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    Flashing Glow Plug Light, Limp Mode

    17,275 miles. Towed to dealer, and awaiting verdict. Edit - It was the intercooler, which surprised me because it didn't have any hard starting issues. But it's being replaced with the updated part.
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    MFD zeroing itself on MkVI Jetta

    This isn't a huge deal since I use the odometer reading to track my fuel economy, but so far I haven't made it through a full tank of fuel without the MFD resetting itself back to zero on all the #2 gauges. Does anyone know if this has to do with a certain number of engine on/off cycles or...
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    Odd alert on trip display?

    Maybe it's just because I've been too lazy to read the manual, or I'm not using the right words in a search, but I can't find any info on what happened this morning on the ride to work. I'd only gone a couple of miles at most, and had the computer showing average fuel economy, and there was a...
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    Tire Pressure Monitor

    I'm looking to get a new Jetta soon, and I'm curious about the tire pressure monitor. I like to run my tires up around the sidewall max, but will that cause me to get a warning? And if so, can I ignore the warning, or is it going to do something like trip the check engine light?