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  1. jkowalski

    Front End Clunk

    Sometimes when going over bumps in the road, I get a clunk in the front end. Sounds like both passenger and drivers side. Wondering if anyone else has had this, and what the fix was. Would rather know for sure what to fix before going on a goose hunt. (I suspect it could be hardware, but with...
  2. jkowalski

    Part Number Request

    I need the part number for the drivers side windshield cowl. Broke it a little investigating a rattle (big surprise huh?). Thanks!
  3. jkowalski

    Cylinder Pressure Reading

    I probably missed something, but didn't see a read out for the cylinder pressure sensors in VCDS. Thanks!
  4. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    So, a little background: The last time I drove my TDI was about 5 or 6 days ago, just to move it around the driveway (it had been my DD for a week or two prior to that). The temperature went from decent (highs in the 50's) when I parked it, to highs hovering around freezing/lows in the singles...
  5. jkowalski

    Intercooler "Sludge"

    Ok, I did a search but couldn't find anything with pictures (even though I remember seeing a thread with pictures about a year ago). So, I'm doing my 40K mile service today, and, for good measure, take the intercooler hoses off to take a peek. Driver's side is shiny with slight oil residue...
  6. jkowalski

    Trunk Dashboard Light

    Is there a way to get a dashboard light to come on when the trunk is open? Also, what are you supposed to do if the electric latch for the trunk dies?
  7. jkowalski

    Cupholder "finger"

    Two of my cupholder "fingers" (whatever you care to call the crappy pressure-loaded things), have disappeared. How involved is it to remove the cupholder area/trim to get into the area underneath there? (What are the procedures?) Nothing like going on a road-trip to hear continuous rattles and...
  8. jkowalski

    VW #12 on Fortunes Global 500 Of course, the thing that kind of bothers me is, "As one of its goals, the German company has pledged to become the leading automaker in the world by 2018 while still adhering to strict environmental standards." If VW...
  9. jkowalski

    Clips in truck

    Open up the trunk, and look below the trunk striker (the piece the trunk itself makes contact with to stay closed), there are two plastic clips, and 4 rectangular cutouts. What are these for?
  10. jkowalski

    Drivers window not going up all the way/windnoise

    Hey all, I'm getting wind noise from the drivers side front door area. After searching for issues (driving around with tape around everything, etc), I think I finally found it. My drivers front window is not coming up all the way. There is about a .09 inch gap between the top of the window and...
  11. jkowalski

    Manual Trans Shiftability

    OK, during "cold" starts (sitting overnight, or at work for the day), when I do the first few shifts from 1st to 2nd (and 2nd to 3rd, but it's mainly 1-2) there is some hesitiation/kind of a grinding noise/required more effort. -Sometimes- it will happen after it has warmed up but in that case...
  12. jkowalski

    Hit a dog...

    So, on my way back from Wal-Mart today, I hit a dog doing about 55MPH. ("Extreme" animal lovers, ignore this next sentence) Unfortunately [for me], the animal was not killed, or seriously wounded, and ran away and I was not able to find it, so I have no idea who the dog belonged to (would like...
  13. jkowalski

    Water Separator

    Would it be worth putting in a separate water separator, with a drain on it? Has anyone did this, or thought about it? Where would you mount it?