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  1. lisab4

    Headlichts electrics

    So my B4 police car is almost done, but I need to wire in a High beams flasher unit. This unit makes the High beams flash when you turn the lightbar/siren on. Schematics show one wire marked as going to the high beam relay, another to the normal lights relay (so if you turn your lights on at...
  2. lisab4

    Electrical connections

    I will be installing a police lightbar on my B4 next year. I need to make some electrical connections. 1 circuit for the control panel lights. Needs to light up when I put the lights on. 1 circuit that powers up when I turn the key to contact. Any suggestions as to where to make these...
  3. lisab4

    Instrument cluster problem

    I installed a cluster Derek @ Chubbs auto made for me, TDI with MFA. Have a slight problem however.. the glow light stays on after starting. It's not on full power, about half dimmed. Thinking about a leak current somewhere or something? Any idea anyone? It is definitely the cluster as I tried...
  4. lisab4

    Replacing sills

    Anyone who had tips on removing the sills (rockers) on a B4? Where are the spotwelds? Anyone who has done this and has pics?
  5. lisab4

    Diesel pump sprocket removal

    Changing my diesel pump for a rebuilt example. Can't get the sprocket off :( Any ideas? Tried a puller, but it just bent.
  6. lisab4

    WTB: Passat B4 sedan trunk parts

    In need of these parts: * clips for the trunk liner, part n°3A5867981 Trunk lock actuator part n° 3A5827061 and wiring loom: Button + wiring loom mid console:
  7. lisab4

    Tilting the pump

    Need quick help. Engine was running ok, but tdigraph said too retarded(no yellow line) tried tilting the pump but now it's just running rough with lots of white smoke. Which way do I tilt to advance?
  8. lisab4

    Rebuild next step: sorting the engine

    So I'm 3 years into my complete rebuild See main topic here: I am now going to try to sort the engine first. Replaced all I could, rebuilt head,... It starts at first try every time! Haven't run it more then a few minutes at once. However some...
  9. lisab4

    B4 machine gun case

    For the front passenger door. Part N°357 862 492. I don't suppose anyone has one? :D
  10. lisab4

    B4 wing bolts

    The B4 wings are bolted to the firewall with 2 bolts in the wheelwell. Anyone have a pic of them I forgot which ones go there :/
  11. lisab4

    B4 No start

    Gonna start a new thread in the hope of getting some more idea's. Total rebuild of my car, everything rebuilt. trying to start for the first time, no dice. No power to starter motor solenoid. *turn key, electronics come alive, turn further, nothing from the starter motor. I do hear a click...
  12. lisab4

    clutch bleed 1Z/ CTN

    Topped up all the fluids, DOT4, coolant, hydraulic, and getting ready to start the engine for the first time. I have pressure on my brake pedal, but my clutch pedal just drops straight to the firewall. Anyone who can explain to me how to bleed it?
  13. lisab4

    1Z power steering fluid

    Adding fluids to my newly rebuilt car. needed power steering fluid. Didn't find anything marked CHF115 or 202. Bought a bottle that said "specifically for VW and AUDI, TL 521.46" Is this good for my B4 with 1Z?
  14. lisab4

    A/C bracket

    i'm re-installing the airco system at the moment, but one bracket has me stumped. I have the top bracket (357820775a), but no idea what the bottom bracket is. Anyone who has a good photo?
  15. lisab4

    Timing problem

    Did my first timing belt. * Camshaft lock inserted and at TDC * IP was half a tooth off. I had to advance it a bit a few years ago using the hammer mod. So no lock inserted there. * Crank at TDC After the belt was installed, I turned the engine at the crank twice. Went smoothly so I thought...
  16. lisab4

    door bulging by window

    Is it normal that when you close the driver or passenger electric window, that the inner door metal bulges a bit when the window tops out?
  17. lisab4

    Vacuum tubing

    What lengths and diameters do I need to replace all my B4/1Z vacuum hoses? Also, the fuel hoses from the IP to the injectors.
  18. lisab4

    B4 trunk release?

    Is there such a thing as a trunk release for the B4? Never seen one, but don't know about the US market :)
  19. lisab4

    Engine not turning completely :(

    So after a 2 year restoration, I was going to install my 1Z engine tomorrow. I tried today to install the lock pin but the wheel needed to turn another half inch. No go :/ I can turn the engine freely by hand almost completely round, but just before the timing marking on the flywheel reaches the...
  20. lisab4

    Alternator bracket

    Is it possible to get replacements for the two inserts marked in red? ETKA doesn't seem to list them? Part n° if possible?