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  1. jkowalski

    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    Interested in a manual Alltrack, or a SportWagen SEL 4-Motion, if it existed. Maybe an in-family SUV, if the price is right.
  2. jkowalski

    NOT doing the BUY BACK on my TDI

    If a fix doesn't get approved, I am somewhat split between the trade-in and the "keep as is." Have 107K miles on her. Always was planning on keeping it until the wheels fell off. Should get around $17K buy-back, but the preferred replacement is the Golf Alltrack, fully-loaded with manual, which...
  3. jkowalski

    Locks Open for 100 million VW cars

    Don't bother locking the doors, someone can just break them down. Yes, the car industry should re-visit some stuff and make sure it's secure; I wonder if this truly just affects the several brands listed? I mean, you can get all kinds of information about your car via the OnStar app or whatever...
  4. jkowalski

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    This made me actually laugh. I'm sure these individual lawsuits, however they want to "base" them (moral outrage, "fraud", loss of resale value, etc) will be rolled into class-actions, and, if the vehicles aren't bought-back, everyone will get check for $1.76 (after lawyer fees), and a coupon...
  5. jkowalski

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    I'm not sure what you are after. I never said VW did the right thing. You said, "try getting this car smogged by an independent shop who is unknowing of the TDI scandal and they wont pass it" which is untrue. The VW will pass, thus the fact that they cheated and were found out because of an...
  6. jkowalski

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Except that they "can pass" the *test*. Do you not remember the basis of this controversy? The cheat software. How it can "sense" that the car is being tested, and turn on the clean mode, so that the car magically meets EPA requirements and tests clean. VW was found out due to on-road tests...
  7. jkowalski

    Miles on a tank of gas (SportWagen)?

    ^ :) OP, you might think rwolff is being a "jerk" or whatever (he's well aware you meant MPG or fuel economy) but correct nomenclature is important. The common-rail engines are not forgiving to misfueling like previous generation engines were. "Diesel fuel only, please."
  8. jkowalski

    DPF Regeneration Intervals Increasing?

    Last winter I do seem to remember active regens happening more (not just more than the warmer months, but also the previous winters). I've owned mine since new, and last winter would have had 70-something thousand miles on it. I attributed it to "it must just regen more when it's cold out." Or I...
  9. jkowalski

    Fuse diagram for 2012 Jetta TDI From the FAQ/DIY thread:
  10. jkowalski

    DARN squirrels.

    I'm not sure if you can replace just the hose section. If it is just the hose, it looks like pretty standard size, but if there is damage to the plastic connector, you will have to replace the whole thing. VW (if you don't know) pretty much never seems to sell pieces of hoses/connectors, just...
  11. jkowalski

    Front End Clunk

    Sometimes when going over bumps in the road, I get a clunk in the front end. Sounds like both passenger and drivers side. Wondering if anyone else has had this, and what the fix was. Would rather know for sure what to fix before going on a goose hunt. (I suspect it could be hardware, but with...
  12. jkowalski

    Shark fin Antenna Seal

    According to the service info, yes, the roof antenna on these are used for GPS/SAT radio access only. FM/AM is left to the antenna amps in the left and right C-pillars. Not quite sure why there would be a gap, unless somehow something got under the antenna? I remember it being possible to bend...
  13. jkowalski

    Part Number Request

    I need the part number for the drivers side windshield cowl. Broke it a little investigating a rattle (big surprise huh?). Thanks!
  14. jkowalski

    Cylinder Pressure Reading

    I probably missed something, but didn't see a read out for the cylinder pressure sensors in VCDS. Thanks!
  15. jkowalski

    Mk6 Jetta: Hard Start / No Start - Intercooler icing discussion in here!

    My dealer in Arkansas denied doing the TSB under the powertrain warranty. (I'm at 53,000 miles) No noticeable mechanical issues. Car started later the day this happened. Pulled the IC "cold" pipe, with no noticeable water drained from it (probably ingested it, since I pulled the pipe after...
  16. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    TSB denied under warranty. Certainly won't be paying out of pocket for this (since it's not a real fix). So now to clean up the baby diarrhea I can get to and put everything back together. Perhaps this spring I'll pull the IC and do a good cleaning.
  17. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    After reading other threads last night, I saw this. I pulled the IC outlet hose last night, saw the emulsified water and oil (green baby diarrhea) that seemed more built up and liquidy than I've seen the other two times I've pulled the hose. No water came out. Took pictures and went to the...
  18. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    Went and pulled the IC "cold" hose off. While no water came pouring out, there was standing water (and green sludge). I took and printed pictures. Going to take the pictures and the "cold" hose to the dealer tomorrow. I'm probably SOL because I have 53,000 miles, and this is apparently only...
  19. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    I think when I moved it around my driveway it was below freezing. Would have been running for only a few minutes. Won't be getting below freezing again until tonight, and then just barely. Hopefully this was just a fluke. Ran fine to and from work this morning.
  20. jkowalski

    IC Icing... Recovery?

    So, a little background: The last time I drove my TDI was about 5 or 6 days ago, just to move it around the driveway (it had been my DD for a week or two prior to that). The temperature went from decent (highs in the 50's) when I parked it, to highs hovering around freezing/lows in the singles...