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    AC Question, "Cause its hott in Jersey right Now"

    I have 2006 BRM TDI, Anyone ever try running a larger evaporator in there cars for improved AC performance, I know the touareg runs a larger one, just not sure about fitment. It was either that or I was thinking smaller pulley on the a/c compressor...since our TDI's dont rev much...maybe help...
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    I "FUDGED" something up "Help"

    OK so long story short I have a 2006 VW Jetta TDI and I was switching out some LED's on my interior, I changed my climatic panel lights, anyway one of the joints must of touched each other and heated up and I popped a fuse. Climatic panel stopped working after that, I took apart the panel and...
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    BRM High Fuel Temps

    Recently worked on a BRM, no start issues. We wound up replacing the rear main seal using the proper tool. We also checked the timing, found the timing of the car to be off also. All of this was corrected, also set the torsion value to 1.0 looks like that is what is recommended to be the best...
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    Where to Advertise?

    My friend "BMW Master Tech" Recently has been working on my car and a few other BRM TDI's so for that model he has become some what of a expert. Does anyone know where he can advertise his services for the eastern section? Again if this is listed in the wrong section I apologize.
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    Let's Play "Guess what's Loose"?

    The other day I wanted to take a shortcut I got off of the main roads and onto some really bad residential roads to get home. Really bad bumps but I drove sort of careful or as careful as I could drive in those conditions...after that I have a developed something that has been getting...
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    EPA and VW (Is it just me?)

    Is it just me or is the EPA being a bit too hard on VW? It might be just me...oh and I blame Obama for everything lol jking don't want to bring politics into this and offend anyone.
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    OIL Catch Can (Install/Setup)

    Curious if anyone has run a catch can setup on there BRM TDI, curious how you mounted it, what you ran it to... Vendor of catch can you used? Looking to get one setup, thinking it might keep the boost pipes cleaner.
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    Dyno Day Meet?

    Does anyone in the eastern area hold a day where we all meet and dyno by any chance?
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    BRM TDI, won't start after rear main seal replacement..

    Just looking for some input, this is for a buddy of mines car. He took his car to a shop "not a diesel specific shop shop" I wont name the shop either so not to bash them. Anyway the first time they replaced the rear main seal, he managed to get the car back, and his fuel temps were high...
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    South Bend Clutch (FAIL!!)

    Anyway...driving home from work one day..clutch decides to take a dump. Managed to drive home that day by rev matching the vehicle, after I took everything out this is what I found. Pretty sure going to switch to a DC Clutch Next..really disappointed. :mad:
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    Throwing a big turbo on my BRM

    Going with a GTB2260vk, need opinions on what is needed to get the motor to handle the power. Rods, Pistons, Head Work, which rods are recommended, which pistons etc?
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    Nitrous! Anyone running it...???

    Thinking about running it in my BRM TDI, just curious if anyone runs it? Who makes kits for it? What to expect? Or should we just expect it to blow up a stock motor? This is all my curiosity running today.
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    Will this Cluster fit my car?

    I have a 2006 MK5 TDI Scirocco - DIESEL - R-Line - 300km/h - 1K8920884 It's a diesel cluster, thinking it should work, anyone have some vag com know how, just to let me know if the swap is possible.,id130.html
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    Latest Dyno #'s BRM TDI, PD 140 Turbo

    Hey guy's I was just at Waterfest, just wanted to share my latest Dyno #'s
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    PD150 Injectors in a BRM (issues) idle.

    I purchased a set of used injectors from Ryan P (Darkside Development)..on my 2006 Jetta TDI car has been tuned for them. I've soaked them in diesel purge for a day when I first received them before getting them installed. Recently I re-did the injector lash and set them to 225...
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    BKD Head on BRM Bottom End.

    Just trying to educate myself, just curious what would be required to get this going? Pistons etc?
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    Anyone install a GTB2260vk on a BRM?

    Curious how this setup is for daily driving, how is the lag?