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    Losing oil, no visible leaks

    147k on the clock. Just before my past two oil changes my Check Oil warning popped up. I made a note to the dealer to check for leaks, which they found none. It's only been a few thousand miles since my last oil change but just yesterday my oil light came on again. On a cold engine my levels are...
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    Did I buy the correct battery?

    My stock battery finally died after 6 years and 145k miles. I picked up this Duralast Gold at Autozone, which says it's compatible with the 2015. I noticed that it's longer than the stock battery though, and of course the battery cover won't fit around the new battery. Before I install it, can...
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    Air bubbles from fuel filter housing

    I just changed my fuel filter, and when I reassembled the top plate and tightened the screws I noticed a few air bubbles popping out of from a spot on the side of the housing. I thought it was just some air being worked out of the seal from the reassembly, but when I double checked my tightness...
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    License plate bulbs

    I'm trying to figure out which bulbs to use for my license plate, but I can't find anything from Walmart or Autozone that matches the markings on the stock bulb. Can anyone recommend a compatible bulb for me that doesn't involve the parts department at the dealer? For the record, the stock...
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    WTB: 2015 MK7 17" Wheel CHI/MILWAUKEE

    I'm looking for a factory wheel replacement for a 2015 MK7 17" in Milwaukee or Chicago, or anywhere in between. Tire on or off, no matter. Let me know what you have!
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    17" wheel replacement

    According to my local shop I have a bent wheel causing a lot of vibration. Instead of them sending the wheel off to possibly have it straightened, I would rather just try to find a direct replacement. Are there any good resources out there for factory refurbs? What should I be looking to spend?
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    Confused about timing belt interval

    I'm just over 114k and I'm starting to consider my timing belt job, which I'll probably do closer to 120k. I've always heard that the timing belt interval on the 2015 Golf was 120k, but I just spoke to a service advisor at the dealer to get a job estimate and she told me I need to consult my...
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    Crazy Brake Life on the MK7

    I heard that the MK7 brakes have a long life, but it didn't really register with me until today. I picked up my car after having a tire balancing and alignment to correct some vibration, and I asked the service advisor if they checked my brakes. He gave me the measurement (which I forgot) and...
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    Ice on the clutch or something worse?

    I stopped at the touchless car wash a little bit ago, and when I was pulling out I noticed a prominent clunk or interference in the clutch when depressing. I could hear it and feel it in the pedal, but the car still shifted just fine. It stayed for another 10-15 presses then disappeared. My...
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    Anybody miss the deadline for Phase 2?

    For a completely unrelated reason I just jumped on the forum only to discover that the Phase 2 deadline is December 30th when I thought it was June 2019. Worse still, I learned about the 30 day notice to schedule, so obviously their website won't let me make an appointment. I'm a bit freaked...
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    Tax info for restitution money?

    Apologies in advance if this is not the correct category for this thread. It just dawned on me today that I never received any sort of tax information from VW for my restitution check. Did any of you? Does anybody have any info on if those checks are considered taxable income?
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    Need new tires ASAP

    I was really hoping to push my tires until at least the end of the summer when "buy 3 get one for 1 penny" sales start, but I have a weak tire that started to split on the side today, resulting in my first spare tire change! So, I need a new set ASAP. I had a set of General Altimax all...
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    Instrument cluster replacement

    I was cleaning my car today and when I got to my dirty instrument cluster I used paper towel and all-purpose cleaner. When I finished I noticed that I scratched up my instrument cluster. It's not that bad but definitely noticeable, especially on the RPM side. Long term it might not be a big deal...
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    Phase 1 Fix Repair Time

    I just scheduled my Phase 1 appointment for next week Monday. The VW documentation says the repair will take an hour, and a service tech told me awhile back that it takes upwards of three hours because of additional paperwork and what not. I remembered reading that the dealer will provide a...
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    Gen 3 fix extended warranty

    So I was just going through the official document for the fix, and the extended warranty raises some questions for me. Obviously, the greater of the two for all of us at the moment is 11 years/162k miles. Where does the 5 years/60k come into play, and what's the difference between "original...
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    MK7 Timing Belt Interval

    I started doing some research on the MK7 timing belt interval and came up with this thread, wherein some suggest the interval is 100-200k and others say it'll last a lifetime. I highly doubt the latter is true, but what is the real life of the belt? I'm at 43k at the moment and planning ahead...
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    WTB Trunk separator/hanging lace/sling MK7 Golf

    I'm looking to buy a trunk sling for a MK7 Golf. Trunk separator, hanging lace, sling, whatever it's called. This is the specific part I'm looking for... PM me if you've got one!
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    Trunk Separator Sling/Hanging Lace

    So, I had to pick up a bicycle yesterday. It fit nicely in the trunk once I took the front wheel off, but I had to lay the hatch cover on top of it for the ride home. When I was putting it back on I noticed that one of the slings had been severed in half! Searching around online I'm not finding...
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    Need to vent/get some advice

    So yesterday the dealer replaced my water pump for free under my powertrain warranty. I've posted numerous times about a slow coolant leak I'd been having for the last 20k~ miles. One dealership had the car three times and couldn't find it, then the car went out of warranty. I hit a curb pretty...
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    More coolant leak woes

    So, I've posted before about how my car has a mysterious coolant leak which has been checked out multiple times but left undiagnosed. Well, for an unrelated reason I had the front passenger tire off the car. Low and behold, in the area underneath the serpentine belt there's a ton of dried up...