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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    Can you guys give me a quick second opinion? My 2015 Jetta just threw a serpentine belt right at 100 K. The only shop in town who can get to it right away gets $150/hr for labor. One hour labor for diagnosis. Another hour for serpentine belt and tensioner replacement. Out the door for the...
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    2015 CVCA leaking part at top rear of engine

    its must be leaking its leaving what looks like a precipitate cake thats growing what does this do?
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    how does CVCA compare to EA288?

    longtime driver of ALH and BEW, but have grown to love the EA288 in our 2015 jetta S. was looking to buy another one assuming the long warranty on emissions/turbo/IP are still in effect what about the CVCA-powered passats? were they also recalled and offer similar warranty? i beleive the...
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    ALH fuel drainback

    suddenly, if i leave my car parked for more than an hour i need to crank like the devil to get fuel to the pump no obvious leaks.... all clamps look tight. where to look? swap return tee with new o-rings?
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    why does my MKVI manual trans feel so much less responsive?

    relative to my MKIV 5-speed. when i downshift the 5 speed i feel more positive resistance, i literally hardly ever use the brakes my 2015 6-speed doesnt have the same response in 4th (and 3rd is just way too low) whats the difference? compression ratio of engine? vehicle weight?
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    how does computer measure fuel consumption?

    obviously its somewhat directly relatd to fuel being metered to the injection unit since it tells me 100 mpg coasting downhill and 20 mpg under hard acceleration but i cant help but notice it gives me higher mpg when tank is full tank full i can average 55-60 mpg on flat highway with cruise...
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    parting out 05 bew wagon

    rear end damage. im pulling drivetrain, manual shift assembly, cluster, ecu, glovebox and console arm rest is up for grabs white exterior, tan interior
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    need advice on swapping powertrain into a gasser

    donor car: my beloved-but-recently rear ended 2005 BEW 5-speed wagon, 150k well-cared-for miles transplant car: 2002 gasser wagon i have all the parts from the donor car including computer, shift linkage, clutch pedals, etc. entire car is fine in front with running engine Questions: 1. rough...
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    whats my best bet on ALH turbo replacement

    what you got for affordable new/used units. is Frans the best deal stock OEM is fine unless there is an option that is better but maintains economy
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    i think i smoked my ECU (02 alh) -replacement?

    was sitting in my car and the cabin filled with burning electrical smell.. and my AC hasnt worked since. my mechanic has traced it from the compressor clutch back to the ecu and says he cant get past there. thinking it burned up and thats what i smelled (it live in the cowl with the intake air...
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    hybrid oil pans (AL+steel)

    worth it? we just poked a hole in one of ours so im thinking yes
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    alignment: camber adjustment

    went to get my 99 sedan aligned and theyre telling me that they did everything but front camber because you need to go to the dealer to have that done. What gives? my cars are afraid of the dealer...
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    diagnosing fuel flow issues

    nevermind fixed this 99 ALH issue by drilling out the check valve in the 'C' fuel sender
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    whats the difference with these fuel filters?

    for 99-04 tdis...
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    feels like my ALH turbo is dunzo

    noisy shrieking above 1800 rpm lack of power i see all kinds of options on ebay from rebuild kits to $169 garretts to $900 OEMs whats the best deal? how many hours should i set aside? most time ive spent underneath the hood so far has been replacing my egr cooler and that was the better part...
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    what do you consider "WOT"?

    "Wide Open Throttle" for those unfamiliar with the term its been suggested that TDIs should be run at "WOT" to keep the intercooler clean of oil accumulation and prob some other benefits so what would this entail? highway cruising in 4th gear to keep the RPMs over 3K for an extended period?
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    shroud for (EGR?) cooler inside passenger side bumper cover

    shroud for intercooler inside passenger side bumper cover my bad, ignore subject, not the egr cooler like on the head this is the condensor down in the passenger side of the bumper cover this is the missing piece i need to put the car back together. directs air to the intercooler is there a...
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    ISO: mk4 factory 5-spoke rims in norcal

    please and thank you
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    i poked a hole in rear wheel center cap

    flat tire>wheel stuck> used puller puller had the typical centerpoint style middle part and dented and poked a hole in the thin metal dust cap/grease seal in the center. what do? ignore it? jb weld it?
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    air leak in fuel system

    car is hard to start just changed filter and o-rings just adjusted ip timing to slightly advanced makes a gurgling sound at the filter when i shut engine off. best way to troubleshoot where this air is getting in?