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    LuK DMF Clutch Install Problem

    A little further exploration around this issue... The fellow who bought my former car, a 1996 Passat TDI, let someone else try to learn how to drive a stick in it and they totally and completely disintegrated the clutch that I had installed in it not too many years ago. At that time I had...
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    Easiest way to remove right side motor mount bracket

    Just did it from the top I was getting ready to pull what's left of my hair out over this. Just did a timing belt and had put the tin on the engine and was ready to go......:mad: I tried a few ways both top and bottom. Here is what worked on my U.S. 2003 Golf TDI: First I jacked the engine up...
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    ALH lift pump install how to?

    I know this is an old post don't beat me up... Just a couple other good reasons for adding a lift pump would be to make fuel system priming a lot easier after running out of fuel or changing a fuel filter, and it takes load off the transfer pump in the IP. I am strongly considering installing...
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    Blend Door Repair Secret '96 Passat B4V

    I performed this repair the year before last. I thought my heater core was clogged before reading this thread. I used felt from WalMart, spray adhesive AND aluminum duct tape to adhere the felt to the door. I don't think I'll be in there again. At least I hope not. They probably used the blanks...
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    Seeking assistance - PD with low power - checked most common items (I think!)

    Thanks JB05. We're getting back into this project this weekend (hopefully) and will verify lift pump function. In addition I plan to check the pressure coming from the tandem pump. I think the procedure includes coming up with a means to test the pressure around one of the mounting bolts. I'll...
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    Seeking assistance - PD with low power - checked most common items (I think!)

    Good afternoon folks, we have a sick 2004 Jetta with a BEW PD engine here and we're trying to figure out what's going wrong. My brother bought it a day after he bought his first TDI - he was just looking for body parts to fix up a deer strike on the other car and found a whole relatively clean...
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    Memorial Gathering for Oilhammer's son, St. Louis MO 04/22/17

    Brian, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We pray that you will look back on the happy times that you have had together with fondness and let them comfort you.
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    TDI Town & Country

    Very nice build, and thank you for sharing so much detail! It's one thing to just build something, and another to take the time to share the details with others who may want to go down the same path.
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    Bucking in low gear, shaking in high gear

    I know this is an old thread. I'm working on a similar issue on my '96 B4. I thought for sure that it was an injector issue. The best way I can describe this is that timing feels waaaay too advanced on one or more cylinders and at light load cruising in any gear and through the 1500-2500 RPM...
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    My B4 ProVent install.

    ProVent 100 ProVent 100 en route for my B4. It is far smaller, a bit cheaper and is rated up to 100kw. With the only power mod being a shade larger injectors on the ol' girl, I'm sure that mine is well within that range. My reason for installing one is not to keep me from having to drain a...
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    Low power / Surging

    Thanks for the reply guys. In an attempt to hibernate, I bypassed the N75 valve by connecting the pressure line right to the wastegate actuator. This limits boost to about 8 psi and provides a proportional reduction in power, but the car doesn't surge, smoke (much) or go into limp mode - so I...
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    1996 Passat TDI Surging

    Possibly blow-by oil contamination Yes I know this is old but I may have some relevant info from my experience with this issue on my 1996 Passat TDI. My issue is surging and puffs of smoke under heavy acceleration in all gears, but most noticeable in 3-5. No CEL or codes. I have a stiff hill...
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    B4 no heat.

    :D:D:D I got a good chuckle out of that....but it sure is true!!! X2 on the hiking headlamps, but I got a new Petzl NAO a few years ago and it goes EVERYWHERE with me. Now what are those other types of "light" you are referring to... "Droplight"? "Flashlight"? I'll have to research those terms...
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    B4 Surging above 2k

    Surging issue >15 psi The three lines from the N75 connect to pressure from the turbo scroll, the wastegate actuator diaphragm, and atmosphere vent in the intake tube. Take the pressure line from your turbo outlet and connect it right to the wastegate actuator. When you drive the car your boost...
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    Low power / Surging

    Surging woes I came across this thread in my search to see if anything else than the diabolical N75 causes this surging issue in a B4 TDI. I replaced mine about a year ago and already have issues again. My valve still clicks loudly and boost is being regulated below (10-13 psi) what it settles...
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    Limp mode on highway or in high RPM in 3rd or 4th gear.

    Hi everyone I've had similar issues and have done quite a bit of troubleshooting. I put in a new N75 about a year ago. Pierberg (?sp) brand in Napa box. Checked and re-checked all "vacuum" lines. Put in a boost gauge. Charted computer data using VAG-COM Hooked up boost gauge to wastegate...
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    B4 Passat Window Regulator & Regulator Motor Fiasco. Please Advise!

    OK the Dorman regulator performed OK on the ice test - one of the steel ends popped out of the blue plastic slide on the track that mounts to the bottom of the glass. Set the window back in its tracks and popped the pivot back together and all was well. I have had this in the car since June and...
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    B4 Passat Window Regulator & Regulator Motor Fiasco. Please Advise!

    Replacement regulator FWIW the Dorman 740-805 replacement (power, not manual) regulator that I bought on Amazon is reasonably stout. It is much thicker than the OEM and it doesn't cost too much more than what most junkyards charge for a used one. You get all the new plastic parts's a...
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    I cracked my B4 engine at 393K and this is what I found:

    Thanks, I had actually switched to synthetic marine TCW3 next tank after initially reading your post...after seeing your results I decided not to go with anything different. I am planning on using an old dish soap bottle with pre mixed and measured "elixir" in it to eliminate the need to clean...
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    I cracked my B4 engine at 393K and this is what I found:

    Nice work Abacus! You have kept her up quite well! Glad to hear that you've got it running again, and thanks for the suggestion with regards to additives - I've been adding clean motor oil and some Diesel Kleen at each fill of fuel but have no longevity results to share - I just obtained my...