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    Should I buy a certified vw 2015 tdi golf s warranty for 15 k

    I'd buy it for that price. Not sure on the conversion rate today between USD and CAD but my new 2015 cost me only 20,000 CAD 1 year ago. We do not have US versions up here though. (none of the s or sel etc. options)
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    Should I buy 2015 tdi certified vw dealership

    I grabbed a "new" stop sale Golf just over a year ago, never owned a diesel before. Got $6500.00 off list during a promotion last June. I've put over 45,000 km on her the first year, fuel for her is 5-10 cents a liter less than regular here. With the amount I drive, the lower cost per liter and...
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    The Laundry List...

    I can help clear up a couple things for you, others will need to take care of the rest.... P.S. How often do you all change DEF fluid? It does not get "changed", mine just gets topped up every oil change. I am pretty sure I've missed the cut off for buyback by a good chunk, but I just want to...
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    Anyone has/had the Phase 2 done in Ontario ?

    Dropped the car off last Tuesday at 8:30 and got the free rental. Was told it could be a couple days! They called at 5pm. the same day sayin' she's done. Car seems as good as far....not waiting for a shoe to drop. haha.
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    Exxon Synergy Diesel Efficient, marketing from Exxon?

    Could simply be I'm old and Cynical but I don't buy it for a minute. I call HYPE. It will increase sales regardless as some will buy into it. My car runs fine without additives so for me it's the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" logic at play. Why would any oil company spend a single dime on...
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    Phase 2 Dealership Experience

    Pfaff in Newmarket was seamless today for the Phase 2 fix on my Golf tdi. Dropped off at 8:30am and was told it could be 2 or 3 days so I got the rental Audi A4 for an extra 10 bucks/day. Do not think I would fit into a Chevy Spark. Also asked for the radio software update as it got annoying...
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    TDI Phase 2

    Not included in the settlement Cannot get a claim number Equals no money for me Mrrogers.
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    TDI Phase 2

    Expect a runaround if you have a stop sale vehicle. The dealer told me to call booking to set-up an appointment because I needed a claim number. Because I do not have a claim number "booking" advised me to register on the portal. I ended up talking to someone at ricepoint at some point, where I...
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    Anyone has/had the Phase 2 done in Ontario ?

    Got notification in the mail today letting me know Phase 2 is now available. Bought the car new the end of June last year. I'll probably set up an appointment next week. It goes in for it's 45k service in the morning.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Fédération canadienne des contribuables 24 April at 17:43 · THIS is the record-breaking cost of gasoline in Vancouver today. No automatic alt text available.
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    A MK 7 observation - weight on empty passenger seat They are in most auto type stores. Probably Wallyworld too.
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    Drastic drop in MPG

    I'm making a new years resolution to stop watching the fuel consumption cpu. I'll avoid braking, be light on the pedal, not tailgate, coast as much as possible and simply know I'm getting the best fuel mileage of my life without even looking. When the tank gets below half look for the cheapest...
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    Sun visor on 2015 golf sel Tdi

    Probably not much help, but I have a visor buddy strapped onto mine. It holds credit cards, cd's and assorted crap. I don't keep much in it but thinking some extra weight might help keep it put for you or at least offer some extra padding. Mine doesn't swing. (yet!) Maybe my left hand turns are...
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    Drastic drop in MPG

    I logged my first under 40mpg calculated entry last week. Considering the frigid temps, snow and slush covered roads and, at times, screaming winds I'm still quite pleased with my first diesel. Today at the fuel pump the pump really did not want to start pumping, it kept clicking off. It was...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Good to know! Thanks Dieselpwr! Saves unnecessary grief.
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    Regen Cycle

    My revs at idle go up from ~ 750 to 1000 rpm. If the car is turned off before finishing the fan stays on. ymmv.
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    In Ontario the cheapest fuel is on the reserves Diesel is 83.9/Liter, Reg. is 1.029/Liter. Off the reserve however the lowest Diesel (around here) is 1.099/Liter, Reg. is 1.136/Liter. Highest prices around are 1.755/Liter for Diesel and 1.449/Liter for Regular.
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    Neat features you wouldn't have noticed...

    The time had changed to non DST Sunday morning on my '15 Golf Trend TDI. By evening it had reverted back to DST. This morning it was back to where it should be. Hope this is as flaky as the electronics get!
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Pfaff warrantied it for me. Happy Camper. Top notch service. imho.
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Thank-you PlaneCrazy, I'll have a look.