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  1. AD5GB

    Contemplating selling my '06 - how to price?

    I've been giving some serious thought on selling my '06 Jetta. Not sure if KBB is a good reference or not. It's not in the best of shape cosmetically. 332K miles on the clock. It was caught in a hail storm a few years back and about every panel except the passenger side is sporting numerous...
  2. AD5GB

    Boost Gauge?

    Depends on what you want. I've got the boost and EGT gauges from these guys. Pretty close to factory look too. Edited: to navigate to the correct gauge
  3. AD5GB

    Skunkwerx/Dax in Louisville--where is he?

    I just found this post while trying to locate Dax. He tuned my '06 a while ago but am planning some significant upgrades and will definitely need to do something different map-wise. All I'd like is to have my stock tune file. If anyone can hook me up with him, I'd be most grateful!
  4. AD5GB

    VNT actuator replacement - OEM turbo

    Thanks all! These links will be most helpful!
  5. AD5GB

    VNT actuator replacement - OEM turbo

    Looks like IDParts is carrying a replacement actuator again. Mine failed months ago. Learned how to drive without dropping into limp mode, but want to repair this. I really don't need the additional performance (or expense) of an up-rated turbocharger, and given the lack of responses to my...
  6. AD5GB

    The cutoff on our headlights sucks.

    LOL! Too funny...;)
  7. AD5GB

    The cutoff on our headlights sucks.

    Some like 'em, some don't. They produce less actual light than is apparent though watt for watt but much more glare and 'backdazzle'. I had a set years ago, until I drove at night in heavy rain. Bad juju! But then opinions vary and everyone's entitled to one. :D
  8. AD5GB

    The cutoff on our headlights sucks.

    The Sylvania Xtra-Visions I got at AutoZone are the same as our OEM Osrams I believe. I put in a set of Hella E-code projector lenses and noticed a much more precise pattern without shadows or hot spots. I upgraded to the 65W Osrams and aimed using the same procedure as you. Never get flashed...
  9. AD5GB

    Dash light?

    Or is it the bulb out indicator? The exclamation point in the center does somewhat resemble a footprint.
  10. AD5GB

    Suspension upgrade suggestions for my MKV Jetta

    Or in the front seat! :eek: Glad no people were hurt!!
  11. AD5GB

    2006 Jetta TDI - Possible Power Loss Issue

    Fuel/air filters would be my first stop. This time of year, gelling maybe. Code scan would be next on my list.
  12. AD5GB

    05.5 Yellow headlight plastic. Used a buffer and made it worse. Solution?

    Yep. Like quatr4 says.... if you get after it right away. Don't wait like I did! If you do you will spend a bit of time cleaning your lenses. But you won't destroy the UV protective coating like all the other abrasive 'kit' products do. Mine never saw sandpaper or abrasive plastic polishes...
  13. AD5GB

    What a difference a cam makes!

    Incompetence! That's an understatement. One of the top 10 rules with flat tappet cams; you never never never NEVER reuse any used lifters on a new camshaft. New lifters on a worn cam, maybe. Major FAIL on their part.
  14. AD5GB

    MK5 Jetta Hella Projector beam pattern

    I find it to be a far superior beam pattern than OEM. No shadows, no hot spots, sharp cutoff.... a true, quality E-code housing. I'm running 65W Osram halogens in them currently. More than adequate for me. Everyone who's put Xenons in them though seem to like them even better.
  15. AD5GB

    2006 Jetta TDI Codes P0272, P0266, P0263

    Maybe he/they meant "tandem pump" :confused:
  16. AD5GB

    Both my cars have heel-toe wear on one tire.

    The pic on the bimmerfest site looks like what I knew of as feathering back when I was pulling wrenches for a living. It can be frustrating sometimes as abnormal wear patterns can appear differently between different tread designs. I was usually able to correct feathering with toe adjustments...
  17. AD5GB

    Both my cars have heel-toe wear on one tire.

    This may help some...... or not :)
  18. AD5GB

    AE/Federal Mogul PD cam?

    I've used lots of their stuff over the years. Bearings, pistons, gaskets (Fel-Pro), rings (Sealed Power), brake parts (Wagner), suspension parts (Moog)..... in general I've found Federal Mogul and their brands to be very good.
  19. AD5GB

    CAM Timing / Ignition Timing

    This site mainly focuses on VW diesels (TDi). While someone here might be able to help, you may be better served by posting on one of the other VW sites such as or ???? I've never worked on a 2.5 gasser myself.