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    I'm out.....for now

    My car was dropped off yesterday. The Chase EFT is set up. It will be in my account tomorrow or Fri. This has been the cheapest, most reliable car I have ever bought new. I had 1 HPFP failure early on(40,000 or so) and 1 bad sensor. They were both covered under warranty. It had 135,000 miles...
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    Interesting conversation

    I did my turn-in today. I asked the lady if she has had to deal with any cars that were missing parts. She said that as of last week, they were given specific authority to refuse cars that were missing "obvious" parts. I asked to be more specific. She said anything that looked intentional. She...
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    Portos with tires

    Porto 17" wheels with tires SOLD I have for sale 4 excellent condition Portos for sale. They have Goodyear Eagle 225/45-17 tires with over 1/2 tread left. They have no curb rash. I can send pictures upon request. $300 local pickup only Specs.... VW porto Wheel diameter (in.) 17 Wheel width...
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    RCD 510 AF revision

    RCD 510 AF revision SOLD I have a very nice condition RCD510 AF for sale. I bought it from Eurozone Tuning 1 yr ago for $350. I am putting my original back in for the sale. It comes with the code and packaged in the original foam surround in the original box. This is not the cheap Chinese...
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    I saw an ad on CL for a 2012 JSW. I contacted the person asking him why he wasn't participating in the buyout? He said he is....he will be getting restitution on top of what he gets for selling the car. I thought that if you sold your car after a certain date, you won't get squat. Who is...
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    delete question legality or emissions discussions!!! Is it possible to delete the DPF and still retain the factory cats and muffler? If I can't get a DPF for $1000 anymore, then I will have to look into a delete. The local dealer told me they have 1 for $1420(-$200 core), and they don't know when...
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    Rebuilt DPF

    I have been researching replacing the DPF. It seems that the cheaper rebuilt DPF available through VW is NLA. Is this true? ECS Tuning still has a listing, ID Parts has a listing, but all the other dealer sites says NLA. I called the local parts dept. They said NLA. Donald
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    I'm looking for a very low mileage DPF/exhaust assembly. It must have been removed because of power upgrades.....not a P0401 code. Thanks Donald
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    Cost of ownership

    Hitting our 5 yr anniversary soon, I wanted to add up all the receipts to do a cost per mile to see how it fairs. 113,000 miles This includes...Purchase, all services, tires, fuel, insurance, repairs, etc. $43,462 or $.38 per mile. All service was done at a dealer. There...
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    Pop quiz

    My car has a P0183 code. Anyone want to guess what was wrong? Donald
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    Anyone near Gwinnett County with VCDS that could help me out? I am willing to pay. Donald
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    TDi enthusiast forum???????

    More than ever this forum has turned into a VW bashing and blaming "blog". Every other thread is..."my XXXXXpart is crap and it's all VW's fault and I am a victim.....whoa is me!!!" Can we get back to problem solving, discussing issues, and innovating upgrades? It sure beats all the new...
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    Radio swap

    Is there any programming to be done when swapping identical radios?(RCD510) Obviously the Sirius receiver number needs to be given to Sirius, but what about other features? The reason I ask is, the dealer exchange includes installation and programming for $600. The service writer said that...
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    Rcd 510

    Update on my other question. It would not come on for my wife. I went out later and it worked fine. An hour later, it would not come on. On her drive to work, it came on after 10 minutes of driving. On her way home it came on after 5 min of driving. Once it comes on, it stays on. I did a few...
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    head unit repair

    Anyone ever came up with a place that repairs our RCD510's? Donald
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    Rcd 510

    I need a radio for a 2011 with Satellite and blue tooth. What do you have? Donald
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    mileage varience

    I have been monitoring fuel mileage on trips since I have bought the car. What I have noticed from 6 trips to Orlando is this..... I get 6 mpg less driving from Atlanta to Orlando than I do driving from Orlando to Atlanta. At first I thought it was traffic related or wind, but it has been the...
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    WTB 1 Porto Wheel

    I hit an unavoidable pothole(crater) doing 75. It took out one of the wheels. I need one that is perfectly straight and true with a little rash acceptable. Donald
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    temp gauge

    Is the temp gauge in our cars a real gauge, or is it the kind that stays in the middle unless there is a problem?(once it reaches the middle) Donald