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    Perfect LED flashlights (Not Junk) for $3.73 shipped for in car safety

    A while back I ordered these flashlights because they were cheap and I was looking for an alternative to the junk Harbor Freight, Bass Pro Shops and Home Depot small lights. I keep these in my car and in my shop and I get sick of picking them up and the switch not working. These lights have...
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    Warning to Opti-Lube Opti-Box users. This sucks!

    I was a strong proponent for people to use the Opti-Box to store additive in. The very obvious relabeled Plano Ammo box will leak if turned upside down. I used one in my Passat and one in my truck. While carrying some kids in my truck, it got kicked over and a bottle of XPD leaked out over...
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    Shelf life of an additive that contains significant amounts of Bio-Diesel

    On the Duramax Forum, Opti-Lube came out and stated that XPD and XL both contain a significant amount of Bio-Diesel in them and XL has more than XPD. Most people say that Bio-Diesel has a shelf life of 6 months. so with that said, if you mix Bio-diesel with say, 50% additives, will that...
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    Great radio for a shop!

    Look at the beating this radio took. Start at 5:10 and make sure you watch the end or the last 10 seconds.
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    Gasoline in Diesel HFRR Test

    I see on Facebook that Opti-Lube ran a test on pump fuel then added 5% gasoline to the mix, tested, then added thier additives. I am interested in all comments on this. Seems a misfuel would have to be a significant...
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    Opti-Lube posted a Test of XPD and XL from Intertek

    Since the info was posted about the new XL product, I have been in touch with Steve @ Opti-Lube to find out all I can. I sort of went TDI-Tom on him asking for test results and he told me they would be coming. I follow them on facebook and they told me they posted the results. In the email...
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    Slow engine turn over when starting

    Every once and a while, even in warm temps, I get a slow engine turn over when starting the car. Its odd as it does not happen twice on the same day. With only one battery in the car, it makes me nervous in cold weather. I was looking for a portable jump battery to carry with me, but many are...
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    Opti-Lube on Amazon - Amazon Prime get you free shippng?

    I am not an Amazon Prime member, but I have been thinking about it. I looked for a general discussion area but did not find it so this seemed like the next best place. So if I was a amazon prime member, could I buy these items with free shipping...
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    Smell Proof Box for Additives!

    I was reading over at the Diesel Place and Opti-Lube has come out with a box to store additive in. I already ordered mine as my trunk has an additive smell. I am not into putting my kids pillows and such back there on long trips. IMHO, this is great. Let me see if the picture will post:
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    Friend purchased a 2009 Jetta TDI - HPFP issues?

    A buddy purchased a 2009 Jetta TDI from an older couple with less than 20K on it. It has sat in the garage most of its life and it was used to drive back and forth to Florida. Other wise, it sat idle. The car has had one oil change and no other real maintence. Due to the higher amount of...
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    Battery Tender shows battery less than 80% charged for days

    For about the last 3 weeks I have parked the passat (SEL if that matters) in the garage that is always about 50 degrees. After reading about the issues of maybe leaving the car parked unlocked and the rsn-510 maybe using some power, I decided to hook up the battery tender. I opened the hood...
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    Diesel Place say they are going to do a New Lubricity Additive Study

    This should be interesting as they are asking for ideas of the products to test from the members. Seems like the list of additives could get very long and the cost of the testing become very high. It would be nice to see the study updated.
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    Diesel Place say they are going to do a New Lubricity Additive Study

    This should be interesting as they are asking for ideas of the products to test from the members. Seems like the list of additives could get very long and the cost of the testing become very high. It would be nice to see the study updated...
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    Deal on Optilube..

    In the passat forum we worked out a deal on gallons of Opti-lube product. There are no shipping fees. I was told its good for the lower 48 states and I do not know how long they are running it.
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    What additive in the passat?

    I have been bouncing back and forth with Optilube XPD and schaffers Bio Shield. I am out of both and probably going back to optilube unless someone has a better recomendation? Seems the cheapest i can find optilube is here and its bacuase shipping is cheap.
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    Who is uses Torque to monitor their passat?

    I have been watching the Torque app gauges and the boost is off. Does anyone else have this issue? most of the time I show a vacume on my phone, even at 60 mph. Also what all do you guys watch or have set up?
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    Adjust the DSG takeoff?

    I rode in a new gas Jetta this week (ride home from the dealer) and the transmission was much more positve than mine on takeoff. I baby mine until about 1,600 rpms as mine seems to slip until then. Once and a while I can feel it chatter if I take off too fast. Can I use the VAG-Com to adjust...
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    Chances of a smart phone turning into your key?

    With the Kessey system, what are the chances we could get a phone app so we could use our smartphone as a key? I keep thinking how nice it would be to not have to carry a key and a phone. Anyone who knows the systems know if its possible. :confused:
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    Small Anoyance - Alignment

    I am struggling with an annoyance that I am having a hard time letting a dealer correct. When I first drove the car home, the steering wheel was slightly tilted tot he left. As things have settled, it is now about 1/2" off to the left. I can see the bottom of the blinker lever and just the...
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    Digital and Analog Speedo Off.....

    Every VW I have owned has had the speedo off by 2-3 mph, but they have always shown I am going faster than I am. We took a trip in the new passat and I set the cruise at 75. It felt like I was passing most everyone. Speedo showed 75-76 and digital showed 75 along with the cruize. After a...