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  1. YukonLT

    CR with deletes...and heat?

    So I know that everyone with a CR140 that has deleted EGR and DPF speaks of heat loss. I know mine doesn't make ANY heat once it gets to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I have tried the front covers, running a slightly higher RPM, and pulling intake air from the engine bay...all to no avail...
  2. YukonLT

    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Figured I'd start a thread so we can track all the CP3's that are being installed on our CR TDI's now. We can keep a running list of members in this first post, and the thread can be devoted to talk about anything CP3 related. Here are the current members with the CP3 pump installed and...
  3. YukonLT

    CP3 HPFP on my 2010 Golf 2.0L TDI

    So, I have been talking with Andrew (2Micron) about doing this to my car for months...literally. I had originally contacted him about the filter kits, but as our conversations grew longer we moved into the CP3 realm. Well, I finally got the time to devote to doing it, so we got serious about it...
  4. YukonLT

    New Malone kit for 2.0l TDI at SOWO

    So I wasn't there, but I saw it on Malone's Facebook page. Claims it to be a plug & play kit that will get 200-280hp out of the 2.0l TDI :D:D Can't wait to hear more details about it!
  5. YukonLT

    Foxwell Scantool

    Does anyone have experience with this tool...
  6. YukonLT

    EGR cooler bypass on MKVI?

    Has anyone tried to bypass the EGR cooler after doing an EGR delete on an MKVI? I'm wondering if this would help keep the heater core hotter to help with heat in the cabin, or am I way off? Would it get it too hot in summer time? Thoughts?
  7. YukonLT

    Heating system description

    Ok, looking for some help from someone more knowledgeable on this part of the car. Can someone describe the heat system on this engine and how the flows work? Also, if the car has the DPF/EGR delete how is effects it exactly? I'm wondering why the heating system wouldn't work as well even though...
  8. YukonLT

    Alternative to Panzer Plate?

    Not sure how I feel about this as it's connecting to the plastic in front, but I'd say it's definitely better than the stock plastic cover. ECS Tuning Aluminum Skidplate
  9. YukonLT

    Turn off TPMS with Vagcom

    Can someone give me simple, specific directions on where to do this with Vagcom? I have searched a bunch of threads and I keep coming up with little bits of information, but not the whole. I have my winter wheels and tires on, which have no sensors, and I'm tired of staring at the light already...
  10. YukonLT

    P026A code this morning

    My car threw a CEL this morning, but absolutely no difference in drive-ability. It was about 27 degrees F out, and I have the winter covers from IDParts installed. My car is also Stage II with the delete. After doing some searching on here I can't find anything definitive pointing to what it...
  11. YukonLT

    IDParts winter front block off installation help

    I saw the MKV video and while it helps with the upper pieces, I am trying to find some information on the lower for the MKVI. The kit came with some extra velcro parts, I just want to make sure I put them in correctly the first time so I thought I would ask someone on here who has done it...
  12. YukonLT

    VCDS Mobile vs. Laptop

    Anyone that has experience with both, can you tell me how well the mobile is working? I want to invest in VCDS and use it with my iPad, but as it's still in BETA I'm wondering how it's going for people. Thanks!
  13. YukonLT

    MK6 tapped in Boost gauge, not through OBD

    Can anyone recommend a good boost gauge for my 2010 Golf TDI that you would tap in, and not read through the OBD. I'd like to add one of those, and an EGT gauge as well. Not sure how much I trust the dongle with torque app set up, or a P3 gauge. Thanks in advance...
  14. YukonLT

    New downpipe with IC icing kit

    I have a new downpipe coming from Buzzken. Anyone put one of these in that has the IC icing kit installed from the dealer on their car? I'm not super familiar with this set up yet, and I have a mechanic coming to help me install everything, I just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and...
  15. YukonLT

    p0401, and soot in tail pipes

    I know it's been said a million times here, but I wanted to show some photos anyway and explain my situation. Car has 124,000 miles, and just started giving me the p0401 code. I clear the code and it comes back after a couple hundred miles. I'm starting to smell fumes in the cab too. Here is a...
  16. YukonLT

    Thermostat with timing belt change

    I noticed on ECS tuning that their Timing Belt kit offers a thermostat, where IDParts and others don't. I don't remember hearing about people changing the thermostat when doing the timing belt, or am I missing something?
  17. YukonLT

    Tool sizes for front wheel bearing change

    Can someone point me in the right direction, or tell me which sizes are needed for a front wheel bearing change on the MKVI Golf TDI? Specifically the center bolt on the axle and the size of the triple square bolts for the bearing mount? I have searched for DIY's but am not having much luck :(
  18. YukonLT

    100,000 this morning!

    Hit the 100,000 mark this morning shortly after I left my driveway. Thought to myself that it's been a great 100,000 miles so far, and the car still drives like the day I got it. Looking forward to the next 100,000!
  19. YukonLT

    Rear wheel bearings

    I'm looking to do the rear wheel bearings myself on my 2010 Golf TDI. Just trying to get the tool list together and am finding some conflicting information. Is it an 18mm triple square for the rear bearings? Any tips you guys can give me for this DIY would be greatly appreciated.
  20. YukonLT

    Coolant leak

    Noticing I have had to add coolant a couple times recently on my 2010 Golf TDI 6MT, and a smell when the car is sitting idling. I popped the hood and looked and it looks like there is some coolant in random spots on the belly pan. Trying to figure out where the leak could be coming from, any...