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    Price of new New headliner?

    Had to replace the headliner on my .:R32 last summer. About $400. Tough to find matching VW fabrics. Try here and get a shop to do it...
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    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    I should have removed the bracket before I turned in the TDI for the buyback and given it to one of the folks here. Oh, well.....
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    Need advice - Buyback scheduled; low oil pressure warning

    It was totally legal and right until VW changed the buyback rules (legally of course after the 3.0 TDI settlement) 3 weeks ago. No big deal. Getting the funds transfer in 2 more days. Enjoying the Golf Wolfsburg. Happy Super Bowl...
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    Need advice - Buyback scheduled; low oil pressure warning

    Yep. I have purchased 3 VWs since 2007 and my dealer's sales manager, a personal friend, told me it was fine. VW was more lenient 6 weeks ago. Regional manager, whom I spoke to by phone, said up until 2 weeks ago, they were letting folks turn in cars without the radios.
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    Need advice - Buyback scheduled; low oil pressure warning

    Hope you get turn in your TDI this weekend. I just returned from turning in mine. Took all of 15 minutes. But the regional manager at VW rejected the car without a head unit in the dash. Didn't require a working head unit. So, I went home, got the RNS-510 out of the garage and gave it...
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    Need advice - Buyback scheduled; low oil pressure warning

    Buy a bottle of Lucas or STP oil treatment or something similar for $5. Add it to the crankcase. Have the car towed to the dealer (hopefully you have AAA or towing with your insurance.) Start the car at the dealer and let them drive it to wherever it goes for the buyback. Car should not seize...
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    how about everyone's golf MK6 engine temp raise in winter? golf faster than passat???

    Our 2010 Golf TDI with DSG takes nearly 7 miles at highway speeds to warm up with heat. My .:R32 with DSG needs about 3.5 miles. The DSG takes a lot of the engine heat. We just got a Golf Wolfsburg with non-DSG automatic tranny. I warms up in just a few miles, somewhat faster than the .:R32...
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    High mileage CR - post it up!

    2010 Golf TDI. 158,000 miles. On 2nd replacement battery, original brakes. Had to replace the A/C compressor (thank you Geico mechanical breakdown insurance!). Only other problem was the P2015 Manifold code fixed with the Dieselgeek repair bracket. Oh, and the driver's door lock button went...
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    2013 jack stand placement

    See here. Same locations for MKV and MKVI.
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    What would you replace your TDI with????

    Got VW approval to turn in our 2010 Golf TDI with 158,000 miles. VWVortex says folks are turning them in without bumpers, radios, wiper blades. All I want out of the TDI is the RNS-510 and Bluetooth module, so I can put them in my MK5 .:R32. Do you think VW will let me keep this stuff? I am...
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    Driving up Ramps

    I use an extractor. I tested it on my .:R32 and I can extract all but a tablespoon of oil. But on the .:R32 to filter is under the engine, so I have to use ramps anyway. For the TDI, I use the extractor. I routinely get out more than 4 liters of the 4.3 liter capacity. I have a set of Rhino...
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    Car will not start ***

    Same thing with the 2010 Golf TDI. Error P068a with VCDS comes up. However, car will not jump start at all. It is towed to the dealer this am. Hopefully, just a battery. Dealer has 10% off coupon.
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    The lawyer we have retained in Virginia says that the 495 pages of the proposed settlement punish drivers who drive more than 12,000 miles per year (we have 147,000 miles on our 2010). And 44 state attorneys general have already signed on, but we don't know which states. Again, in Virginia, we...
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Yep. In Virginia we may be able to get treble (triple) damages. Could even be triple the original purchase price. Will have to wait and see after June 21. Message me if you want the name of one of the lawyers who is handling this in Virginia. Seems like a good guy. No cost to have him...
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    So, the class action suit for Virginia has been moved from California to Virginia. Lawyer now says we have a very good chance of getting 3x what VW offers. :)
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    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    Our 2010 TDI Golf has 143K miles. One of the lawyers here in my state wants the trial moved back here. He says in my state you generally get treble damages, or 3x what VW is offering. That would be a good deal. Lawyer gets a set amount not deducted from the triple damages award. I am keeping...
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    Intermittent erratic idle - No fault codes

    Same thing here. Erratic idle, no CEL. VCDS shows no faults at all. Car runs great otherwise. 135,000 miles. Happened tonight at a stop light. Then, at home, it did a regen. Hmmm.
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    Shark Blue 2010 Golf TDI Joins 2008 .:R32

    After 5 1/2 years, the TDI is going strong. The Monster mats wore out faster than the ones in the .:R32, so they were replaced with WeatherTech, even though the Weathertech have a slot rather than the round attachment. Fixed the p2015 code at 131,000 miles with the DieselGeek bracket. A/C...
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    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    Add me to the list of satisfied customers. Glad I found about this on this forum. Thanks, Jim! I had to remove the motor for installation, but it still is a 15-20 minute fix at most. Just let the engine cool down for 45 minutes after driving. I happened to have a hemostat clamp to grab the...
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    Waste gate valve on a Dieselgate TDI

    I'll be darned. This $64 bracket totally fixed it! Thanks, Don. Thanks, Jim and Paula at Dieselgeek! 20 minute fix.