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    What happened to our car?

    We turned in our 27k miles, '11 Jetta TDI MT. Great car for 5 years but we couldn't resist the buy out. Seems like a waste for a fine,efficient vehicle. What are they doing with these?
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    Audi deals?

    Going to turn in our low mile '11 Jetta MT TDI in May, basically with the payout we've had a free ride for 5 yrs and are looking to upgrade our mule. Audi A4 looks like a good fit with us and we may take our check to the Audi dealer. Anybody heard of any special deals for TDI owners to...
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    $500 coupon ?

    We'll probably sell back the '11 Jetta tdi in the spring but still have a $500 Dealer coupon that expires in November. Need state inspection,oil change in November and POSSIBLY new rubber for the bad months. Feel funny about changing oil and putting new tires on a car I wont have in 6 months...
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    end of days?

    pulled up to the Valets at a fancy wedding at a winery on the east end of Long Island... "sir.. could you park your car yourself ?... the "stick" guy has the day off"
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    Ever happen to you..

    '11 Jetta TDI, MT approx. 20,000 miles. Car has been sitting for about a week with about 1/2 tank of fuel, Here in Upstate NY we've had 50 deg during the week followed by 15 deg last night. Starts right up last night about 10;30pm and I drive 20 miles to the airport to pickup my wife from her...
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    Service FYI..

    Had my '11 Jetta TDI MT in for the 20k service today. Asked them about the new widget for the filler neck to prevent misfueling. Service writer said they don't put them on anymore due to compliants about fuel spillage, inability to fill etc. Apparently this widget as poorly engineered as...
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    New EPA gasoline regulation

    News today is full of talk about the coming cost increases resulting from a new reg having to do with reducing sulfur in gasoline. Govt says 1 ct, Oil industry says 9-10 cts. ( not that I believe either) Anybody know how this will effect diesel prices?
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    Water in fuel?

    I know that our fuel systems are sealed these days which should minimize any condensation in the tank. I also know that in extreme cold after relatively warm weather , I would experience condensation in the tank which would result in hard starting and stumbling as the water went thru...
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    tire questions

    '11 Jetta TDI with 7k miles Ruined the Right rear tire last weekend. Got it replaced with a matching Continental. Felt nothing as expected with the new tire on the rear. Will there be any issues when the tire are rotated at 10k and differing wear levels are on the front? Inputs...
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    Glove box connection?

    On my last trip, I plugged my Iphone3 in to the cable in the glove box in the hopes of charging while driving.This seemed to work with my Iphone3S( lost_ the 3 is my backup The phone didn't charge and I got a message on the phone that says " this accessory does not work with the Iphone". I...
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    Tire rotation?

    Returning to FWD with a 2011 Jetta TDI andtire rotation. 20 yrs ago on my Fox, GTI or even my 76 rabbit,I wouldn't rotate but instead just replace the fronts and all four when those wore out. What does everybody here do? Inputs appreciated.