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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I always try to out my information from the MFD in the comments on Fuelly. There is definitely a correlation in average speed and the MPG for the tank. I usually try to take the least congested route but sometimes still get caught. I’ve also noticed a difference when it is hot and I’m running...
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    Highest Mileage EA288's?

    I left the garage with 85,000 on the odometer this morning. Bought in Nov. 2014 so averaging around 20,000 a year. I'm sure there are a lot higher out there, I'd have more but can't fit three carseats in the back so we use the wife's most of the time.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I just updated over a years worth of data into Fuelly. I'm coming up on four years since I bought the car new and just unber 75k miles. My mileage has dropped some due to a different commute and we just relocated to NC this summer so its going to take a few more months to get an average for my...
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    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    I received my notice yesterday and went to the dealer today after work to activate it. They said I was around the 5th person to activate it today. This was at the VW of Mobile dealership.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I've logged the MFI mpg figure for each fillup on Fuelly. I have never had one close to the actual calculated mileage since I've owned the car. In fact, it appears to be getting worse the last few tanks. I have also taken a picture of the "refuel" page of the MFI each fillup so I could go...
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    2015 CR 150 tune available

    I like that the blatant flat spot in the torque curve between 2-3k rpm is gone. Does there seem to be any surge feeling at 2k because it looks like there is a significant spike at that rpm?
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    Malone tune for EA288 engine coming soon!

    I agree, it will be interesting to see. If it is possible to elimate the DEF then I would assume the tank could be retrofitted as a secondary diesel tank. :D
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    Fast idle immediately after start

    A couple of us mentioned noticing the same thing in another thread. Seems to be related with the AC usage. I never noticed it until warmer weather.
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    Air Conditioning Issues?

    I've noticed that as well. It usually occurs the first few minutes after startup when I have the AC on a higher setting.
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    MPG Records

    Awesome tank!! I've had a few trips where the MFD showed 60+ mpg. I've never been able to keep it up for the entire tank, trips around town always mess up a tank. I'm having my best tank now, I've driven 300 miles and my MTE is at 420. I'm not expecting to maintain it for a 700 mile tank but...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I never really pay attention to my "extended period" display but I do take a picture of every tank when I refuel. My last few tanks my speed has been 44, 46, 43, 47, 50, 46, 46 mph..... One thing I have noticed is the displayed mpg is always 4-5mpg higher than the calculated so I don't go off...
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    VCDS Tweaks

    Is it possible to change so the radio/accessories will stay on after the car is turned off and the key is removed? I have had many phone calls interrupted because of the Bluetooth being disconnected.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I filled my truck up yesterday at the same station. This is the closes spread for RUG and Diesel I've seen in a long time.
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    Tdi golf tdi
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    Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant SportWagen

    I really wish we were able to get the wheels as an option.
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    Quick tint question

    Correct, when I had mine tinted I was told they were not able to tint them.
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    Hidden Hitch for Golf install

    I know it might be in the other thread but can you say where you got it from and what part number you ended up ordering? That would help for people searching in the future. It looks good though. I will be ordering one soon hopefully now that I know one is avaliable.
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    I took this when I pulled into the station this afternoon. Calculated mileage according fuelly was 51.8. Typical commute is 86 miles a day of mostly interstate and 4-lane highway.
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    TDI upgrades: ECU flash/Tuning Boxes, etc.

    I'm not sure where Malone is located but the closest dealer is about three hours from me. I don't want to drive if I don't have too. I do enough just for work.
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    TDI upgrades: ECU flash/Tuning Boxes, etc.

    Please let us know what you find. I'm patiently waiting for aftermarket tuners to release their versions.