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  1. J

    15 golf TDi struts question

    What do i have in the back? if i have the soild beam not IDS. Im looking to buy my own struts but not sure what i need for the back. Also shop said i might need some leveling ones... no idea what he was talking about but the price did jump up alot for them so i was confused.
  2. J

    Replacement fuel filter question.

    My replacement fuel filter didn't come with the blue ring on it like the OEM one. Did I need to take that off and put it on the new filter? I didn't install it cuz it looked like the new one had a black lip on top doing the same thing.
  3. J

    Water in tail light lots!

    So after a few major rain storm here in Cali I've notice my passenger tail light has a lot of water in it. I took out the tail light and about a cup of water came out when I tipped it. Is this from the first seal on the car side black rubber? The one you have to remove to get the brown wire off...
  4. J

    How to remove panel above rear window.

    How can i open that area up? I need to check where my leak is coming from. Whenever i run the rear washer for 5 sec i get alot of water dripping down in my cab.
  5. J

    Wobbles at 35 to 40 after phase 2

    So i got my car back last week and notice a little wobble at 35-40 mph at 1200rpms did they miss install something? I can always get it to happen at 35 but not at lower gears (dsg) anyone else get a wobble after phase2?
  6. J

    cab roof metrial?

    Um what is it made of? Looking the right stuff to clean makeup and i think oil off my visor area.
  7. J

    FS - US - 90631 mk7 OEM roof rack 320

    Selling my OEM roof rack. Only missing some kinda installation card for window. Unless i missed it in the box which i have still didn't need to to install. Drove it around town and didn't like it. Low mileage. Msg me
  8. J

    Error msg popping up

    Im getting random 2 second errors when driven around town and on long trips.. The errors or so short that by the time i hear the ding and look down its gone. So one day i decide to strap on a chest cam and do some runs around town. The error message is this "error: Service vehicle. Only leave...
  9. J

    Oil Leaking form key ignition

    Oil Leaking from key ignition I started noticing a small amount of some type of oil or liquid leaking out of the key ignition. the last few weeks. its been 90f and above here. What can this be from? It it just lube oil for the key and pins?
  10. J

    Water leaking rear hatch.

    How can i remove the plastic part tp check and see if my line has came loose? I get a lot of drips inside my cab. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
  11. J

    Can i put this on my TDi

    Here at the dealership and i want this on my tdi. Can it just be added on or is it the whole door that needs to be replaced. I like the tail light and the wings Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
  12. J

    Headlight buld replace S models

    I really dont like the two different colors. Can i get different bulbs. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  13. J

    Airbags possibility?

    Long shot, but can airbag be install on the TB? Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  14. J

    Window problem

    My driver side window doesnt like to go up/down on it own. When i hold the switch and let go it will stop. I can make all the other windows go up and down. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  15. J

    Trade in my S for SW SE

    What do you guys think. Im liking this SE model. Might get it for a little more a month on a lease. It has a tow rating for the automatic. Also do you think im going to see a hit in MPG. its about 300 more lbs then the golf s
  16. J

    Radio stuck. Kind of.

    It stayed like this tell i turned of the car. Wasn't able to change channels... :confused:
  17. J

    Black door pillar

    Any replacement for that black trim? Im really not liking it cuz everyone uses it to shut the door ?. I wish it came in flat black plastic mines all scratched up some how.
  18. J

    fully loaded trunk.

    Can someone show me some pictures of our trucks full/ packed. I have a 4 person trip coming up and felt like i might not have enought room... prove me wrong. I dont have four small suitcases or bags to test.
  19. J

    Rubbing sound when turning right.

    Finally I let someone borrow my car and they confirmed a slight rubble/rubbing sound when turning right.. they said it only happened when they just started to turn. Ive noticed it on hard right turn up hills or down in aprons. Sidewalk ramp things. What should i have them check?
  20. J

    Rear washer leaking inside

    First off. Where are all the older post going? Alot are missing. Turned my car on this morning and ran the rear windows wipers along with the sprayer. And noticed a steady stream of water coming out from my trim.... pic up soon