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    Using Clear Exchange for EFT

    Does using Clear Exchange speed up the process? I've read some here that it may. My buyback is this Thursday the 29th at 5:30PM. My car loan is through Chase, but my checking is a different bank. It will be the long New Year's Eve/Day weekend with Friday the 30th being the first business day...
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    2014 BMW 328d or Mercedes E250BT

    My buyback is scheduled for Dec 29th. I've centered on either of the above with XDrive or 4Matic. I like both of them equally well. I've sat in the BMW but I haven't driven either one. I've read some good reviews from all of you about either one. I'm looking at the 2014 for both, as I can't...
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    2011-2013 E350 Bluetec. Thoughts/Experience?

    I'm thinking hard on getting one of these. Anyone with experience or thoughts on the model? I like the newer 4cyl. E250 Bluetec as well. Whether one of these or a 328d, I plan on driving the hell out of it as it'll be my daily 100 mile r/t commuting driver. Thanks.
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    DSG Service and Bukyback

    My Passat is at about 82.5K miles, or past due for its second DSG service. I'm reluctant to do it (due to cost and maybe not having the car much longer) because I'm going to participate in the buyback. I put on about 2,000+ mostly highway commute miles per month. At that rate, I should have...
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    2009 E320 Bluetec

    If I were to own another car instead of my '14 Passat, I'd consider a 2009 E320 Bluetec. I like the W211 body style, and I've heard it's one of the most robust bodies Mercedes ever made. Are there good opinions about this car and engine? It's reliability? If I got one, I'd drive the wheels...
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    How to remove dead pedal/foot rest

    I've had a chrome replacement dead pedal/foot rest and would like to replace the existing piece. Anyone know how to remove it? Thanks.
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    Heater Core Replacement

    I have the dreaded failed heater core (2014 Passat TDI SE). In addition, it caused a P2457 EGR inefficient code as well as the core supplies coolant to the EGR cooler. Couple of questions: - I purchased the car with the drive easy program extended warranty to 60K miles, I'm at 46K miles now...
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    P2457 Code - 2014 Passat TDI

    Went to autozone to have a CEL scanned. Came up as P2457. They looked it up and it is a Ford code... Researched here and found it only in the MkV forrums as an EGR efficiency issue. I have VCDS but it's only good for the last cars I owned, MkIV TDIs. Is this an EGR issue in the Passat CKRA...
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    10K mile oil and filter change

    Over the weekend I did the 10K change on my Passat. I had been a little worried about the oil filter, and the difficulties associated with changing it. It wasn't too bad. Yes, there's some wrestling involved in getting it out and putting it back in. I removed the plastic harness clip, and...
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    2014 CKRA engine diagram or cutaway view

    Does anyone have a link to the above. For my own curiosity and to be more familiar with the engine, I'd love to see a diagram labeling all (or many) of the engine parts. Thanks!
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    NMS Pedal Covers

    I'm looking at some pedal covers on ebay for my Passat. The seller posts that they are for the 2009-2014 Passat CC. Any of you have an idea whether or not they would fit or NMS Passats? I emailed the seller in Hong Kong. He says he thinks they will fit...
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    Biodiesel blend in NJ

    At some of the pumps on highway service areas there are blue stickers saying that the fuel "may contain up to 5% biodiesel blend". Most attendants haven't a clue if you ask for specifics. Anyone know if these pumps contain a range, or if they're usually up to about 5%? I just purchased a new...
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    Battery Drain No Start & Key Dash Indicator

    This mornin went to start my car. Little to no power to starter, maybe a few revolutions on the engine to start but then just clicking. I left no lights on or any other power drain on in the car over night. I jumped it, and it started fine. No battery/alternator light either. Drove it to...
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    Non working CD Player

    Wondering if anyone could suggest a fix for the CD Player in my '05 MK4 Jetta. It is the unit that is a single CD player in the dash with the stereo and accompanying cassette player. If I put a CD in, the stereo screen will say CD Error and spit it back out. It previously was beginning to...
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    BEW Dog Collar Installation

    I'll be getting one of these in a day or two. It comes with two brackets. Am I installing these back to back? Do I have to drill hole in one of them? It seems straight forward, but why two brackets? Thanks.
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    Readiness Codes at Inspection

    I just went to have my car inspected to get a new emissions sticker. It failed. It was probably because I just cleared a gp code that appears from time to time, and a transmission code I've had for awhile. Is there an amount of miles to drive, cold starts, etc. to reset them? These are...
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    WTB: '04-'05 MK4 Jetta 1.8T Rear Muffler & Valance

    I'm looking to fit this setup on my '05 MK4 Jetta TDI. I'm looking for the rear muffler and the rear valance with the exhaust cutout. Thanks!
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    BMW X5 35d

    I've started to read about this car and may look at a used '09 or '10 to buy later this year. Anyone own or know someone who owns one of these? I was wondering about reliability, fun factor (I've read they are fun), and maintenance expenses. I'll assume they are going to be high on the cost...
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    WTB 2004/5 MKIV 1.8T Rear Muffler

    If anyone has the rear muffler with the straight tips from the 1.8T, I'd be interested. Thanks.
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    Stuck Caliper Pins?

    About 4 months ago I had my rear brake pads replaced. At the time, the right (passenger side) rear wheel brake made a horrible noise. Turns out the caliper was stuck. They replaced the caliper on that side as well as the pads and I think the rotors. Fast forward to now, It's beginning to make...