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    What did it cost you to drive your TDI.

    Some are happy with their buyback numbers, some are not, some are not happy there is a mileage penalty. I would like to compare net cost to others. Taking out the variables, fuel, maintainance and interest, I paid (approx) $27,000 for my 2010 JSW, buyback is $13,000, I drove 145,000 miles, so...
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    15's sitting on dealers lots; 1 year lease?

    I was at the dealer today and I heard this. He didn't have all of the details but elluded to the cars that can't be sold might be offered as a 12 month lease. I thought was interesting but not really as a replacement car for anyone here, why would, we basically have a 24 month free lease on our...
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    NY Times: Researchers Who Exposed VW Gain Little Reward From Success

    This is a shame that WVU is getting little or nothing for their efforts.
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    Buyback $12,500-44,000

    Would this mean the $12,500 is a basement number like the $5,100?
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    What is there is not a fix?

    It has been said for a while that gen1 cars might not be able to be fixed. What if we take the Mod Money and the cars cannot be fixed? If they are to be fixed, what will the costs be in mileage and performance? Many are not happy with the 09-10 numbers with a buyback (a drop of $3,500 from 2011...
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    '10 JSW Battery issues and warning lights

    Just replaced the battery in the 2010. Turned it back on and got the Airbag light and Stability control lights still on and ESP Error in the Info window when I turn the car off. I did use a VW battery. Thoughts? Is there a procedure I need to do like turn the radio it 93.7 and flash the high...
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    I think I solved the Diesel-Gate Scandal but have holes in it...

    Whats more important here? That these cars are not going to pollute any more or the EPA gets $18B of fines put into the US treasury’s account? Volkswagen needs to get punished, that is understood, and most people agree upon that. Lets say the fine for each vehicle is that $37,500. To replace...
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    If there is a Buyback..What would it take for you get out of your TDI?

    Yeah I know, we don't know what will happen for a bit yet but this IS the internet so why not have fun speculating in the meantime. How much would it take for you to get out of your TDI into a new 2016? You will only have the option of a Volkswagen but would not have to get another TDI, you...
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    Bad Sunroof Screen V42145.4-Tinting?

    Yes, another one here. An epidemic, yeah. Replacement price is ridiculous at dealer, at least 8 hours labor plus plus plus. I stopped by a tinting place and as I walked up to the guy he said "Sunroof screen bad?" Yep. Him: "I have done three in the past couple of months, $60.00 and do a 5%" So...
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    A/C not working...Coincidence?

    I just had my timing belt replaced and now my AC is not working. I didn't notice but doesn't the compressor run off of the belts that are in front of the timing belt and were taken off during the TB change?
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    Timing Belt and water pump cost

    I did a search and couldn't find it (I am sure someone will post like 5 links) but what is a fair price to get this done? I got a quote of $1,100 from dealer less a $100 coupon. There are a few independents here in Reno, I will make calls today but all things being equal, I would just be happy...
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    Whats my 2010 worth?

    Thinking about trading it on a 15 OB. 6 Speed manual, pano roof,trailer hitch, new 17" tires, 3-4 dings, serviced up but TB not done. 109K. Silver/black leatherette. What should I expect for trade in w/in $1k?
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    Rear suspension issues?

    Has anyone heard of rear springs snapping on wagons? My '10 with 100K is riding a bit low and someone mentioned that his broke at the base.
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    Just rented a JSW 2.5

    This rental had about 10K miles on it what impressed me was that my 10 JSW with 90K feels just as tight! MPG is about 26.5 vs. my 40ish on the TDI. Impressed by VW's engineering. That is all. :D
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    FS: 17" Porto wheels

    No curb rash. Picked up some wheels from another member. Tires will need to be replaced soon. TPMS included. $450 but will take offers.
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    iPod IOS 5 & MDI

    Has anyone had any issue with this?
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    Dealers in So. FLA?

    I have a buddy who is looking for a TDI SW in So Fla, any suggestions for dealers and who to deal with? He wants a stick too.
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    6 mo check in....

    I've had my JSW TDI now for 6 months In that time I put about 12,600 miles on which included a drive cross county (one way). I really like the car, size is perfect and the road mannerisms are just what I expected out of a VW. I renewed my Sirius for $20.00 for 6 months and will see where it goes...
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    Multiple phones with Bluetooth

    never mind. I found answer (in an old thread of mine).
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    Bluetooth pair with multiple phones

    Does the Bluetooth have the capacity to pair with more than one phone?