. Cost to get the bearing pressed was 25.00.
  20. honda_vtec2

    Where do you guys fuel up at?

    Hey guys, where are you guys fueling up at. The last time i was there, i only saw 2 type of stations. Shell reg diesel and another chain store. I can't think of the name now...... In Ontario we have Petro Can, Sunoco, Shell Ultra. I'd like to keep using this and try and stay away from Shell...