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    Missing inner window guide?

    Anyone have a photo or know if this guide in this diagram should be inside the door itself towards rear of vehicle (at B pillar) for when window is DOWN, or is this guide for above the door and along the window when window is up? If it's for the A pillar area, anyone know of any guide that...
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    Toe Spec

    Does anyone have the toe spec for a 96 b4 wagon? Toe zeroed out isn't it, I believe they're supposed to be a few degrees in? I've got camber at zero.
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    wanted: driver side lense assy B4

    Looking for the stock amber driver side lense assembly for 96 passat. Sent from my VS501 using Tapatalk
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    Strut tops

    Something simple is making me nuts! Previous owner installed bilsteins. I cannot find any oem style strut assemblies so have bought Monroe struts, springs, mounts and bearings and the top plate. I'm getting a noise at strut top. What part of the strut assembly I missing? Sent from my VS501...