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    Swaybar Question

    The sway bar in my Beetle is showing some damage, so I'm looking to hit a salvage yard to grab one in good shape. I'm just wondering if this is Beetle specific or if I can pull one off a Golf or Jetta. Also, do the gassers use the same sway bar as the diesels do?
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    Lost and Found

    Well, after 8 years of owning my car, I found something that I thought had been lost by a previous owner. Namely the valet key for my car. It turns out a previous owner had installed a remote starter setup in my car. I never got any remotes for the starter when I got my car, so I never used...
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    FS A Couple Items

    Just need to sell a couple parts that I don't need. The first one is a shift knob and boot for the A4 Jetta/Golf. I purchased this by mistake from AARodrigues (sp?) thinking it was for a Beetle. It is tan in color with a chrome trim ring. It has never been installed. I'm only asking what...
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    Porsche Diesel

    I was down in the Chicago metro area, today, and when I parked my car, I happened to see a Porsche Cayenne diesel. I didn't even know it came in that flavor, so I thought it was pretty interesting. Link to Porsche website featuring this vehicle...
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    Automotive ***
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    Interesting Battery Research
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    Scenic Roads

    Some of these I can do at some point.
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    VW Celebrates World Cup Win
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    Used 01M

    I'm having a manual swap done on my car in the near future and I was wondering if there were any transmission rebuilders that might want the old transmission for rebuilding. I called a few local transmission shops and none were interested in buying. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just call the...
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    WTB: 5-Speed Swap Parts

    Well, it's that time. The 01M is finally giving out. I'm looking for everything that's needed to swap in a 5-speed. If it's close, a donor car would be good, but I'll take what I can get. A complete kit would be preferred. Let me know what you have and how much you're asking.
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    Garage space for rent

    I'm going to try this again. Last winter, I had offered my garage space for rent for people that don't have a garage to change their oil and do some minor maintenance without being out in the elements. I think a big reason I didn't get any response last year was because I didn't have heat in...
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    Goodbye to the Hippie Bus
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    New "fuel" source

    This would turn the auto industry on it's ear if it could be made viable.
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    Police Cars From Around the World
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    Not a TDI sighting, but interesting, anyhow

    This morning, coming back with the wife from her doctor's appointment, I was passed by a newer model Ford Ranger. Not just any Ford Ranger, mind you. Before the truck got to where I could see it on the side of me, I heard a familiar sound. It was a turbo spooling up. I look over, and see...
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    WTB: Fog Lights for 2002 Beetle

    I took a rock in one of them and it broke the lens on it. I'd prefer a complete set, but I'll take a driver's side one if that's the only one available. Let me know what you've got and what you're asking for it.
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    Vehicles of the Presidents
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    Another reason to learn how to do some of your own work.
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    Stars and Their Everyday Cars
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    When two cars have offspring

    I don't know. Does this kind of look wrong to you?