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  1. k1xv

    VW Executive pleads guilty

    He was already in prison, without bond, awaiting trial.
  2. k1xv

    Did anyone actually pay any income tax?

    After endless speculation about whether any of the buyout payment was taxable, we are now deep into tax season. Has anyone actually paid any tax, or been advised by an accountant or tax advisor that tax was due on this money? Seems to me, if you depreciated your car as a business asset...
  3. k1xv

    Where bought back cars should go

    Don't crush them. Give them away free to poor people, in exchange for their old cars that really do pollute....a lot. The result will be cleaner air and less energy used.
  4. k1xv

    Got my Vermont sales tax refund check yesterday

    Bought a CPO BMW in late October for $37K. Paid VT sales tax on the full purchase price. Turned my TDi in on Dec 3, money in my account Dec 6. $14,875. Vermont allows a sales tax refund on the amount you sold your car for, if sold within 3 months of the purchase of a replacement car...
  5. k1xv

    They should make a movie about the buyback

    There have been so many stories and conflicts reported and discussed here about the buyback. It could be the basis of a great comic movie, along the lines of Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Sub themes of people having catastrophic engine failures, Problems uploading and getting rejected Tall...
  6. k1xv

    They are penalizing early TDi buyers

    After reading all the crazy rants of people complaining that they were excluded from the program because they sold their cars before the scandal became public, or that they were being penalized for driving their cars 200,000 miles, I decided I should rant too. I was an early buyer of the...
  7. k1xv

    This is what happened at my TDI turn in

    No, I didn't turn in a car. Yet. I am scheduled for December 3. But the turn ins start today. So I am starting this thread for people to report what happened. Such as, 1, how thoroughly, if at all, was the car inspected? Any issues? 2. Were there any screw ups on the turn in...
  8. k1xv

    Getting ready to say good-bye

    This afternoon, I cleaned out the trunk, the glove box, removed the EZ Pass, the garage door opener, the radar detector, the GPS, and any extraneous items from the back seat. For some reason, i usually traveled with a change of clothes and a warm jacket. They came out too. And the fuel is...
  9. k1xv

    I wonder what Chris would think?

    I think often of the late Chris Farnham, Volkswagen salesman extraordinaire, who sold so many of us our TDi cars. I wonder what he would think about Dieselgate. I suspect he would be out there scrambling, coming up with all kinds of deals to keep us in replacement Volkswagens. Miss you...
  10. k1xv

    The good news, the bad news

    The good news is, VW has plenty in the bank to pay off all of the expected buy backs. The bad news is, the bank is Deutsche Bank. (only joking!!)
  11. k1xv

    Whatever happened to..........???

    Those lecherous old gals in the TDI commercials, just before the scandal broke? I was especially amused by the one who asked the younger male.... "Do you prefer new, unused models........or older ones with many of miles on them?"
  12. k1xv

    ScanGauge II, what do you monitor?

    I just purchased a ScanGauge II for the 09 Jetta. Which four parameters do folks routinely monitor, and why? I am thinking I will start off with intake air temperature, intake manifold pressure, battery voltage and coolant temperature. Do we set up for DieselA, or DieselB ?? Any other...
  13. k1xv ?? Any experiences to report?

    Has anyone bought a car, either VW or otherwise, through And if yes, how did it go?
  14. k1xv

    Positive service experience Keene NH

    After reading numerous dealer service experience horror stories, with fear in my heart, I brought my 09 Jetta TDI to Noyes VW in Keene NH for the 10,000 mile service. The correct oil was used, not overfilled at all. Car was washed and vacuumed. So far, so good.
  15. k1xv

    North Shore VW up in flames (Boston area)

    Estimated damages, $1 million, including cars inside
  16. k1xv

    Service southern Vermont 09 TDI?

    I expect to be taking delivery of a 09 TDI in July. Buying out of state because the local dealers are in love with MSRP. Vermont has been on the California emissions standards for a while now. As a result, recent model TDIs of all kinds are fairly rare here. Any ideas as to who provides top...