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    Gen 1 TDI will not meet air quality standards even after a fix I wonder if this means that VW isn't going to offer a fix for the gen 1 or if the fix that they offer only is a partial fix for the NOx emission requirement. This assumes...
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    Alignment frequecy and specs

    I just got my snow tires swapped out. The tire dealer said I am suppose to do an alignment every 12K miles for VW, I am at 26k miles and car isn't pulling and the tire wear has looked normal. I don't know if I believe that I should be doing an alignment every 12K miles. Are they just upselling...
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    Owners Manual?

    My new '14 JSW did not come with an owners manual just a quick start guide. Was it suppose to come with an owners?
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    New '14 JSW owner

    My wife and I just purchased our first VW and first deisel. It is 2014 6MT JSW Temptest Blue with Cornsilk interior. (The color was my wife's first choice). We have 3 1/2 year old son who loves deisel's. He is super excited; he like to check out the different deisel at the gas station...
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    Expected 2014 SportWagen production run?

    My wife has just started looking at new cars and is interested in JSW TDI. I thought she was going to lean towards a Prius so as car guy this is a pleasant surprise for me. Right now its on the top of her list. We originally were planning on a summer/fall purchase. Some that time line is...