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    Will Passat Wheels fit my 2002 Golf?

    I'm looking at upgrading my stock steelies to alloys when my tires need replacing (they have 60,xxx miles on them now), and wonder if these OEM Passat wheels have the correct offset for my Golf. (I've only seen pics so far, and haven't measured them - I'm hoping someone will know before I commit...
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    Wife wants her '02 Golf TDI's suspension upgraded

    Wife wants her \'02 Golf TDI\'s suspension upgraded While riding into town with my wife yesterday in her TDI, I commented that the Golf seemed to roll a lot and that the shocks felt worn out (60k miles). To my surprise she agreed and asked about upgrading the suspension. She says she wants it...
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    Questions about buying a OBD II Scanner

    I am considering buying a scanner or vag-com for my TDI, and am wondering about the options available. There are scanner tools, which read and erase codes, but they don't appear to permit making adjustments to the ECU. And there are cables to connect to a laptop which are designed to work with...
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    Fuel Consumption Chart by HP

    The title above is the name of an old thread which has a link to a fuel chart that no longer seems to exist. The chart is listed with a url, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Can anybody help me find it, or repost a copy of it? TIA,
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    Just Paid Off my TDI

    In late June of 2002 I took advantage of VW's offer of 24 months of zero percent financing on the remaining MY 2002 cars, and bought a 2002 Golf TDI. I made the last payment just a few weeks ago, which frees up $800/mo to do other things with... Yippee!
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    CARB testing for privately owned diesels?

    I was chatting with someone here in the Bay Area recently who claimed that CARB would be instituting opacity testing for privately owned diesels beginning in 2005 (imposed on diesel fleets since 1998). I have looked on the CARB site and done several searches but can find nothing to support his...