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    Information on Vegie oil/used grease

    The vegetable oil has a lower cetane than what your TDI is tuned for. The grease having been altered by temperature, frys, etc would be worst. Further the concoction cannot be considered to be "refined". Converting and refining the concoction into biodiesel would be the intelligent thing to...
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    rotate engine by hand?

    As diy points out you just need more torque. The transmission "multiplies" the engines torque; so it "divides" the torque you can apply by hand >10x (1st gear). Think about the principle of push starting.
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    Crossplane Crank in a TDI ???

    Again, balance shafts will not help. If you cut up and reweld a crankshaft to change firing order in pursuit of whatever you probably have created a huge misbalance. That misbalance will cause destructive vibrations. Historically balance shafts are designed to create a counter vibration to...
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    Crossplane Crank in a TDI ???

    Not only a small mind but a very small closed mind.
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    Crossplane Crank in a TDI ???

    We are talking about building an UN balanced machine. Sure there is a lot of balancing we can do on our computers before even firing it up but we are talking about achieving a satisfactory balance, a small enough misbalance if you will; who knows how many prototypes we need to go through before...
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    Crossplane Crank in a TDI ???

    Mathematically the primary balance cannot be restored but can be "adjusted for" using massively large counterweights on the crank throws (don't know if the TDI crankcase will accomodate?) but the secondary harmonic will be larger. I know its been done on v8s but memory escapes me (been too long...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I would never believe that stupid cops can learn but I guess these Keystone Kops have. Now they just wave the ChemEs through if they know them. They don't even want to look at the equipment or the manifest. I guess they figured out what aviation safety means.
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    mixed used oil into fuel

    Were you asleep in high school chemistry? While polycyclic aromatics, multi-branched alkanes, lower alkene oligomers, etc. have good lubricating properties they are also low cetane. That is why fuel is made from a naphthenic feedstock or from saturated fatty acids like stearic acid; n-alkanes...
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    CA emissions test /smog Inspection

    I work at the Petaluma DMV and we're on the lookout for you. No, I don't but are you going to make the case that no one at the DMV reads our posts? If you were counting on luck I think you've just made yourself one iota less lucky. I had thought we discussed this many times. TDIclub is an open...
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    Tire pressure versus speedometer accuracy

    Centrifugal force on the tire tread is like 50 gs for speeds around town; > 2x at ~45 mph; to ~200 - 300 gs at freeway speeds (notice how fast the g forces grow). Before steel belted tires people just didn't survive driving too fast but even with steel belted tires the size still increases but...
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    Cheap diesel!

    At the very end of all the processes at a refinery its the ChemE doc that certifies that the fuel meets ASTM. Generally he is at the tank farm, again, at the very tail end of the refinery. This is because that is the quantity of material he is working with, ~10^6 gallons; that is the size of the...
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    diesel fuel availability

    All that information and more is already available on the fuel ASTM cert certified by the ChemE doc at the tank farm just before the tank truck left the refinery. However, once the fuel has left Shell's (Chevron, BP, whoever, etc) hands even for a retail outlet with a Shell icon, Shell (Chevron...
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    Cheap diesel!

    The greatest determinating factor as to the quality of fuel is the characteristics of the originating crude; is the starting material from Venezuela, North Sea, Nigeria, etc? This determines to a great extent the processes the crude would go through at the refinery. There are many more factors...
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    Anybody with a 2.5" DP and Magnaflow cat will not pass SMOG

    Are you suggesting that those of us with A4 chassis OEM exhaust take a look to see if our OEM catalytic converter is labled in accordance with CARB regulations? That even though we have the OEM exhaust but not labled in accordance with the CARB regulations we are in jeopardy of failing smog...
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    Honest opinion about VW

    There was the relay 109 problem in the A3 Jettas. The car would die for no reason and you're stuck out in the middle of nowhere. You tow it to a shop and in a few days the shop would return it and not know what was wrong with it but charged you for the time they spent on it. It seems that VAG...
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    Prius and TDI

    It was called global warming and when their case started falling apart they tried to waffle around it by calling it climate change. Now the new buzzword is climate gate. Do not take my word on it. Continue to allow K street, Madison Ave, etc or any dumb smuck off the street to make a monkey...
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    Fuel tank size?????

    Do you think maybe that it is a gasoline tank used for diesel? Maybe it is not the filler neck so much as the provisions for evaporative emission controls?
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    "We conclude that the notion that electric cars will reduce emissions is a fiction."

    France fuel is recycled so the amount of waste is much smaller than ours. The US chose to not recycle and politically define reclaimable fuel as "waste." Our current practice really shows how safe the waste is. The waste sits in "swimming" pools for a while but then it decays and pretty soon...
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    Finding Good Fuel

    "the differences between the conventional low grade diesel fuel and the clean, or "premium," diesel fuels are that clean premium diesel fuel contains less sulfur, less polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAC), and an increase in cetane." When you refine high alkane content feedstock instead of PAC...
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    Finding Good Fuel

    It seems to me that TNRCC has had a more favorable effect on commerce than CARB. The air in/around DFW seems no better, no worse than LA.