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    98 AHU manual, VSS, what did i break?

    Replaced clutch over the weekend, car drives great, broke some things - Pulled vehicle speed sensor off the transmission by accident, breaking it in several pieces. I can read a partial part number, 191 919 1xx - the rest is gone. Can anyone come up with the remainder of this part number? I...
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    98 Jetta, 220k miles, CEL

    Just bought it monday and loving it. 3 faults read via vagcom - 01194 - Relay for High-Output Coolant Preheat (J360) 28-10 - Short to Plus - Intermittent 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 35-10 - - - Intermittent 00560 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation System...
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    04 gls golf 5spd getting chipped and boost guage

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    04 gls golf 5spd getting chipped and boost guage

    This weekend.. Im going to do Rocketchip stage 2 most likely. Before I visit rocketchip, im going to install a boost guage, most likely the kit from Has anyone installed a guage in a PD yet? Do I have to tap the intake manifold? Is there a easily...
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    5k service this morning

    Taking my 04 golf pd to the dealership this morning. Schedualed them to perform the 5k service and the ecu flash. Of course they had no idea what I was talking about with the ECU flash. Im hoping to go in their armed with official info handed down from VW about what needs to be done with the...
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    2 free gallons of Delvac 1

    Hey all - To anyone in Eastern PA, (or anyone who feels like driving to Pennsburg) I have some Delvac 1 left over my from previous TDI. The bottles are unopened. Id use it but from what I gather it wont work in my PD. Anyway, first person to contact me gets em.
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    FS: N75 valve, brand new in box

    I snapped a peice off of mine, ordered the new one, and then was able to fix the old one, so Its no longer needed... And I no longer have the car Anyway, its brand new, still in box, never used. It was going to go on a 98 Jetta tdi. I dont know if it will work on other years / models. Make...
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    w00t! New car!

    Last couple of months ive been having the same dream. Something major blows up on my 98 jetta tdi, and I decide not to fix it, but to get a new car. Well, Nothing blew up, but the car had 170,253 miles on it, and was past due for brakes and a timing belt. I decided it was time for a new one...
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    Building a WVO / SVO kit for a3 jetta

    Overwhelming boredom has struck again, so Ive decided to tinker with the car.... After seeing the kit available at and some other one, I know it is possible to do this. I am definately not an expert, nor do I have loads of money to do this. My first step will be to purchase...
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    Had timing belt changed, worried about engine exploding

    I recently had the timing belt changed on my 98 Jetta. I also replaced the water pump and had the intake manifold cleaned.(yes, Im the schmo that stripped the bolts and couldnt get the manifold off) The mechanic showed me all the gunk he pulled out it, id say there was atleast a cup and a half...
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    wtb : Boost Gauge for 98 Jetta TDI

    Looking for complete kit with instructions. Something with green backlight prefered.
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    Electrical System / Battery Woes

    A few weeks ago I posted about odd turn signal activity. It would flash on its own, most of the time I would not even hear the relay clicking. Most believed there is a short somewhere in the wiring. I was unable to find anything, but did learn that the front left turnsignal was filled with...
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    Flashing turn signal oddity

    Late last night I was cruising down the turnpike doing 80-90mph average. Every now and then I would notice a dull flash coming from my instument cluster. Driving at that speed, watching the road, and staring at cluster wasnt easy, but I managed. I finally discovered that the left turn...
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    FS: Weapon R Coilovers, Stock springs/struts

    Weapon R Coilovers, Ride height adjustable, used(about 50 miles) They supposedly fit any a2 or a3 vw I had them on my 98 Jetta TDI, Im selling them because they lowered it a bit more than I wanted. Also - Stock struts and springs from 98 Jetta TDI, Used (110k miles) I figure they would be...
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    Ack! Help! Suspension advice needed!

    This weekend a friend convinced me to lower my car by putting Weapon-R coilovers on it. After many trial and error periods, we got them all installed. Once we put the car back on the ground, I cried. The rear tires are about 3/4" inside the wheel well. The fronts are about 1/2" below. Well...
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    Exhaust leak before EGR - bad?

    Ive been hearing a loud hissing sound for a couple days now, I originally thought it was an air hose / part of the intake system. Turns out is is a metal pipe with a couple bends in it that connects to the exhaust cooler. /-[exhaust cooler]--[EGR] | ^ Thats where the leak is... Now then...
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    98 Jetta TDI CD controller -- MP3?

    After taking all the old computers out of my trunk, I had the idea of building a mp3 server. What I am curious about is... can I somehow use the cd changer wires to get the signal to head unit?? Is it a digital signal from the changer or analog? If its analog I would imagine that there is a L+...
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    speedtuningusa or upsolute?

    ok, Ive got a 98 Jetta TDI, ive chopped both the mufflers and am running 2.5" pipe from the cat. I have removed the prescreen and dropped in a K&N filtercharger. Oh yeah, its got 105k miles on it. I talked to a guy from today. He is trying to sell me a 'power chip' and 'power...
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    Just bought my first VW, need some help

    And I love it.. 98 Jetta TDI, Red Its lacking a sunroof, as well as power windows, but its still a great car. Now then, it had 100,205 miles on it when I purchased it last week. I payed 10,990 US for it.. Did I get ripped off? Something else that is confusing me - I notice that the oil temp...