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    Add blue system

    In a add blue system, where is it injected at?
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    Well, JasonTDI you did it again. :)

    JasonTDI, of JasonTDR, was able to get my car in for a timing belt in a little over a week of first contact, took half the time to do the work that would have been me doing it, and did an excellent job. Great work JasonTDI. :D Thanks,
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    2010 Jetta Thermostat Change - What a Pain

    What a pain to change the thermostat on my 2010 Jetta. So far 8 hr. and just have the new thermostat bolted in. Yet to get everything else back on the engine. So far, I have only broke the middle mount of the oil dipstick tube. The thermostat is within a housing that bolts to the block...
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    Looking to turn off horn when locking car. Need some help.

    I have a 2010 Jetta TDI and would like to NOT have the horn honk when locking the car. address 09 Cent. Elect. Long code = 2D200B3E902E3EE4800800854000000401000086510085605C 8020000000 I can not get into channel 11 to turn the horn off. :confused: Any help? Thanks, Ben
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    FYI -- LCA Rear Bushing

    This is the old OEM rear LCA bushing from my 2004 Golf, 316,000 miles. Switched to TT bushings. Car feels much better on the road now. Is this offset due to miles, tune, mostly driven highway[ higher load than at 25 MPH], or what?
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    PD Return Fuel Temp ?

    Does anyone know, or could check, the return fuel temp. on a PD driven for 20 minuets or more, at 55 MPH or higher? As my car is at 170-185'F. :eek: Some have posted that over 158'F [ 70'C ], the ECU cuts back timing. Reducing MPG & power. Trying to learn if I have an issue, or not. Thanks.
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    Cam ? on '04 PD 247,000 miles

    2/1/9 - UPDATE - Lifter pics in post # 97 of page # 7 9/6/8 - UPDATE - Well I finally took time to list the parts used in replacing the camshaft. Sorry for the delay. Part____________________Part Number ___________Qty. ____Cost Each...
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    G500 and Vag-Com

    I have searched for, but have been unable to find, where in Vag-Com to see the value of the turbo vane position sensor on a PD. There are many lists here on TDIClub, of what Vag-Com can be used to monitor on TDIs. The turbo vane position sensor should be able to be seen by Vag-Com. Any...
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    Nozzles good for how many miles?

    Does anyone have any information or knowledge of how many miles a set of nozzles is good for? And what might be the signs they are getting bad? Also, please state if your reply is for the PD engine or prePD. I have searched without finding anything on this issue.:confused: Thanks, Ben
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    Front Wheel Bearing ?

    For the front wheel bearing. Does the spindle have a second snap ring or a step in the bore to retain the bearing on the inside side of the assembly? I have searched here on TDI Club and at Vwvortex for a picture that shows this, and read through the DYI posts, but not seen or found comment...
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    Check for crack on rear tow hook, used to mount trailer hitch

    Check for crack on rear tow hook, used to mount trailer hitch. . FYI for Golf owners with Reese # 77026 or Draw-Tite # 24679 as they are the same thing. [/IMG] Check hitch mount at rear tow hook. :confused: As cross bar of hitch, may cut into gusset of rear tow hook, and then start a...
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    Test Hitch & Pic

    test post with pic :confused:
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    Steel or Aluminum rrims for Autocross?

    Would steel or aluminum rims be better for Autocross racing?:confused: Any info or thoughts? Ben
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    FYI -- 2004 Golf Fuel Tank Size

    I drained the tank via the tank fuel line that connects to the fuel filter, at the filter. So, it was as if the engine run out of fuel. Then added 2.000 gallons of fuel and adjusted my fuel gauge with Vag-Com. Drove 2 miles and filled up the tank to the cap. I put in 14.994 gallons at the...
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    Input on either rear wing for on a Golf MK4

    Anyone have any input on either rear wing for on a Golf MK4 helping to keep rear window clear of road spray? Or are they more for show or high-speed driving? Thanks, Ben
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    Not all rear fog lights will blind.

    Yes true, Fog lights are for when there is reduced visibility. But, many have posted that the rear fogs are brighter than the tail lights. <font color="blue"> The rear fogs look to be close to the tail lights, and much less then the brake lights. </font> On my Golf anyway. There are...
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    EGT Probe Placement - Before / After Turbo ???

    Any thoughts on EGT probe placement and how good the readings are? How much might the readings be effected by being after the turbo? Thanks, Ben
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    OEM Clutch Torque Rating on PD

    I've done some searching around, but can not find what the torque rating is for the VW OEM clutch, on a 2004 TDI PD. Does anyone know what it is? And the rating for OEM TDI clutch on prePD? Thanks, Ben
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    VW Safety Recall #VY on PD transfer fuel pump

    Friday, 2/18/5, come home and in the mail find a notice from VW on a Safety Recall. It is for some of the "PD" engines. There may be a bad bolt on the transfer fuel pump. If this bolt goes, fuel may spill onto the exhaust and start a fire. There may also be enough fuel spilled, onto road, to...
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    Replace radio / CD player in to a '94 Jett

    Replace radio / CD player in to a \'94 Jett Need help in helping a friend. Trying to install radio / CD player in to a '94 Jetta. They did have the CD working but not the radio. The shop manual I have goes from '99 to '04. Would the '94 Jetta radio wiring be the same as a '99 Jetta...