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  1. TomJD

    FS: 10mm ALH pump - St. Louis, MO

    Selling my 10mm injection pump off of my 2000 TDI. I upgraded to an 11mm IP when this one started to show signs of leaking. I had this listed a while ago and lost track of the thread. Probably good as a core. $50 +shipping OBO
  2. TomJD

    FS: Wheel lock set and brushed aluminum ash tray

    Just selling some things I've come across recently that I don't need. 1) Never used wheel lock set. $25 shipped. OBO 2) Brushed Aluminum Ash Tray/12V outlet cover. For A4 (MKIV) Golf/Jetta. It's got a tiny dent in it, which you can see from the pictures. It's not too noticeable unless you have...
  3. TomJD

    Unique Transmission Issue

    I'm having shifting trouble with my 2000 Jetta. I say unique in the title because after searching nearly every thread on the subject, I am unable to find one that fits my problem. Maybe it is just how I am reading it, I don't know. PROBLEM: Anyway, I had my DMF replaced 6k-ish miles ago...
  4. TomJD

    We lost another ECODiesel

    I was at the junkyard buying a resistor for my Jetta, when I noticed an A2 with a crushed front end sitting there. I went to check it out and saw that it was a! Then I noticed the boost gauge and thought, no way! It was a 1991 Jetta GL ECODiesel in grey. Sad, as their numbers are...
  5. TomJD

    FS: A4 Jetta/Golf Leather Door Cards and Parking Brake

    Found some more things from the early days of owning my car. I don't have a use for them anymore. First is a complete set of grey leather door cards. I bought them to replace my sagging cloth ones. They look pretty nice with no leather flaws. One "clip" is broken on the driver's door and is...
  6. TomJD

    My Finally Respectable Jetta

    After three and a half years of ownership, it took Dozenspeed to get it CLOSER to spec. (He made me say "closer" :rolleyes:) I am going to show you one shot before then one shot after.
  7. TomJD

    Pioneer AppRadio??

    Does anyone on this forum have a Pioneer AppRadio? And if so, what are your thoughts? It looks like there have been a few versions, I assume because there have been bugs. I had a double din in my car before and could never get it to look right and it really never provided me anything more...
  8. TomJD

    Question for ultra-commuters

    So I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri but have a job opportunity in Jefferson City, Missouri, our state's capital. The problem is I do not want to live in Jeff City for any reason. It is a small city with nothing to do. I could get an apartment for the week and still live in St. Louis, but...
  9. TomJD

    Power Coating BBS RXIIs

    I have 4 BBS RXIIs. But they have the beginnings of some clear coat problems that inevitably plague these rims. So I thought about getting them powercoated but the problem is they are each 2 pieces. If I pull them apart will the added layer of coating prevent me from putting them back...
  10. TomJD

    Volkswagen Leasing/Leasing in General

    I've had a lot of people ask me about leasing a vehicle recently. Not sure why I am being asked as I have nothing to do with car sales/leasing. But a lot of questions came up. Here are a few of the big ones that people asked and I want to put it out there on this forum for people to see, and...
  11. TomJD

    Garage cleanout - MKIV Parts - skid plate - double din radio

    All gone. Now to the other side of the garage :) More wood trim, door handles, headrests, and...junk coming right up!
  12. TomJD

    New to me: 1978 Dodge diesel

    Over the weekend I bought this interesting truck. It is a 1978 Dodge w150 with a factory 4.0L Mitsubishi diesel. It is about as slow as a vehicle can be and produces just above 100hp. Nonetheless, it has been fun.
  13. TomJD

    MKIV Radio Electrical help

    On my recent 900 mile trip to Philadelphia I lost power to my stock radio. Nothing worked on it at all. Thankfully I had an aftermarket radio in the trunk. I tried that, but to no avail I have no power to that either. All fuses look good, and I replaced them just to see if there was an issue...
  14. TomJD

    FS: MKIV floor mats

    I have a set of black floor mats and 3 of the 4 great floor mats, all out of a MKIV. The black set don't look to be OEM but they fit perfect and have round clips. Some wear on the driver's mat where the heel rubs. Got them out of a 2003. The grey set are OEM but I'm missing the driver's mat...
  15. TomJD

    MKIV black heated leather seats.

    I have my complete set of black heated leather seats out of a 2003. They have about 100k miles worth of use but are in fantastic shape. I found a set of Recaros so I'm updating/downgrading depending on your view. I'm in ST. Louis. Looking for $350 OBO. I have pics that I can post later...
  16. TomJD

    Focus v Golf

    A good friend of mine bought a brand new Focus hatchback this weekend and is now ranting and raving about how it is superior to the Golf. Obviously I am in disagreement, but since I don't own a new Golf I have nothing to back my stance. What should I be saying?
  17. TomJD

    Paint Shops in St. Louis

    Does anyone who is familiar with the St. Louis area have any paint shop recommendations? My neighbor owns a Macco but I've seen their work. I'm find with a mom and pop shop if available.
  18. TomJD

    Special Thanks to Fred

    I recently joined another Forum and MAN do they have a lot of advertisements. Every other post is an ad, and you have to scroll halfway down the page to see where threads start. So a special thanks to this forum and all the people that make it happen for keeping it so user friendly and helpful. Tom
  19. TomJD

    Need Seat advice

    Here is the deal. I bought my car with a extremely worn grey interior. The PO had 2 large dogs and they enjoyed riding around for 186,000 miles in the car. So everything was scratched and the seats were all lumpy from uneven pressure from their paws. So I did a interior swap. Installed all black...
  20. TomJD

    Soldering Iron

    Looking for recommendations on a good soldering iron for small electrical work. I have a Weller but it really is too big for my purposes, as I would like something more intricate for smaller electrical jobs in the car such as lighting. Any thoughts?