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    F/S 2010 Jetta TDI 6spd manual 54650 miles

    This is a good deal. Selling the summer wheels?
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    FS: 9w7 bluetooth module

    I have a 2010 Jetta sedan and the cluster is a highline but its white like an mk6. The 2010 still come with the old module but i switched mine to a 9w7 and it works much better. I can stream music and have a phonebook on the mfd
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    2012 GTI Plaid Heated Seats $600

    Bump. Want these gone
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    2012 GTI Plaid Heated Seats $600

    $500 black friday special
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    2012 GTI Plaid Heated Seats $600

    2012 GTI Plaid Heated Seats $450 Selling a full set of heated seats from a 2012 GTI 4 door. Here is the craigslist ad $450 for TDI members
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    Mine threw a shadow code (hooked up vids and saw code but no CEL) for cylinder 3 injection timing. I cleared it to see if it would come back but haven't checked since because the car is running perfectly fine now. I think it was just a bad batch of fuel maybe.
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    Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5w40 - Discontinued

    Aww this was my favorite oil since my car has a DPF
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    Yes i was driving all city that day but usually I hit the highway everyday. Update: So far after the regeneration cycle, I have not had anynore cold start problems. Let's hope it continues
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    VW Accessory Pedal Caps FS

    Oh those look nice. To bad mine is a 6 speed
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    Update again: I started the car tonight (cold engine) and it was hiccuping pretty rough. I drove about 3/4 of a mile then it started to do a regen cycle. On a cold engine. Is that possible? Also rpm raised to 1000 idling and was stuttering pretty bad. Had to give it a little throttle for it to...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    Some TDI group on Facebook. And yeah, the specific gravity of the fuel. Some fuel is more dense than others apparently. Also have an update on the situation. I ran the tank down to a quarter of fuel then I put a can of Diesel Purge in the tank. It started beautifully for the 3 days that that...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    I am having the same problems as you guys. Rough starts and stalls sometimes. Mine is a 2010 also. What a coincidence. But I'm a 6 speed. I have had people tell me that the 2010 is very picky to the weight of the fuel for some reason. He also told me that they offered a ECU reflash for 2010...
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    Wanted 2009 Jetta 16" standard Rim (1)

    eBay is a little cheaper for a new one. I need one as well. Just found out mine is bent when i took it in for wheel balancing
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    WTB- 2010 jetta DPF- known good low miles

    Mine is a 2010. The 2009 is long gone. And they are interchangeable but 2009 is one piece and 2010 is two piece
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    WTB- 2010 jetta DPF- known good low miles

    I have mine that I want to get rid of. I want to do a delete. 70k miles and just had exhaust flap replaced yesterday
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    Wrong size disc??? Help.

    I just did my rear brakes on a 2010 sedan and I had to order for a 2011 since they came with 272.