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    Installing a used clockspring

    Anyone have any tips for installing a working used clockspring? I want to make sure it doesn't get overwound one direction or the other. I didn't remove it from the vehicle so not sure if the wheel was centered before removal. Bought this as a verified working part from a recycler online with...
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    Auto trans re-install

    Hey all! I've been a longtime TDICLUB member and still have my 06 BRM but I was working on a new project 2016 TSI on the weekend and know that this forum is a better resource than most! I'm reinstalling the 6 speed auto on a 1.4L TSI and wanted to just double check a couple things. First off...
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    How to: Rear Brake Caliper Replacement

    Hey guys! Made a video on the rear brake caliper replacement for the MK5. This should also be the same brake on the MK6 with 260mm rear rotors.
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    Battery keeps dying with radio install

    I have my 06 MK5 BRM TDI parked right now but have been starting it every couple weeks. It has a 2 year old OEM VW TDI spec battery and it is completely dead within 2 weeks. I have one of those chinese double din touch screen radios installed. For this reason I have heard when upgrading...
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    Anyone have any pictures of a bosal tow bar installed on a mk5 jetta?

    I'm in search of one of the bosal hidden trailer hitches from idparts Does anyone have any pictures of how this looks without the receiver installed? All I could come up with are these pictures but still...
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    MK5 Premium 6-CD Head unit w/satelite radio

    Any interest in my head unit from my 2006 Jetta? Its a 6CD changer with sirius satelite radio. It's still in perfect working condition installed in my car but am debating upgrading should there be any interest in mine. Overall its in decent shape, some small rubber coating flaws you can see...
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    Too Soon?

    Too soon for a VW dieselgate joke? Note the Onterrible plate, I'm in California with the car too :D
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    Too soon for a dieselgate laugh?

    Sorry not sorry? I thought it was funny... Lol
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    Chasing a Licence Plate Bulb Gremlin

    As title states I am chasing a electrical gremlin on my 06 Jetta for the license plate bulbs. Indicator comes on in the dash. Sometimes stays off, sometimes comes on. Replaced bulbs and still same issues. Double checked my harness in the drivers door, no cracks. All window switches, trunk...
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    Best way to clean OEM leather steering wheel

    Just picked up this steering wheel for my 06 jetta. Its from a EOS so my guess is its covered in what looks to be makeup from a girl :p Any suggestions what to use to get this stuff off? It doesn't look worn just caked with crap?
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    Name that part Number!!! - New replacement trunk help

    I got a new replacement trunk covered under the 12-yr anti corrosion warranty. I went to install a new license plate frame and I can't get the damn plate off the car. The bonehead body shop used bolts and nuts to fasten my plate so the nuts are just spinning on the inside. I don't feel like...
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    Peeling/Falling apart steering wheels

    Anyone else have this issue? My 06 steering wheel (rubber) is literally falling apart and I have little dots of rubber on my hands whenever I drive. Has anyone tried one of those DIY steering wheel leather wraps or another solution? About to toss this steering wheel in the garbage and grab a...
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    Does anyone upgrade the BRM intake manifold?

    I have a BRM with a malone stage and the EGR rattled loose and fell off :D. I know next step would be pd150 turbo. I keep seeing PD150 intakes. It seems everyone puts these on a ALH though. Can someone explain if its beneficial for a PD105 BRM or if it even fits?
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    AEM Intake 2006-2014 Jetta MK5 & MK6

    For sale is AEM 21-763C Cold Air Intake for VW 2.0 TDI Engines. It fits 2006-2014 year models. This retails for over $250 plus tax anywhere else! Although the part number only specifies 2009-2014 this kit does fit the 2006 Jetta TDI BRM. I had this installed on my 2006 BRM you just have...
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    Feeler: BRM OEM PD105 Turbo

    Anyone looking to replace their OEM turbo? I am thinking about upgrading to a PD140 turbo. The current turbo has no issues and is still happily running in my car. If there is some interest we can arrange something and I'll purchase the PD140 turbo and remove this one. Can provide videos of...
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    Spare BRM MAF - Going to play around with it

    I have a spare MAF and housing. I've read countless threads of people saying descreening it helps, doesn't help etc etc. I want to play with decreening it and post the unbiased results/findings for anyone interested. I have no hard feelings if it helps or doesn't help but would like to to try...
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    12-Year Anti Corrosion Issues Canada->US

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get VW to fix my car under the 12-year anti corrosion warranty. My car is a 2006 Jetta TDI. I've gone through this process before with another 06 Jetta tdi with rust in the same common areas no issue. The car has the usual fender arch rust on both front...
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    06 Jetta TDI - Cold Temp Idle up - Malone Tune

    Hey just wondering if this is a stock thing or Malone tune function? I never ordered the "dyanmic-idle" however I have noticed that in colder temperatures (50*F) the car will ramp up to exactly 1000rpm. Most posts from dynamic idle say at least 1250?
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    TDI Love

    In all the recent TDI ranting thread with emission scandals and costly repairs I thought I would create a more positive thread for fun! I bought my first TDI 2 years ago. A 2001 Golf TDI with the ALH. I bought the car for $2200 off a guy who's father owned a vw dealership and was religiously...
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    Anyone else's clock slow?

    Not a big deal but slightly annoying, every week my clock loses 1-2minutes and I have to hit the min button once or twice to get it back to where it needs to be. My 01 golf TDI never skipped a beat :D Anyone else have this? I know a bunch of MK5 gassers reported this when I did a google search...