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    The damage a fork lift fork will do....

    My wife was driving her 2001 Jetta TDI down the interstate when the car in front of her swerved. My wife didn't have time to swerve away from the unknown obstacle laying on the road. Well she ran over it and much damage incurred. Luckily she was right by an exit ramp because the car died and...
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    ebay glow plugs

    Does anyone have experience with these glow plugs? Let's hear some opinions... web page
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    AutoTap OBDII scanner

    A friend let me borrow his AutoTap OBDII equipment ( and I have been using it just fine on my Chevrolet. When I tried connecting it to my VW, it's not connecting and saying "no vehicle is found". I've made sure the connections are all good. The AutoTap gets its power through...
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    Here we go again! HELP!

    Alright, doing timing belt change. Everything going fine. Got to the stage where we bumped the engine to make sure the TB is set. Success. Then the rain came and so we started it up to back down ramps; however we forget that we had the serpentine belt halfway on. So heard a pop(belt...
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    coolant temperature sensor location

    I tried searching but could not find where the sensor is located on an 01 Jetta auto? If anyone has pics, that would be even better.
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    timing belt replacement Baton Rouge, LA

    Anyone out in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area with the tools to do a timing belt change on an 01 Jetta TDI? I would be willing to drive quite a ways if someone could help me with this. Or can anyone refer me to a good shop? This area doesn't seem to have many TDI fans.