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  1. oguzooz

    Free: '02 Golf TDI shocks & springs

    wish you were closer! If you change your mind im ready to pay pal you shipping + money for 6 pack.
  2. oguzooz

    WTB Catless Downpipe for ALH TDI

    If I recall correctly he will direct ship.
  3. oguzooz

    WTB ALH immo defeated ecu

    or you need to go to a better tuner. might still be salvageable.
  4. oguzooz

    ALH VNT17 Used under 10K

    Give ya $251
  5. oguzooz

    WTB: ALH EGR Valve or EGR Delete Kit

    Before you buy it from those guys, I'll sell you my EGR valve for 70 shipped.
  6. oguzooz

    floor mats and trunk mats

    ^Lol way to hijack thread.
  7. oguzooz

    Looking to sell my 2003 Jetta TDI 5 speed

    that should go quite quickly. you're probably undervaluing it by a good 1500 based on mileage.
  8. oguzooz

    1999.5 Jetta TDI, 105,000 miles

    in for info
  9. oguzooz

    Eastern PA '02 Golf TDI Manual 4-Door Black

    Hella clean for 340k! GLWS
  10. oguzooz

    Feeler: PP520, Malone Stg3, Flashzilla v3 - PA

    Correct, If I were parting the car out completely that would be my course of action. However I'm keeping the car whole. with its current ECU. Most likely waiting for upgrades to come along ;)
  11. oguzooz

    MK4 TDI JETTA ALH Partout - AL

    I wish I were closer! free bump
  12. oguzooz

    Feeler: PP520, Malone Stg3, Flashzilla v3 - PA

    When I purchased the Tune/ Flashzilla, I was under the impression based on reading malones website the tune would be transferrable once removed from one car back onto the flashzilla. Come to find out today from Malone that the tune nor the flashzilla are transferrable?
  13. oguzooz

    For Sale(NC): Turbo, SMIC, OMI, 3 bar, Clutch, PD150 intake, Race pipe

    Just curious, Did you use that clutch? I'm having trouble believing it meshed well with the list of mods.
  14. oguzooz

    Feeler: PP520, Malone Stg3, Flashzilla v3 - PA

    No longer for sale
  15. oguzooz

    New air vent? 01 Jetta tdi

    I picked up spares at a salvage yard for $2 each side $5 for center vent. Do yourself a favor though. if you're going to swap vents, find vents out of a golf. Different style.
  16. oguzooz

    2001 Golf TDI 5 spd available in Seattle

    I'll give you 500 for it
  17. oguzooz

    Calling high mileage drivers - Opting for Replacement

    Who even makes a motor capable (with proper maintenance) of hitting 200k+ without being junk and still maintaining 30+mpg. Quite honestly, I'm not interested in new cars. I'd rather it depreciate some before I purchase. I've been looking at Mercedes e320 CDIs passively (just to say diesel)...