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    MD/VA: 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL 13k miles.

    MD/VA: 2015 VW Golf TDI SEL 13k miles. $25500 Asking: $23,000 Description: Wife and I are selling our 2015 TDI Golf because I am getting stationed overseas. The car is in perfect shape and has 13,000 miles on it as of right now. She had a 60 mile highway commute every day until we had our baby...
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    Switching Ipod cord with USB?

    As a hater of all things Apple including their business philosophy, I would like to re purpose that weird proprietary pin dock to charge one of our android phones. You know that thing called USB that everyone adopted besides Apple. :) Is there anyways to use that port for anything else?
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    10k first service.

    Coming up on our first oil change service at 10k. Are there any additional things I should ask about as far as recalls or software updates? Should we confirm they are using the right kind of oil and filter for the new 2015 tdi. Are they well versed now with the ea288?
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    HAWAII: Moving there and deciding what to do with cars. Need advice

    My wife and I are headed to Hawaii for a 3 year tour and I need some advice on which cars to bring. We have a 2015 TDI golf, 2004 landrover discovery, and a 2011 Subaru WRX/STi. We may only bring one and I have no clue what we would do with the other two. I definitely want to bring the...
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    Baltimore: 06 TDI Jetta All-weather mats and trunk liner

    Wife's car was rear-ended and totaled and now we have all weather mats for an 06 TDI Jetta including the rear trunk liner for sale. Would prefer local but PM offer.
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    Can someone school me on Coolant Temp Snsr?

    So this morning I borrowed my wifes 2015 Golf TDI for my short little morning commute. It is a somewhat hilly 45mph road with a few lights. The main hill peaks in the middle. It was 27F this morning and about 2 or 3 miles down the road the Coolant Temp started to rise normally and reached ~ half...
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    Driver door hard to close and Oil level.

    Well besides a few cosmetic things we are loving the new golf TDI. We did notice the driver door needs to almost be slammed to close. Has anyone else noticed this? I understand the cabin is pretty air tight on this car and you can feel it in the other doors but the driver door is way to hard to...
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    HID Conversion for 2015 Golf

    What sort of wizardry would be required to swap in some GTI HID headlights or the regular golf xenon headlights into our 2015 TDI that does not have them already? For right now I am talking just the OEM ones. I mentioned the GTI ones first because my wife loves the red line, and we might swap...
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    Engine Break in

    I am going to bring this up because this is an all new engine and I would like to make the best of it as does everyone else on here. Would the break in procedures for this engine be the same as the ones here? Is 10,000 still how far we want to...
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    Out of the cocoon! New 2015 Golf owner: White TDI SEL

    So as some might have seen in the MK5 section my wife safely made it out of an accident with an International 4300 and while she is still getting checked out, she is for the most part 100%. We had planned on getting either a forester, civic, or golf and decided on this golf this time around...
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    Deciding between SE and SEL TDI Golf

    So as some might have seen here: We will no longer have our 06 TDI and my wife has been itching for a Golf. VW's site is too iPhone like and I can't get some of the hard facts or see the differences between the trims SE and SEL. So basically...
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    Quite possibly the end of my wife's 06 TDI. Rear ended(with picture)

    Most importantly my wife is ok minus some whip lash. The same fate cannot be shared with her 06 BRM Jetta that we hold near and dear. So my wife was 1000 ft from the exit of i95, and some guy in a big international 4300 hit right into her doing the damage shown below. First we bought the car 20...
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    MD: Baltimore area Hit a deer last night, looking for a good shop

    So last night around 9pm I was going home and a deer came out across the freeway and hit dead center on the front of my 06 TDI at around 55mph. Jacked up the hood, front bumper, driver fender, and pushed in the headlight. No mechanical damage was found yet because it drives fine but I was...
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    Baltimore area: Where can get an Alternator Pulley tool from?

    I just bought the pulley and in hopes to save $30 for the tool I opted out of the tool for my wifes 06 TDI BRM Jetta. Can I take it to a shop for a quick change or does anyone have the tool? I live just south of Baltimore. ~Chris
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    Wife was hit by a pothole! Possible culprits? 06 BRM DSG

    My wife and I were exiting the freeway and she hit a pothole. It hit pretty hard but didnt appear to damage anything at the time, About 5 miles later we get to her parking garage and on a downward slope ~5mph-0, she put on the brakes and it made a weird noise. Sounded similar to brake grinding...
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    Engine dust shield...Which of the two fit? Not sure which one to get. I know I should get a skid plate but I can't afford the metal one right now.
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    Replacement passenger headlight assembly NOT normal

    Has anyone had one of their headlights replaced to find that the socket the bulb sits on is totally different then the factory one? My passenger headlight assembly is a cheap replacement and was SUCH a PITA to replace the bulb on. I guess I am just here venting. How are HID conversions for...
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    Lost wheel lock 06 TDI jetta Anyone in Baltimore MD area have key?

    I bought the car and never thought about the wheel lock. owner before me worked at VW so he got free tire rotations. Need some help removing security lug. Will we replace with normal lugs once removed.
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    Maint. question regarding grease

    Bringing my car to the base hobby shop for an oil change/rotation. I know for my Landrover D2, rebuilding front driveshaft after 75k is mandatory (greasing to follow every oil change). Are they grease fittings or things to grease anywhere on my 06 TDI w/DSG? grease gun is 50c to use so I usually...
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    Preventative maint. vs waiting till there is an issue

    I have an 06 BRM Sedan and have some stuttering when trying to accelerate hard. We have had it a year and It has a new timing belt and pulleys, new DMF and no major issues, also a good cam shaft. The car has 115k miles on it. I just got the Fuel filter in the mail and will replace that before...