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    Too Much Brake Pedal Travel after rear brake job

    2002 TDI Replaced my rear brakes pad and rotors (only the rear). Bled the system. Have good pedal travel until I start the engine. With the engine running they drop almost to the floor. But the brakes are right there, except for the excessive travel. Any ideas? Have bled the system at...
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    Falconer (Jamestown burb), NY

    Saw a silver A4 TDI with NY plates and a Northtown VW license plate frame in the parking lot at NY route 394 and South Work St. yesterday. It was there over a hour, because I was there that long. Maybe somebody at the NYS DOT engineer project office. Also there is a real nice blue Passat B5...
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    Directions + Toronto

    Can some body tell me how to find St. Clair Ave, West in Toronto, when coming up from Fort Erie area? Thanks
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    Page Problem

    Okay, is it just me or is the site messed up? I am missing the bars between the various discussion areas where they are colored with the area name. Also missing the "quote" and "edit" in all the posts. Also all the edit options around the message area. Have ran all my maintenance and still...
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    Chevy Tahoe Grill Guard

    Anybody know any place to pick up a grill guard for a 1999 Chevy Tahoe grill guard? One to cover only the grill and nothing else. Without headlight tabs.
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    Elf 506.01 UOA

    Hope this works. Following is first UOA with 11,200 miles on the oil and 127,700 on engine. Oil was changed due to 65 reading on iron. Note, will have to post the first UOA in seperate post. Can't get it to take using edit function. Following is latest UOA with 3455 miles on oil and...
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    TDI - Williamsburg, VA

    Came out of the Peking Restaurant at the Kingsgate Green Shopping Center and found a green A4 Jetta TDI parked right beside my white A4 Jetta TDI. No TDI plate frame. Now I thought I might see a black A3 Jetta around these parts, but the A4 was a suprise.
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    Panasonic CF-48 for VAG-Com?

    Just won bid on a Panasonic CF-48 Toughbook. Operating System: Windows XP Professional, Pentium III 600 MHZ, 192 BM memory (RAM), 6.5 GB hard drive, Primary Drive CD ROM. Should be everything I need to operate VAG-Com? Has serial and parallel ports along with two usb ports. And hopefully a...
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    What weight oil do you use in you TDI?

    For you friends on the Europe side of the pond. What viscosity oil/weight oil do you use? a. 0w-30 b. 0w-40 c. 5w-40 d. 15w-40 or 15w-50 e. something else and what specification oil do you use? f. 505.00 g. 505.01 h. 506.01 i. 507. j. something else
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    OEM Jetta Headlights A4

    Free OEM Jetta Headlights A4 These are gone. Thanks Bill. You should have them tomorrow if P.O. did not lie. Gotta get these out of my garage. I need the room cause winter is here. One set OEM 2002 A4 Jetta Headlights (no fogs) w/bulbs that were in them when I took them off. Passenger side...
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    UOA: Elf CRV 0w30 Could not get this to post. Link works, maybe somebody else (DD maybe?) can post it for me. This is the UOA on my 2002 Jetta TDI. Car had 127,700 miles on engine. Oil has 11,200 miles on it. Previous oil was 505.00. Am I good to take...
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    Flordia TDI with Salamanca connection

    Okay, this isn't a sighting - It's a "heard-a-bout". Today I was doing some recycling at the local transfer station in Salamanca, NY. The man beside me said "Hey, that's a TDI - my son has one". Well, there isn't exactly a great abundance of TDIs in the area so I asked where his son lives...
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    2005 Jetta TDI

    This is in Buffalo News and I know nothing about the vehicle except I saw the classified adv.: Volkswagen 2005 Jetta, Diesel TDI 31K, 5 sp. $23,900.
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    TDI Club Cards

    Could we have a pic of the TDI Club cards posted, so that us who do not have MS Word could print our own using another program. Or maybe one in a different word processing program like Word Perfect.
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    Orchard Park, NY (Buffalo)

    Came out of McKinley Mall today and found a green A4 TDI parked beside my white A4 TDI. Anybody have the odds on that happening in the Buffalo area?
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    50 U.S. Employers Named the Best

    Following is from AARP Bulletin, September 2006: "For the sixth straight year, AARP is honoring employers from Maine to California that have practices - flexible hours, job sharing and phased retirement - friendly to older workers. For further details, go to"...
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    Arcade, NY

    Saw a red Jetta A4 TDI with out of state temporary plates traveling east on Rt 39. He smoked me when passing and then turned right on Steele Street.
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    Western New York State to Bar Harbor, Maine

    Left Little Valley, N.Y. and the first stop was at Dalton, Ma. At Dalton, we visited the 1759 home of one of my ancestors. He served as a captain during the French & Indian War and was granted a very large land grant from the King of England. Departed there and spent the first night at...
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    What few tools for trip?

    If you were taking a trip and wanted to have a ratchet/sockets along just in case, what size ratchet and sockets would you take along? Don't want to lug along the whole tool case.
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    03 Jetta TDI wagon

    There is a 03 Jetta TDI wagon for sale in the Buffalo News today. 108,000 miles. No price. Buffalo News classifieds are on line. You can find the phone number there. There was also a 2000 beetle TDI for $9800, low mileage.