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  1. franklinstower

    Audi Cross Bars fit an MK7 GSW?

    Anyone know the difference between the audi and Vw cross bars? Audi Part No: 8K9-071-151-L and VW 5G9-071-151-A They fit the Allroad from 2013-2016 I am hoping these Audi bars will fit, I am sick of the wind noise my old round yakima bars make.... Thanks, Paul
  2. franklinstower

    0-30 507 oil okay?

    I had phase 2 completed yesterday, reading the work order they changed my oil and used G E55 030 1QD SP which is the new Auti/VW 0/30 weight 507 oil. Since when did the weight change from 5/30 to 0/30? And is it ok? The Manual says 5/30. FYI, search function isn't working, so don't know...
  3. franklinstower

    Flickering screen of death!

    So my lcd touch screen, upon starting my car this am, now has the flickering screen... I'm out of warranty, just hit 45k and 38 months of ownership. Has anyone found a solution other than a new head unit unit/screen replacement? This is on my 2015 GSW S model so not a fender unit and no nav...
  4. franklinstower

    Cruise control adjustments in vcds?

    I hate that my cruise changes speed in 5 mph increments when using the + and - . Is there a way to change the increase and decrease faults in vcds?
  5. franklinstower

    Is this typical Dealer scam-changing oil interval to 5k?

    took my GSW in for the 20k service since they agreed to pay for my 10, 20, 30k when I bought it. Picked it up and noticed the little oil change window sticker says to bring it in in 6 months or 5k miles for my next oil change? So I waded the sticker up and threw it away. Then I read through the...
  6. franklinstower

    Mobil 1 esp?

    Any one using mobil 1 esp 507 oil? It's a low saps LL04 oil. Curious about Change durations. Would like to see some uoa's. It's a 5/30 weight, any camshaft wear issues like the pd Motors and 5/30?
  7. franklinstower

    Front rotor wear after 6,500 miles

    When I was changing out to snow tires/rims I noticed the front rotors on my GSW are wearing unevenly on the outer inch or so on the front rotors. They show definite odd wear patterns and becoming very uneven. The right side is worse than the left, way more brake dust on the calipers on the...
  8. franklinstower

    new winter set up with TPMS Sensiors for my GSW

    new winter set up with TPMS Sensors for my GSW My new 2015 GSW 6mt doesn't have TPMS sensors on the factory 16" wheels, however I just picked up a set of 17" VW wheels from a recalled tdi that is being crushed that has the TPMS sensors already on the rims. Is there any way to activate the TPMS...
  9. franklinstower

    notchy shifting on 6mt GSW

    I guess that is how I would describe it - notchy, especially in the mornings my 1-2 and 2-3 shifts seem like the syncro's aren't doing their job. I just hit 6,000 miles on my 2015 and I thought it would get better with mileage, but it hasn't. Anyone else notice the non-precise gear engagement...
  10. franklinstower

    Power socket low voltage

    My rear 115v power socket is only putting out 82 volts. Any ideas? Bad inverter? Paul
  11. franklinstower

    mud flap install of GSW

    mud flap install on GSW I got some mud flaps (or splash guards as VW likes to call them) to install on my 2015 GSW - It looks like I need to trim the wheel arch beading for proper fit. Can anyone confirm before i cut it? Thanks, Paul
  12. franklinstower

    sold my 04 5 speed wagon - I think have remorse!

    I purchased a new 2015 6 speed manual GSW and that put me up to 5 cars for my wife and I...She said one had to go, It can't be the '78 911, nor the 89 Westy, so it was either going to be her X5 diesel or my 04 wagon. Well the Wagon went first based on our need for at least one awd vehicle in...
  13. franklinstower

    Paint issues on my new GSW TDI

    Finally got my 6MT home today and I am going over it with a fine tooth comb. The Dealer, I will now call out, had numerous opportunities to make this car look new as required from VWoA within the warranty memo to sell these cars. Auburn VW (WA) has performed so poorly, that I will certainly be...
  14. franklinstower

    Service memo for prepping the 2015 GSW for sale?

    I am getting the run around on my new purchase. I purchased the 2015 TDI GSW 6mt on Saturday, but still have not taken delivery due to all sort of "dealer" issues. Today I was suppose to take delivery, but I didn't consider the car ready for delivery, scratches in the paint (black on black S)...
  15. franklinstower

    Timing belt time, cam/lifters too & injectors?

    looking for advice. My 04 BEW wagon is due for the timing belt. I have 186k on it now. Is it cam and lifters time too? I am trying to decide if it makes sense to do the cam now or wait until the next tb cycle in another 90,000. I just had the valve cover off to replace the injector harness...
  16. franklinstower

    Cylinder 1 misfire

    I just started getting a shudder at 2,000 rpm on my to have some lunch. It got worse and now it's un-driveable. There was an autozone nearby so I had them scan for codes. P0201 and P0301. I'm guessing injector harness? Sound about right? Thanks, Paul
  17. franklinstower

    fuel line to Tandem Pump

    Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the S shaped fuel line from the tandem pump to the metal line (BEW)? Etka shows the rubber hose as part of the whole fuel line assembly and not as an individual hose. Part # 038-130-308M I just replaced my leaking tandem pump, now want to fix the...
  18. franklinstower

    leaking Tandem Pump - 2004 PD

    leaking Tandem Pump-04 BEW -pump recalled? So I noticed my throttle body coolant hose was leaking again (# 1J0 122 447 ER) - Leaking right under the Tandem pump. this is second time it has started leaking, I replaced it once before about 5 y ears ago. The hose was swollen and really soft like...
  19. franklinstower

    I lost 5-7 mpg with Malone 1.5 on BEW?

    So I loaded the Malone 1.5 on my 04 wagon back in october. Ever since I have not gotten above 37 mpg's and I am averaging closer to 35. Prior to the tune I never had less than 41, and usally netted 43-44 and up to 47 mpg. My driving style hasn't changed that much, if at all. Is there...
  20. franklinstower

    blinking coolant light when cold

    So now that its getting cold in the mornings, upon start up, my red coolant idiot light starts flashing every morning only on the first start up....If I turn off the engine and re-start, it goes away. I think the outside air temp has to be about 40 or below, anything above that and it doesn't...