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    1985 vw golf with alh mtdi engine

    $2000 This car is road Worthy if put back together It's all apart in pieces I almost got to paint it before health problems. 02a tranny hydro shift Engine has holset turbo,Rover injection pump,sp auto intercooler radiator New suspension,mounts,tires,etc. I was going to keep the car and daily...
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    02a ctn tranny

    $200 obo Located in Turlock,ca
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    FS: vnt 15bturbo used from 2000 jetta

    $150 shipped to us. Vnt 15 came from used runner 2000 Jetta I used engine for mtdi swap.
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    New 204-4706 arp head studs

    Sold thanks
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    are there different ctn transmission speedo gears?

    i have swapped alh with 02a ctn tranny into mk2 golf with its original cluster, went mtdi all the way. my speedo is running way too fast. i have tried searching but am not coming up with anything. i had a piece that screws into my tranny. popped the top off that and bought a vendors cable...
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    installed 02a ctn tranny to stock alh motor and clutch fork is grinding

    i have a mtdi in mk2 golf and was driving around but pulled tranny due to leak and nasty grinding noises. clutch pedal release seemed a bit low at pedal but i drove it around like a madman for about 30 miles total tuning thnigs. i pulled it apart and the pieces were intact but the clutch fork...
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    02a transmission making lots of noise idling with clutch out

    trying to get project off the ground and am not sure if this is normal for an 02a ctn tranny. i only drove the car about 20 miles after getting everything running and had to stop due to tranny leak even though i used new seals and bearing. will use dye and try and see why that is later. i...
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    should i use a cat with my mtdi project?

    im trying to search and read and for some reason can't decide what to do. this is my first time messing with the alh/mtdi. so i have no electronics and holset wastegate turbo. i don't want to mess with neighbors whistling going down the street or have some nasty drone. i am starting fresh...
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    am i expecting too much performance of my alh mtdi in mk2 golf?

    i'm not really a techie and don't have motorsport background. before this project i drove many stock 1.6td's in mk1 and mk2 chasis. i want to drive this mk2 golf for a long time for great mileage and also have a new mazda 3 hatchback. i want power on tap for a freeway merge, pass, etc. i just...
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    wtb: alh engine cover and older style turbo drain hose

    Think I got what I need
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    having trouble making holset turbo drain hose for alh engine

    i am swapping this setup into mk2 golf and blindly bought darkside return hose kit where you can cut hose to length with a barb fitting for new style alh block fitting. i could not bend the hose after clocking turbo oil drain port straight down. i tried a generic an turbo kit from ebay and...
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    wondering how to mount radiator intercooler combo in mk2 golf with ac

    i wanted to keep ac so am using stock piece in place for fitment. i figured later when i adapt system i could get a smaller unit that allows room up top to not block the intercooler portion of the sp automotive all in one unit. i should have researched more i thought this approach would have...
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    im having trouble plumbing jaguar airbox and holset turbo

    doing mtdi alh into mk2 golf. my holset turbo i think measures around 2.125" jaguar airbox measures about 3.18" needs to kind of elbow up and towards front of car kind of like the 1.6 turbo diesels did. i have one of those pieces but the fit isn't right. i went to homedepot and walked every...
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    mk2 vnt rear motor mount bracket not lining up?

    another user just sold this to me, i thought it was like the darkside mount i could have purchased instead. there is wiggle room in mount bolts to block which i don't know if that is safe? and look at my picture the bolt hole for the rear mount is way off? do i just drill my own hole and will...
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    swapping alh with holset turbo into mk2. should i add heat shields?

    i am no techie. im doing a mtdi swap into mk2 golf with alh motor and a holset turbo so its not stock i guess. the mk4 engine bay shield actually fit my car with some bending so i have used it. so all the other stuff is kind of custom i guess after the block. i have the mk4 shifter controls...
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    FS: 2000 alh jetta egr cooler, pipes, valve

    doing a swap so i don't need this stuff. $75 shipped or best offer. all used from a working car but very dirty and need cleaning.
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    FS: intercooler pipes from 2000 alh jetta

    these are just parts laying around, i am doing a mtdi swap. so not sure if they could go to a good home or if i should junk them. so i will say $100 shipped or best offer? the big ones look to be too big to fit into a priority mail game box so im pretty sure shipping is going to cost a chunk.
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    is there a sealant used for exhaust manifold to turbos thats better than a gasket?

    this is just a general question since i am doing something custom with my alh engine and got a different exhaust manifold. i need to block a port and can make my own paper gasket with copper spray but after searching around i'm not sure if this is smart. the company that makes the manifold i...
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    is there supposed to be a little movement in front mount?

    i'm new to these parts, i thought i bought what i needed from a donor and new old stock vw hydro mounts with subframe as well like people say to do here to swap into my mk2 golf. so for the front mount it lines up with notch up top so it doesn't spin and is held on by a bolt. underneath sits...
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    FS: 2000 tdi jetta alh manual injector pump and turbo

    FS: 2000 tdi jetta alh turbo only got turbo left No clue what i'm doing here on prices so i will say $200 each shipped to us OBO. these came from running donor car that was in a wreck that i bought to swap into my mk2 going mtdi. how do i tell if the turbo is good or how much its worth...