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    SEL Climate Control Fan

    I think my climate control fan is on it's way out. There are times it makes a squeak sound, almost sounds like a cricket. If you manually adjust the fan speed it goes away for a while then comes back. The car is a 14 SEL with 108K miles on it. Are the fans known to fail and how difficult are...
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    Fan noise

    I think my auxiliary fan is going bad, but looking for confirmation or another suggestion. When the fans are running I can feel a vibration through the car. When running at full speed and the flaps also open there is a lot of vibration and the noise generated is louder then the engine itself...
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    '14 coolant leak & A/C stopped working

    Woke up the other day to what appears to be coolant on my driveway. The overflow reservoir was empty. I checked it the prior week and it was full. I brought it back up to full and drove around the block. So far it's still full. The same time it went empty my A/C stopped blowing cold...
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    Hesitation / running rough first start of the day

    I have 90K miles on my 14', I use diesel kleen anti-gel at every fill-up. Since it got cold out when I first take off in the morning the car has a hesitation, kind of feels like it has power then looses it, and repeats. When this happens the exhaust has a strong smell to it. After a few...
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    Banging / flapping sound from front

    Not sure how to describe the noise. While driving this weekend there was a flapping or banging sound coming from the front of the car. It was not constant and only happened a couple of times on Friday (350 mile drive). On Sunday it was much more frequent (return home another 350 miles). Kind...
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    Washer Fluid

    Service rep called today and said the noticed I have washer fluid that is not recommended and can damage the sensor. He said only blue alcohol based is allowed. I currently have Preston deicer (left over from winter). I have heard of issues with RainX, has anyone had a problem with deicer?
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    Head Rest

    I've been getting a sore neck when driving to work. Seems like the headrest on my SEL is pushed forward which pushes my neck forward. Anyone else notice this problem or have any ideas how to resolve it?